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Free Printable Father’s Day Handprint Art – Last Minute Gift Idea

If you’re looking for a DIY Father’s Day gift that’s personal, adorable, and sure to tug at Dad’s heartstrings, I’ve got just the thing for you. This free printable Father’s Day handprint art template is perfect for last-minute gifts for Dad.

This free printable handprint craft template includes a simple heart design with a ‘Daddy’ poem. All you need to do is print it out, paint those little hands and press onto the paper for a Father’s Day keepsake he will cherish.

framed father's day handprint art printable in wooden frame on a shelf in a child's bedroom next to a stuffed bunny.

Why Handprint Art Makes A Great Gift?

Handprint art is such a wonderful keepsake because it captures those tiny hands exactly as they are right now – since kids don’t stay little for very long!

This Father’s day craft template can be decorated with a single handprint from one child, both their handprints overlapping or with two children’s handprints layered (once the first dries).

Best of all, this is a thrifty gift idea since you may already have everything you need at home. Then you can decide if you want to dress it up a little with a nice photo frame.

What You Will Need

child with different coloured paints on hand doing handpainting on paper.

Before we get to the fun part, here’s a quick rundown of the supplies you will need for your Father’s Day handprint craft:

  • Free printable handprint art template – Download it from my free printable library
  • Washable paint – Paint that is safe for sensitive little hands
  • Cardstock or paper – Cardstock is more sturdy for a keepsake that will last
  • Paintbrush
  • Wet wipes or damp cloth – For quick clean-up so you aren’t dripping paint on the way to the bathroom
  • Optional embellishments: stickers, markers, or glitter for extra pizzazz

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Father’s Day Handprint Art

framed father's day handprint art printable in wooden frame.
  1. Print the Template: Start by downloading my free handprint art template. Print it out on sturdy cardstock or art paper for the best results.
  2. Prepare Your Paint: Pick a colour that will stand out against the template and paint your child’s hand. You can also use multiple colours for a rainbow handprint. Make sure to have wet wipes or a damp cloth handy – things might get a bit messy!
  3. Paint Those Little Hands: Using a paintbrush, apply paint to your child’s hand. Ensure every nook and cranny is covered, but be careful not to overdo it to avoid your handprint looking like a blob – I recommend doing a test hand print on a spare piece of paper first so you can decide if you need more or less paint.
  4. Press the Handprint: Gently press the painted hand onto the template, placing it within the heart shape. Apply even pressure to get a clear print. Allow the first handprint to dry before adding another if you’re using both hands for an overlapping effect.
  5. Let It Dry Completely: Be patient and let the artwork dry completely. This ensures that the masterpiece will be smudge-free and ready for gifting.
  6. Add Personal Touches: Once the handprint is dry, why not let your little artist add some personal touches? They can use stickers, markers to sign their name, or even a bit of glitter to make their artwork extra special.
  7. Frame It: For an added touch, frame the finished artwork. It makes for a beautiful presentation and protects the art so it can be displayed proudly for years to come. This also makes it more of a gift and less of a Father’s Day card.

Download Your Free Printable Father’s Day Handprint Art Template

I’ve created a free printable handprint art Father’s Day template with a heart and a cute Daddy poem. This printable can be found in my free resource library. Simply click the link below to access this and all my other printables!

free printable father's day handprint art template.


Extra Tips for a Perfect Handprint Art

  • Don’t Use Too Much Paint: Too much paint will mean there is no detail in your handprints and it might bleed into a blob shape. You want to remember all those tiny hand details once your child grows up.
  • Practice First: If you’re worried about getting a perfect print, do a few practice runs on scrap paper.
  • Make it a Memory: Take photos during the craft session to capture the fun and mess involved!

Father’s Day Handprint Craft Bundle

If you want even more options for making a sentimental Father’s Day gift for Dad, Grandad, Pop or Grandpa, you can grab my Father’s Day handprint & footprint art bundle HERE. There are 17 different designs included.

printable father's day handprint art bundle.

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Share Your Creations

I’d love to see your fabulous Father’s Day handprint art! Share your masterpieces and tag me on social media at @simplifycreateinspire.

free printable father's day handprint art template in wooden frame.