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16 Australia Day Recipes For An Epic Aussie-Inspired Menu

Plan the ultimate Australia Day menu with these Aussie-inspired Australia Day recipes essential for celebrating in style. From traditional Australian classics for entertaining to simple dishes to take a plate for celebrating on the go.

These Australia Day food ideas are simple options so you can focus on spending time with friends and family, rather than on a fancy menu!

Australia day recipes and food favourites

How To Plan Your Australia Day Menu

Putting together Australia Day recipes for your celebrations depends on how you are spending your day.

Are you planning a big Aussie Day party with friends? Or enjoying a quiet celebration at home with the family?

All of these Aussie Day recipes are great for either!

Have a little variety in your menu to suit different tastes and dietary requirements.

And of course, make sure you have enough food to cater to the number of guests you will have on the day. The last thing you want is for someone to go hungry.

Australia day recipes flag and pavlova

Traditional Australian Food

Some would argue that Australia does not have their own traditional cuisine like most other countries and regions are known for. In many ways, perhaps not, however we do have our favourites that have become iconically Australian.

And this goes beyond the love it or hate it breakfast spread, Vegemite!

Whether it’s the simple meat pie with tomato sauce or lamb cutlets on the BBQ, we sure do love our food that is easy to eat outdoors.

In some ways, Australia has adopted a fusion of flavours from other parts of the world and made them our own.

Australia Day Dessert Recipes

Every Australia Day menu needs dessert so we are kicking off with some Aussie favourites for your dessert menu line up!

Sure, you could just slap some butter on fresh bread and add hundreds and thousands for that Aussie kids favourite – fairy bread, but these recipes are are far more delicious!


4 ingredient simple pavlova

Pavlova is a national dessert claimed by New Zealand and Australia both, and regardless of the origins, it wouldn’t be Australia Day without it! This is an easy 4 ingredient pavlova recipe that everyone will love.


Lamingtons with a fork

The soft chocolate-dipped sponge, coated in coconut make lamingtons a fan-favourite for Australia Day celebrations. Enjoy them as they are or my personal favourite, cut them in half and add whipped cream!

ANZAC Biscuits

Easy anzac biscuits

ANZAC biscuits are an Australian tradition for ANZAC Day every April, however, they are also a perfect option for your Australia Day get together! This recipe will give you tips for making either crunchy or chewy biscuits so you can make them the way you love them!

Lemon Slice

Lemon slice bars

Slices are a favourite Aussie sweet treat for any occasion, and great for a party. These lemon coconut no-bake bars are a classic – easy, sweet-tart and delicious.

ANZAC Apple Pie

Anzac apple pie dish

Combine two Aussie favourites – ANZAC biscuits and apple pie for this delicious dessert idea – ANZAC apple pie. Serve with cream or ice cream.

Weetbix Choc Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip weet bix biscuit recipes

These Weetbix Choc Chip Cookies are easy to make with one of Australia’s favourite breakfast cereals – Weet-bix! They are also great for lunchboxes!

Australia Day BBQ Ideas

There is nothing more Australian than firing up the BBQ and enjoying some outdoor cooking during the summer and a BBQ is a popular choice for Australia Day too.

Here are some recipes that would work well on the BBQ:

Pesto Lamb Prosciutto Cutlets

Lamb cutlets with proscuitto

Lamb is an Australia Day essential and these pesto lamb prosciutto cutlets have just 3 ingredients for a simple and delicious lamb feature on your menu.

Chicken Rissoles

Chicken rissole on burger with salad

Chicken Rissoles are Australia’s answer to USA’s chicken patties. What makes these rissoles special is the use of juicy chicken thighs, mixed in with grated carrots and zucchini. A healthy recipe!

Beetroot Beef Burgers

Beetroot beef burgers on a board

Beetroot is an Aussie favourite and with hidden veggie in these beetroot beef burgers, adding an extra burst of flavour to your BBQ menu.

Grilled Beef & Bacon Burgers

Grilled beef and bacon burger on a plate

There’s no doubt Australia’s love burgers and these grilled beef and bacon burgers are simple and delicious on the BBQ.

Salad Recipes

Salads are the ideal accompaniment for your Australia Day menu, with fresh ingredients perfect for a summer get-together with friends.

Old-Fashioned Egg Salad

Potato salad in a bowl

This old-fashioned potato salad recipe has a creamy homemade dressing and is a perfect addition to summer BBQs, picnics and celebrations! Loaded with fresh herbs, eggs and crispy pancetta, this is a zesty side dish everyone will love.

Walnut Pear & Rocket Salad

Walnut parmesan pear and rocket salad in a bowl

This Walnut, Parmesan, Pear and Rocket Salad recipe is drizzled with balsamic vinegar with sweet, nutty flavours and crunch. It is the perfect summer salad ready in less than 10 minutes.

Avocado Egg Salad

Keto avocado egg salad recipe

You can’t get much easier than this egg salad recipe. A quick one to throw together as a complimentary side dish to your main menu items, with the subtle extra flavour of avocado.

Australia Day Finger Food Ideas

Whether entertaining for friends or enjoying a quiet Australia Day at home, these savoury recipes are perfect for lunch or dinner and feeding a crowd.

Sausage Rolls

Sausage rolls with tomato sauce

Sausage Rolls are an Aussie classic, and these easy homemade ones are sure to become a family favourite. Using a few pre-made ingredients means that a batch can be ready in no time at all!

Bacon & Cheese Cobb Loaf

Bacon and cheese cob loaf

Cobb loaf is a grazing table favourite and this bacon and cheese cobb loaf will be a popular appetiser for your day.

Cheesy Vegemite Scrolls

Cheesy vegemite scrolls

Australia’s love Vegemite, even if the rest of the world can’t quite get behind it! And these cheesy Vegemite scrolls have just 4 ingredients!

The Easiest Australia Day Party Food

If you’ve checked out all these yummy Aussie inspired recipes and would rather keep it as simple as can be, here are some other ideas:

  • Party pies & sausage rolls platter – Get a party pack from the supermarket if you don’t want to make them yourself, heat them in the oven then put on a platter with tomato and BBQ sauce.
  • Sausage sizzle – Grab a heap of sausages to cook up on the BBQ, fry up some onion and have everyone make their own sausage on bread, Bunnings style!
  • Grazing platter – It doesn’t have to be exclusively Australian flavours, but a grazing platter or charcuterie board is perfect for entertaining with a variety of cold meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit and nuts.

For more Australian traditions, check out these favourite Australian children’s books.

Need more party food ideas? Check these out:

Australia day recipes and food ideas