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DIY Toy Story Barbie Costume

Want a DIY Barbie costume idea? For Halloween, we went for a Toy Story family theme and knowing my eldest daughter, something girly was always going to be her style! This is where our DIY Toy Story Barbie costume was perfect!

Styled on the sassy Disney film Barbie, we loved how this easy costume came together.

Diy toy story barbie costume


Barbie is an icon. And there are endless options for creating your own DIY Barbie costume, whether for girls or women wanting to dress up. 

Especially considering Barbie has rocked pretty much every look and style imaginable over the decades.

This makes Barbie costumes extremely diverse since there is practically a Barbie for everything!

For us, it was Toy Story Barbie to fit into our family Toy Story costume, since I know my daughter would never have agreed to be Buzz Lightyear! 

Toy Story Barbie rocks her workout gear with her full-length exercise outfit and leg warmers, making it a really easy outfit to recreate! 

Toy story barbie costume

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What You Need


Creating Your DIY Barbie Leg Warmers

We could not find rainbow stripe leg warmers in the right size, so instead, I got a pair of long socks.

To turn the socks into leg warmers, I cut the toe section off each sock.

Slide them up the leg and scrunch them up a little to give the look of leg warmers. The elastic will keep them in place around the leg.

Simple and quick DIY leg warmers!

Diy leg warmers for barbie

Putting Your DIY Barbie Costume Together

We found the perfect long blue leotard for the costume on Amazon.

It was cheap and arrived in Australia quickly, which is a relief as I was a bit last minute getting organised!

Pair the blue leotard with a pink belt. Add your leg warmers and a pair of pink shoes.

My daughter wore her pink flats for the night.

Toy Story Barbie wears her outfit with pink high heels though, so a pair of dress-up heels may work if you prefer.

We knew my daughter would be running about and playing a lot with other kids on the night, so flats were a better option.

Add a high ponytail and slap on some blush, eyeshadow and pink lipstick to complete the look.


Alternative Options For DIY Barbie Costume

If you have trouble finding a suitable jumpsuit, a matching light blue tank top and leggings in the same colour would work as well. 

Instead of a pink belt, use a pink ribbon around the waist. This is what we did for her sister’s DIY Bo Peep costume

A DIY Toy Story Barbie costume for kids is a great option for little girls (or big ones) who want a girly Disney costume for a fancy dress occasion!

For women dressing up as Barbie, you could also get your other half to match as Toy Story Ken!

A Toy Story party is a fun idea if you are looking for kids’ party themes, but who says you can’t have childhood favourites for adult party themes too!

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