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18 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas To Make At Home

It’s nice to spoil dads every now and again with something handmade with love, so Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity for a bit of creative gift-giving.

If finances are a little tight or you simply want to help the kids create DIY Father’s Day gifts he will love, there is sure to be an idea here to inspire your next family project.

Functional handmade gifts that suit dad’s interest are always a winning choice and many of these gifts can be made from recycling items you may already have at home, or with fairly simple supplies.

Diy father's day gift ideas


There’s a lot to love about handmade Father’s Day gifts!

They are usually perfect for small budgets if funds are tight, but more importantly, they are made with love. Plus there will never be another gift exactly like it, making them unique too!

These DIY Father’s Day gift ideas have something to suit dads with all types of hobbies and interests.

Whether you are looking for a handmade Father’s Day gift from a daughter or son to give, or for gifts grown-ups can make for dad instead, this list has you sorted!

Make sure you also check out these sentimental gifts for grandad too!

Homemade Steak Seasoning

Homemade steak seasoning

Give dad the best dang steak seasoning he’s ever had, ready for him to fire up the barbeque and get grilling for the next weekend get together at home.

Photo Blocks

Diy father's day gift ideas

If you have some old wooden blocks hanging about that you no longer need, this is a great upcycling project to give them new life. Use some of your favourite family photos to make dad a photo block display.

Pallet Wine Rack

Upcycled pallet wine rack

If wine is Dad’s drink of choice, he will love this DIY upcycled wine and glass rack. It has a very rustic and decorative look and will look fantastic on the wall as a piece of home decor too.

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Wooden bottle opener wall mountd

A stylish and functional wall mounted wooden bottle opener that would be perfect attached to the wall near Dad’s home bar or barbeque area. It even has a place for all the lids to go so you aren’t finding bottle caps all over the place.

Stamped Metal Bar Tags

Diy father's day gifts

For the father with a home bar area or display for his bottles, these stamped metal bar tags would be a great masculine decoration to his bar area. The idea could be adapted to suit other types of labels too.

Map Coasters

Diy map coasters with tiles diy father's day gift ideas

For a dad who likes to travel, consider making map coasters of places he has travelled, or that you have travelled together as a family. This is a great present for Father’s Day for dad’s home bar area.

DIY Grill or Bar Cart

Diy grill cart

This is a pretty serious DIY project, but also completely awesome. It may be a perfect gift from the grown up handyman kids, or call in some extra help from friends to make this DIY grill or bar cart.

There are PDF instructions, but if it is perhaps more of a Dad DIY project, you could always buy him the materials and supply the cold drinks while he builds it.

Great for a DIY loving dad!

Grilling Hamper For Dad

Diy father's day grilling hamper

If you’re less keen for the epic DIY project like the one above, a grilling themed hamper is a super-easy way to go and you don’t even really have to add your own handmade touch to the crate if you don’t want to.

But it’s fun if you do! You could theme one around whatever hobby your dad has.

Wooden Pen And Pencil Holder

Diy pen holder from wood

This natural wood pen and pencil holder is a stylish and decorative DIY gift for Dad’s home or work desk to help him stay organised.

DIY Beard Balm Recipe

Beard balm recipe

Keep dad’s beard soft and healthy with this homemade beard balm recipe. This is a gift that will keep on giving, in case the kids dread dad’s scratchy beard kisses.

Homemade Lime Shaving Cream

Diy lime shaving cream and razor

If Dad likes to be clean-shaven for work, he may love this homemade coconut oil lime shaving cream that will smell good enough to eat.

The lime scent will give him a zesty start to the day too with citrus being a great natural wake-up.

Handmade Paper Weight

Dad rocks paperweight

This is an inexpensive DIY Father’s Day gift the kids can make with a little assistance from another adult. A handmade paperweight is functional yet sentimental one as well.

Homemade Printed T-Shirt

Homemade dad tshirt

Make dad a shirt that no one else will have by creating your own homemade printed T-shirt. A simple DIY project that is low cost and easy to do with the help of the kids.

Dad’s Toolbox

Dad's toolbox diy father's day gift on a budget

Put dad’s favourite food and drink together in a budget-friendly and very simple gift bundle with this Dad’s toolbox idea. Get the free printable image.

Daddy Daughter Date Book

Father's day gift ideas

This daddy-daughter date book is just the most precious idea for little girls to give their dad. You could always put together a Father-Son Hangout Book too.

Get creative and make a gift with the kids that dad will adore!

Check out my ideas for things to do with dad or 101 date ideas that can be modified to be family-friendly activities, to help you come up with father date ideas for your book.

Jerky Gift Basket

Beef jerky basket for father's day

Here is another idea for a gift basket for dad. This one is a DIY jerky gift basket, however just like the grilling basket above, you can personalise a gift basket to suit the hobbies and interests of the recipient.

FAther’s Day Tackle Box Gift

Worlds best dad tackle box

This cute, inexpensive Father’s Day tackle box filled with candy is a budget friendly gift dad will enjoy all for himself. OR maybe ot share.

I Love You This Much Card

I love you this much card

This simple novelty occasion card is so easy to make and it is a really fun and quick class project to make for students for Father’s Day gifts too.

The great thing is it can be an anyone card, not just for Father’s Day.

Hopefully these DIY Father’s Day gift ideas will help you come up with something fabulous that Dad will love. For fun ideas on things to do on Father’s Day, find over 50 different activity ideas to do together as a family.

Handmade Father’s Day gifts are a perfect option to gift men who have everything!

Not so keen on the DIY option or short on time? Check out these awesome gift ideas for Father’s Day that dad will love! 

What is the coolest handmade Father’s Day gift you’ve ever made? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear it! Be sure to follow me on Facebook or YouTube  for more gift ideas like these!

Kate @ Tell Me Tuesday Blog

Tuesday 18th of August 2015

Wow! So many great ideas! Time to ge crafting.


Wednesday 19th of August 2015

If you make any of these, come back & share a pic in the comments. Would love to see!

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