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25 Unique and Creative Gender Reveal Ideas To Celebrate Your News

Are you looking for some unique and creative gender reveal ideas? From fun gender reveal party ideas to cute ways to reveal your exciting news to your family with sweet surprises. So whether you are looking for inspiration or just want to see what other people have done, read on for some great baby gender reveal ideas!

baby gender reveal cake

Gender Reveals – The New Pregnancy Tradition

A gender reveal is a relatively new tradition that has become popular in recent years. In the past, the technology was either not yet advanced to give much certainty to a baby’s gender, or it was simply more common to wait for the surprise at birth.

These days, with the average age of first-time parents being older and many couples choosing to wait until they are more financially stable before starting a family, there is often a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding the news of a pregnancy.

And many new parents want the chance to plan ahead and celebrate their news in a special way.

One of the most popular ways to do this is with a gender reveal party, where friends and family gather together to find out the baby’s gender along with the parents-to-be.

This has replaced the baby shower tradition for many couples, allowing both men and women to celebrate together. While other couples opt to have both a gender reveal party early on and a baby shower closer to the arrival of their little one.

For other parents, sharing the baby gender news just with their family or children is enough. And there are some really sweet and creative ways to do this too, which we will share below.

How To Plan A Gender Reveal Celebration

Couples usually find out the gender of their baby at their 20-week ultrasound scan. However, advancements in ultrasound technology have made it possible to find out much earlier in pregnancy these days.

You can either choose to find out whether you are having a boy or girl at your scan or let the specialist know that you are planning a gender reveal party and want it to be a surprise.

Most are quite happy to write the gender on a piece of paper and place it in a sealed envelope for you.

This can then be shown to a trusted family member or any businesses you engage to help you plan your event, such as cake makers or gender reveal surprise boxes. They can then organise to have pink or blue (or both if you are having mixed-gender twins) feature in your reveal.

Many of these ideas can also be used for a virtual gender reveal to share with loved ones who are unable to be with you on the day. Jump on a video call and share your baby’s gender with everyone who is important to you, no matter where in the world they are!

Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

Now that you know how a gender reveal works, it’s time to start planning your big reveal!

These unique gender reveal ideas can be a great way to share your news with friends and family, with your older children or as part of a gender reveal party celebration with all your loved ones.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ideas for celebrating your big news:

Gender Reveal Paint Hands

We did not have a gender reveal party for either of our babies as it was less of a trend compared to now, however, we did have a little fun with how we shared our news with our family first, then on social media with our friends when expecting our second daughter.

Our paint hands gender reveal was a fun way to get our older daughter involved in the surprise. She loved getting messy with the pink paint too!

All you need is blue and pink paint. And if you aren’t so keen to have your bump on display, you can use a plain white t-shirt instead for the blue and pink paint handprints. This would make a cute keepsake!

Gender Reveal Cake

One of the most popular ways to reveal the big news is with a gender reveal cake.

You can have the cake specialty made either by sharing your baby’s sex with the baker, if you know it or by sharing the secret envelope from your scan so they can have the right colour cake made for you.

Typically the cake is covered in white icing or chocolate icing and either the cake itself will be coloured pink or blue, or with a coloured filling in the centre. When you cut into the cake, you will reveal whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

Cake Pops Or Gender Reveal Cupcakes

gender reveal cupcakes

Instead of a cake, you could also have some fun with gender-reveal cupcakes or cake pops. These can either be made at home with a pink or blue centre or made by a professional baker on your behalf.

Cupcakes and cake pops are a great option for gender reveal parties, filling the centre of each with either blue or pink icing using a piping bag.

Coloured Smoke

There are a few ways you can incorporate coloured smoke into your gender reveal. You could do a traditional smoke bomb or special order a gender reveal service from a local party and event company.

This is a great outdoor activity that looks really impressive in photos and videos too!

Paint Powder Cannons

baby gender reveal with blue powder

For my great-nephew’s reveal party, they shared their news with family and friends by wearing all white and letting off paint powder cannons.

You can get these in pink or blue powder and it creates a very cool effect as the powder shoots into the air and then settles over the happy couple.

Box Of Helium Balloons

Have a box of helium-filled pink or blue balloons placed in a large box and when you are ready to reveal, have the parents open the flaps on the box so that the helium balloons fly out.

This fun gender reveal idea is best done indoors so the balloons don’t blow away, as helium balloon releases are not allowed in some places, such as here in Australia.

Cake Smash

For a funny and messy gender reveal, have a cake made with either pink or blue filling inside and frosted in white. Set up a small cake smash area and let the parents-to-be take turns smashing the cake to reveal the baby’s gender.

This is a hilarious twist on the typical first birthday cake smash for a toddler and is sure to result in some funny photos as mum and dad cover each other in icing!

Silly String Fight

silly string gender reveal

A silly string fight is a great way to reveal the baby’s gender and have some fun too.

This can be as simple as mum and dad squirting each other with pink or blue silly string or giving everyone at the party a can of silly string for a fun and simple gender reveal that will surely have everyone laughing!

Piñata Surprise

This is a fun option if you are looking for creative gender-reveal ideas that get everyone involved.

Have a pinata filled with pink or blue candies and trinkets, then get everyone to take a turn hitting it until the goodies come spilling out.

Confetti Cannons

gender reveal party with confetti

Confetti cannons are another great way to let everyone know what you are having. These can be purchased online or from some party stores and come in a variety of colours, not just pink and blue.

As the mum and dad-to-be pull the cannon, they spray out blue or pink confetti, making for a great photo capture of the moment too, like the fantastic gender reveal photo above using a mix of confetti and smoke cannons.

Scavenger Hunt

If you are looking for a cool gender reveal idea to share the news with your older children, a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt is the perfect way to make the moment memorable and get them excited about their new sibling. It’s not uncommon for them to be feeling a little jealous or insecure.

Create clues that take them around different parts of the house or yard, with the final clue leading them to a gift or special way of revealing the gender of your baby.

Balloon Pop

balloon pop gender reveal

Another popular option is to have large black balloons filled with pink or blue confetti. At the gender reveal, pop the balloon to reveal pink or blue.

This can be a fun way of sharing the baby’s gender with an older sibling by having them pop the balloon instead. You can even make your own DIY balloon gender reveal set-up.

Colour Run

Create your own mini colour run in the backyard or at a local park using paint powders. Have everyone wear white and run through the coloured powder, revealing whether you are having a baby boy or girl at the end.

This is a great activity for an outdoor gender reveal party and can be captured in some really fun photos and videos too! And since she likely isn’t keen on joining the fun run, the mother-to-be might get the fun task of covering everyone else in the blue or pink powder.

Coloured Fairy Lights

For a nighttime celebration, decorate your outdoor (or indoor) space with coloured fairy lights in blue or pink.

When you are ready for the big reveal, switch off all the other lights and turn on your coloured fairy lights for a cool ambient reveal.

Custom Fortune Cookies

gender reveal fortune cookies

Have custom fortune cookies made for your gender reveal party or a family dinner with each stating whether you are having a boy or a girl.

This is a unique gender reveal idea that works for a more low-key celebration just as well as it does for a party, with each guest getting a fortune cookie to reveal the baby’s sex.

Paint Splatter

Let your inner artist come alive with this creative gender reveal idea. Set up a large canvas, a white sheet or simply have the parents each wear a white t-shirt.

Fill some water bombs up with non-toxic paint or use squirt bottles instead (rather than throwing things at a pregnant woman). Create your own masterpiece on canvas or on each other with different shades of pink or blue.

If you use a canvas, it might even become a cool artwork for the new baby’s nursery.

Soccer Ball Reveal

soccer ball gender reveal

If one or both of you are big soccer fans, you can incorporate your favourite sport into your reveal with these specially made gender reveal soccer balls. Kick the ball and watch it explode in a rainbow of colour!

Ultrasound Photo With Blue Or Pink Accessories

For a simple gender reveal idea to share with family and friends, set up a flat lay scene with an ultrasound photo and some cute gender-specific items, such as a blue bowtie, pink baby shoes or an outfit.

You might like to include a letterboard with “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” too. This is a cute idea to share via text or on social media.

Coloured Fireworks

If you have a big budget for your baby’s gender reveal celebration, you can hire a fireworks display with either blue or pink fireworks. This is a really impressive way to reveal the gender of your baby and is bound to get everyone talking.

Just be sure to follow all safety guidelines and have someone experienced setting up and lighting the fireworks.

Basketball Gender Reveal

basketball reveal

Love NBA? Why not do a basketball gender reveal? Watch the rainbow of colour stream down from the hoop with one of these specially-made basketballs.

Bubble Gum Photo Or Video

For easy gender reveal picture ideas, have the mum-to-be pose for a photo blowing a bubble with bubble gum in either pink or blue gum.

Scratch Off Card

This is a really easy way to reveal the gender of your baby, especially if you are doing it alone or don’t want to make a big production out of it. Get a scratch-off card made with either “It’s A Boy” or “It’s A Girl” underneath. Or make your own DIY scratch-off cards at home.

You could even send these out in the mail to family members for a snail mail surprise or hand them out to party guests.

Christmas Lights Reveal

pregnant woman christmas tree silhouette

If you are preparing for your big reveal around the holiday season, why not use your Christmas tree to create a special photo or video announcement?

Simply hang up some blue or pink baubles or pink or blue lights on your tree and capture the moment to share your little one’s gender.

Get tips on how to recreate the silhouette pregnancy photo above.

Thanksgiving Gender Reveal

Another fun way to share your news if you are expecting around Thanksgiving is to incorporate your gender reveal into your turkey dinner. You could bake a cake with blue or pink filling inside, or even have a special pie made with either colour fruit.

This is a wonderful way to share your exciting news with your immediate family members on a day focused on gratitude.

More Gender Reveal Picture Ideas

If you just want to stick with a simple photo to reveal your baby’s gender when making your big announcement, there are plenty of unique ways you can add your own personality to a gender reveal, even in a photo format!

Here are a few more cool gender reveal ideas for sharing your big news:

Mandalorian Gender Reveal Photo

star wars gender reveal photo

If you are both big fans of the Star Wars franchise, this cute Mandalorian gender reveal idea featuring The Child is sure to amuse your friends and family!

Coloured Balloons

gender reveal with blue balloons

Have a simple home photo session or professional photography session with blue or pink balloons like the photo above. This can be a beautiful way to capture the moment with the entire family or just with mum and her growing belly.

There are so many fun and creative ways to reveal the gender of your baby. Whether you want something simple or something more elaborate, there are sure to be unique gender reveal ideas that are perfect for your celebration. We hope you find the perfect way to share your exciting news with family and friends!

We had some fun with our pregnancy announcement via photoshoot too and we are certainly amateurs but there’s no reason why you can’t do the same.

Did you do something fun or unique to announce your pregnancy or baby gender reveal? I’d love to see, so feel free to share a link or tell us about it.

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