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Pregnancy Gender Reveal

Earlier this month we were booked in for our 19 week morphology ultrasound to make sure all was going well with my summer pregnancy. So along we went, excited that it may also be the day we find out what gender baby number 2 may be, not that it matters… but it is exciting!

Well, turns out our baby is already a bit cheeky and did not want to move into the right positions to complete all the key areas of the scan. Not only that but it was a bit tricky to give a good confirmation on gender. The doctor said it was best if we came back in a week or so to make sure nothing important was missed.

As I was about to bolt down the hallway to empty my bladder (as pregnant women must do often) he said his guess was maybe girl. Maybe…

So home we went with the painfully long wait of 10 days til our next scan appointment. Next scan was a different doctor and a much shorter appointment since he only needed to do a few checks. We said we were keen to know gender if possible and within the first 30 seconds he told us he would say 70% chance of girl. Pretty good percentage when they have to ass-cover themselves with these tricky things. 

More importantly, the scan showed that all was looking good and healthy with bub so that was a nice relief.

So home we went to have a bit of fun with our gender reveal.

gender reveal
gender reveal
gender reveal
gender reveal

Pinterest is always a great inspiration and there are lots of people who do their pregnancy gender reveal with paint and handprints, which is even better for getting an older sibling involved. So out came the pink paint and my camera… with my not so great photographer husband.

I had a little fun first sending a black and white photo to family via text and then one of the colour ones but posted this sequence up on facebook for friends and non-immediate family.

We had some fun with our pregnancy announcement via photoshoot too and we are certainly amateurs but there’s no reason why you can’t do the same. And of course I am documenting my pregnancy via project life… using the app so it’s nice and easy to so from my phone on the move.

Did you do something fun or unique to announce your pregnancy or baby gender reveal? I’d love to see, so feel free to share a link or tell us about it.


Wednesday 21st of January 2015

Yay! As you already know, girls are just awesome. Congrats! :)


Wednesday 21st of January 2015

Of course they are! And secretly I may have been hoping for another chance to use all my daughters cute outfits haha thanks :)