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50 Best Side Dishes for Chicken Wings: What to Serve With Wings

If you’re looking for some delicious side dishes for chicken wings, look no further! These sides and appetiser ideas will complement your wings perfectly. From healthy sides to the ultimate comfort foods, you will find ideas for what to serve with chicken wings to suit any occasion and taste!

Having a good side dish to pair with your favourite chicken wing recipe is a great way to turn your simple meal into a complete feast!

Buffalo chicken wings with celery sticks

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What To Serve With Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a crowd favourite and equally a dish to enjoy on a laidback family dinner night, but on their own, they might not feel like a complete meal.

That’s why it’s always great to have a few perfect side dish recipes and ideas on hand for levelling up your chicken wing dinner!

But first, make sure you’ve got your wings sorted! This air fryer fish sauce wings recipe is one of my all-time favourites.

It isn’t how it sounds. It’s a sweet sticky wings recipe that kids will love too. Plus you can add chilli if you want to spice it up!

And of course, you can’t go past classic buffalo wings!

Here are some of the best side dishes for chicken wings that will have you covered for any occasion.

Chicken Wing Dipping Sauces

Before you can even consider what to have with your wings, make sure you’ve got your dipping sauces sorted!

In our house, my husband is the wing master and he always serves up a blue cheese sauce to take the heat out of his extra spicy buffalo chicken wings.

There are plenty of creamy dips and sauces that make your wings extra delicious though!

Here are a few dipping sauce recipes to pair with chicken wings:

  • Blue Cheese Sauce – This is perfect for cooling down hot wings. If you don’t want to make your own, some blue cheese dressing can be a great cheats alternative.
  • Buffalo Sauce – The classic chicken wing sauce, in case you need to keep them family-friendly and add the sauce as a buffalo dip option instead of making spicy chicken wings for everyone.
  • Ranch Dressing – A creamy and flavourful dipping sauce, you can’t go wrong with a ranch dressing dip for wings.
  • Honey Mustard – A sweet and tangy sauce that’s perfect for kids
  • Barbecue Sauce – For a smoky flavour, BBQ sauce dipping sauce is always a winner for all ages. Be mindful that some smokey barbeque sauces can be very spicy.
  • Sweet Chilli Sauce – For a bit of spice with a mix of sweetness, sweet chilli sauce is always an easy option!

Best Chicken Wing Appetisers

If you want to turn your wings feast into a multi-course meal, the easiest way is to add an entree and some dessert. Many of these chicken wing appetiser ideas can also pair with the main meal as side dishes as well.

Make sure you also check out these easy party appetiser ideas and grazing platter ideas!

Here are some chicken wing appetisers to try:

  • Veggie platter and dips – Carrot sticks, celery sticks and some refreshing dips such as hummus or a Greek yogurt dip are a great way to start your meal.
  • Tortilla Chips & Salsa – This is a classic side dish that goes well with any main meal. It’s especially good with wings as you can use the chips to scoop up any extra sauce! Make your own tortilla chips in the air fryer.
  • Garlic Bread – This side dish is a classic for a reason! It’s always a hit appetiser with any meal.
  • BruschettaBruschetta is another easy and tasty appetiser that can also be served as a side dish.
  • Fried Pickles – If you’re looking for something a bit different, fried pickles are always a fun option!

Healthy Sides For Chicken Wings

These healthy side dish recipes are perfect if you’re looking for lighter options to enjoy with your chicken wings. From salad to veggies, there are plenty of ways to keep your chicken wing meal light and healthy!

Here are some healthy chicken wing sides to add to your menu:

  • Greek Salad – A simple Greek salad is always a refreshing side, with olives, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and Greek dressing, especially if your wings are on the spicier side.
  • Celery & Blue Cheese – Another side dish that’s perfect for cooling down hot wings. The crunch of the celery pairs perfectly with the creamy blue cheese.
  • Cucumber Salad – This creamy cucumber salad is perfect for a hot day or if you want to add a bit of crunch to your meal.
  • Roasted VeggiesRoasted veggies are a great way to get your side dish and main in one! Try roasting some potatoes, carrots, or sweet potatoes to enjoy with your wings.
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts – These crispy roasted Brussels sprouts make the perfect side dish!
  • Cauliflower Rice – For a lower-carb side, cauliflower rice is a delicious and healthier option to fried rice.
  • Zucchini Fries – These crispy zucchini fries are baked, not fried, making them a healthier side dish option.
  • Corn on the cob – Corn on the cob is a classic side dish that goes great with lots of different dishes. Try grilled Mexican street corn (Elote) salad for something a little different.
  • Avocado Fries – These healthy avocado fries are baked, not fried, and make a delicious side dish or appetizer.
  • Green beans – Green beans are a classic side dish that goes with almost everything! These air fryer green beans are quick to make.
  • Three Bean Salad – This three bean salad is a great side dish for summer. It adds a touch of Mexico to your flavours.
  • Creamy Cucumber Salad – This creamy cucumber salad is a refreshing German side dish with a simple sour cream dressing that’s perfect for summer.

Check out more healthy sides to serve with your juicy chicken wings:

Other Side Dishes For Chicken Wings

We’ve covered the appetisers and healthy sides, but what if you just want some classic side dishes to pair with your wings! These side dishes with chicken wings have all your favourites and plenty you might not have considered too. Why not try something new!

Here are some more side dishes for chicken wings to add to your meal:

  • Onion Rings – Try these simple air fryer onion rings for a homemade recipe that is crispy perfection!
  • Sweet Potato Fries – These sweet potato fries are a delicious side dish that is hard to resist with served with a Greek yogurt dip!
  • Classic French Fries – You can’t go wrong with classic French fries! Serve them up with ketchup for the kids or with some other creamy dips.
  • Potato Wedges – Potato wedges are good sides for feeding a crowd or for game day! They are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
  • Baked Sweet Potato Wedges – A healthier alternative to potato wedges, baked sweet potato wedges are a great way to enjoy your favourite wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce
  • Mashed potatoes – Mashed potatoes are a simple side that is great for winter nights when you need some warm comfort food.
  • Macaroni and cheeseMac and cheese is an American classic and a popular choice when you’re looking for the best side for chicken wings.
  • Roasted potatoes – Roasted potatoes are always a great side dish. You can never go wrong with some roasted rosemary potatoes.
  • Coleslaw – This creamy coleslaw is perfect for adding some crunch and creaminess to your meal.
  • Potato salad – A classic potato salad is always a great side for meat dishes.
  • Pasta Salad – This cold pasta salad is a great side dish for chicken wings. It’s perfect for summer picnics or potlucks. Try this hummus pasta salad for something different.
  • Macaroni Salad – This macaroni salad is a great side dish for chicken wings. It’s perfect for summer picnics or potlucks.
  • Caesar Salad – Caesar salad is a classic side salad that is always a popular choice. Keep it simple or add the works with croutons, bacon, egg, anchovies and more.
  • Potato Jackets – Crispy skin potato jackets are a great side dish and easy to make in bulk.
  • Stuffed Sweet PotatoesBaked sweet potatoes topped with cheese, bacon, sour cream and guacamole.
  • Fried Rice – Put together your favourite fried rice recipe and soak up some of that hot sauce from the wings too.

Need more ideas to serve with your main dish? Check out these ideas for what to serve with wings:

What To Serve With Wings At a Party: Tips For Entertaining

Air fried fish sauce chicken wings

Hosting a party or get-together with a crowd is always a great time to show off your best wings recipe! However, this is when you definitely need the right sides with wings to make sure your guests have plenty of variety!

These sides for wings also go well with other chicken dishes, like this delicious BBQ orange chicken.

Here are some tips for how and what to serve with wings at a party:

  • When serving wings at a party, aim to either have mild wings that suit everyone’s taste buds or a variety of different wings so you can cater to those who love their hot wings and those who don’t enjoy spice
  • Have a variety of dipping sauces instead so guests can choose their own level of spicy or sweetness
  • Wings can be messy so have plenty of napkins and bins for scraps
  • If you are having a finger food style party, still have plates available since its easier to grab a few wings at a time rather than one by one
  • Consider finger food vs sit down meal or buffet style when you are planning your side dishes as well so that they are the same type of foods
  • Not everyone at your party will like wings so make sure you are catering to other preferences, dietary needs and tastes too
  • Choose side dishes to suit the time of year with more salads and lighter options during the summer months and a few more hot sides during cooler months.

Check out these food ideas for hosting a lunch party and ‘bring a plate’ ideas for parties for more party food inspiration.

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Conclusion: Sides For Wings

Whether you’re looking for some simple sides or something a little more extravagant, we’ve got you covered. With these tips, you’ll be able to wow your guests with delicious side dishes that perfectly pair with everyone’s favourite chicken wings. I hope you love these easy sides for chicken wings.

And don’t forget to check out my air fryer fish sauce wings recipe for your next chicken wing feast!

What are your favourite side dishes for chicken wings? Let me know in the comments below!

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Best side dishes for chicken wings