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35 New Year’s Eve Party Food & Appetisers

New Year’s appetisers are the perfect choice to keep your menu simple if you are hosting a New Year’s Eve event! Appetisers and bite-sized snacks are fun to prepare no matter what type of party you’re hosting.

Here are some New Year’s eve party food & appetiser ideas to get your New Year’s party planning off to a great start!

New years appetisers


Planning Your New Year’s Eve Party Menu

When it comes to hosting a celebration for New Year’s Eve, you want to enjoy yourself with your friends. You don’t want to spend your entire night in the kitchen whipping up fancy New Year’s Eve recipes.

Instead, you want to keep your New Year’s menu simple and stress-free!

Appetisers are perfect for this! While some appetisers involve a lot of effort, plenty can be made quickly and easily, yet look and taste amazing!

Better still, many can be made ahead too, making your party prep minimal!

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Perfect New Year’s Eve Finger Foods

For your New Year’s party appetizers, the best options are finger foods that don’t require a knife and fork to eat. This way everyone can enjoy mingling and dancing their night away between delicious nibblies.

The best part of the new year celebrations is being able to come together with your favourite people.

Here are some tips for New Years appetisers:

  • Choose finger food options
  • Offer a variety of options to suit different tastes and dietary needs i.e. vegetarian options
  • Provide napkins and small plates to reduce mess
  • Place appetiser platters in different areas around your party for easy access
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New Year’s Appetisers: Recipes & Menu Ideas

When it comes to planning New Year’s party food, you can’t go wrong with appetisers and these perfect finger food ideas. Here are some delicious ideas that your guests will love:

Dip Recipes

Smoked salmon dip

Everyone loves dips, served either hot or cold. Serve with crackers, cob loaf, breadsticks or vegetables, there are plenty of foods that you can offer up with your dips.

Dip platters are one of the easiest New Years appetisers you can make and one you can prepare ahead easily.

These yummy dip recipes would be great for a New Year’s Eve celebration appetiser table:


Caprese salad skewers

Skewers are perfect appetisers for parties since they are easy to make and there is something about them guests love! You can put almost anything on a skewer too.

New Year’s party skewer ideas:

Crescent Roll Ideas

Pesto roasted red pepper crescent rolls

You can do a lot of things with crescent rolls. Such as making simple holiday appetisers and snacks to share. You can fill them with pretty much any fillings you can think of too!

Check out these crescent roll ideas:

Sausage Balls

Sausage cheese balls

Sausage balls are a popular choice of appetiser in North America and they also happen to be super easy to make too.

You can use hot sausage to make them spicy or you can use mild if want to ensure all your guests are catered to. You can also experiment with different cheese in your sausage balls too.

Here are sausage ball appetiser recipes to try:

Cheese Balls


While on the topic of simple appetiser recipes, cheese balls pretty much take the prize. Place all the ingredients into a bowl, mix together, and mould into your desired shape. Refrigerate until you are ready to serve.

Cream cheese infused with different flavours is a winner and you can easily make a couple of different cheese balls a day or two earlier, ready to serve.

New Year’s Eve cheese ball recipe ideas:

Air Fryer Appetisers

Air fryer mozzarella sticks

If you are on the air fryer train and entertaining a smaller group for your New Year’s Eve celebrations, air fryers can be a quick and easy option.

There are so many delicious New Year’s appetisers you can make fast in the air fryer.

Air fryer snack and appetiser ideas:

New Year’s Eve Platter Ideas

New years eve platter

Cheese and meat platters are one of the first things many of us think of when considering finger food for entertaining.

This super easy method of serving up snacks works for almost every type of finger food, but a cheese and meat platter is always a popular option.

Add a mix of different types of hard and soft cheeses, sliced meats, bread, crackers, fruit and vegetables to your tray, ready to serve.

Here are some great NYE platters for inspiration:

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Deviled Eggs

Ham and cheese deviled eggs

Deviled eggs are a classic appetiser popular with guests. And these days there are so many different variations on the classic mayonnaise and egg filling. Although don’t underestimate the classic too!

Cucumber Bites

Cucumber hummus bites

If the drinks are flowing during the New Year celebrations, sometimes the fresh flavours of cucumber are welcome. Plus cucumber bites are such an easy choice for finger food platters!

Here are some cucumber bite topping ideas:


Veggie pinwheels

Unlike sandwiches, pinwheels can be made ahead of time and don’t get soggy if stored in the refrigerator for a while. This makes them a fantastic option for a make-ahead party appetiser.

Here are some delicious pinwheel ideas:

Simple new years appetisers

What About NYE Dessert?

While savoury finger foods are the way to go during celebrations, it can be nice to throw in a few dessert platters for the sweet tooth guests too! These can come out later in the evening once the savoury appetisers are done.

These simple dessert ideas also make great options for your holiday table celebrations over Christmas too!

Here are some easy options for New Year’s Eve desserts:

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Have fun planning your New Year’s party menu and have a safe and happy New Year’s celebration with friends and family!

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Let’s get the party started!