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35 Easy Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make for Family & Friends

These Christmas gifts kids can make are made with love! There is something so special about receiving handmade Christmas gifts and even more so when it is a gift made by a child who is special to you.

The best part is, that there are plenty of easy Christmas gifts for kids to make, with a little help from you!

So I’ve put together some creative and unique handmade Christmas gifts kids can make themselves, to help you get inspired for the giving season. Many of these great gift ideas are also perfect for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day too.

Collage of christmas gifts kids can make to gift to friends and family.


There is no prouder moment than when a child can hand over a gift made by them for Christmas or any special occasion.

All the hard work they have put in is worth it when they see your delight!

It is also great fun to work together with your kids on creating handmade gifts, as a school holiday fun activity or a weekend project. Homemade gifts are usually inexpensive to make and do not take a lot of time.


Kids love getting involved in Christmas activities and what could be more special than a handmade gift from them to someone they love? Here are some ideas to get the kids crafting some homemade gift ideas:

1. Clay Footprint Ring Dish

Handmade christmas gifts to make with kids

This is an adorable ring dish gift to make with kids that is perfect for anyone who takes their jewellery off before bed or work and needs a place to keep it.

2. DIY Name Sign For Door

Diy name sign with wooden letters

A lovely gift kids can make that is suited to teens or kids for Christmas is a name sign for their door.

These are easy to make and inexpensive. You may need to help younger kids with a few of the steps, especially with gluing, however, they will be proud to put most of it together themselves and personalise the way they want.

3. DIY Gingerbread Body Scrub

Gingerbread scrub

We all know how expensive pamper products can be, however often we have plenty of ingredients to make our own pamper gifts right from our pantry! This gingerbread body scrub is the perfect Christmas gift idea too with gingerbread inspiration!

4. Pom Pom Bauble Ornament

Diy pom pom christmas bauble ornament

A Christmas decoration such as this pom pom bauble ornament is a simple gift kid’s can make. Especially when they only take around 2 minutes each to make and need 2 supplies!

5. Clay Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Easy handmade gifts kids can make

I love using essential oils and adore this idea of creating your own diffuser necklaces. What incredible gifts these would make along with your favourite essential oil to suit the recipient.

6. Teacher Canvas

Diy teacher gift quote canvas

Create a handmade teacher gift for your child’s teachers with this simple teacher canvas tutorial. You could do a similar gift for other people too. It doesn’t need to just be for teachers.

7. Handmade Snowglobe

Diy snowglobe

This would make a wonderful grandparents gift with a recent photo of your child. Let them pick their favourite photo to add to their snowglobe gifts!

8. No-Sew Rainbow Scarf

Handmade rainbow scarf no sew

Create a beautiful and colourful no-sew scarf in their favourite colours or rainbow to brighten up the cold winter days. This fleecy scarf is a fun look that is also a practical DIY gift idea, made from warm fleece.

9. Kids Money Box Makeover

Kmart kids money box hack & tutorial

Teaching kids how to be smart with money is a huge gift that keeps on giving but to kick-off, they need the perfect money box to do it with so check out our Kmart money box hack.

This is a great sibling gift you can help your child make or as a Christmas gift for their friends or family who are set to become savvy savers too.

10. DIY Kid’s Wallet

Kids wallet that kids can make

Teach your child basic sewing skills with this simple sewing project – creating kid’s wallets. These bright coloured functional gift ideas are even better with a little loose change inside!

11. Pom Pom Rug

Pom pom rug in pink and white

A cute and easy home decor gift that kids can definitely make! This one can take a little while so it may be a good one to work on with your kids or have them work on together to make the cutest pom pom rug ever!

These are like walking on clouds and they are so cheap to make too!

12. Glitter Handle Mug

Handmade gifts kids can make

Add a little bling to a simple white mug for this super quick and easy glitter mug, and are completely inexpensive Christmas gifts for kids to make. This may make a cute teacher’s gift as well. 

13. DIY Beard Balm

Easy christmas gifts kids can make

Something all men with facial hair need is a balm for their beard! This is a super cool and useful gift idea for men that kids can make. Great for those bearded men who have everything!

14. Candy Cane and Lime Swirl Bath Salts

Easy christmas gifts kids can make

Bath salts with a Christmas vibe are a great simple gift kids can make for family and friends. This is a perfect pamper gift for the ladies in your child’s life to encourage some ‘me time’.

15. Clay Vacation Map Ornament

Easy diy christmas gifts kids can make

I love this unique handmade gift for travel addicts. What a cool way to remember a special trip or destination, and it is easy to make. You may need to assist with cutting out the shape of the Christmas ornament though.

16. Friendship Bracelets

Simple diy friendship bracelets - kids craft ideas.

Yarn friendship bracelets are a colourful and fun handmade gift kids can make for their friends and siblings. They can choose wool in their favourite colours to create simple wearable gifts to give.

17. Melted Crayon Art

Simple diy gifts kids can make

Why not give the gift of a really awesome and funky crayon art canvas that you can help your kids to make! This one involves the use of an iron, but otherwise really simple to do and such a fun end result!

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18. DIY Photo Cube

Diy photo cube gift

What a great way to gift someone some of your favourite photos. The kids can add photos of themselves to the cube, which will be a super cute way to display them.

19. Hand Painted Glassware

Painted glassware gifts

This is a beautiful idea for decorating simple glassware such as coffee mugs and water decanters, plus it gives the kids a chance to get creative and personalise them however they like.

20. Pallet Picture Frame

Handmade pallet frame

This DIY pallet picture frame is a beautiful handmade gift for the recipient to display some favourite photos. Better still, have your child pick their favourites to add before they gift it.

21. Artwork Candle

Kids artwork candle diy

This artwork candle is a fun way to share a gift with your child’s artwork. They may need a little help using the glue gun if younger, however, kids of all ages will be excited to see their creative work displayed on the candle.

Most of these handmade kid-made gifts do not need to be reserved just for Christmas either! They are great gift ideas for any occasion or fun craft projects for children to make throughout the year. They may even want to make some of these for themselves!

22. Cookies in a Jar

Cookies in a jar christmas gift

Gifting a delicious cookie mix in a jar is an easy DIY gift kids can make in bulk to gift to many people. This is a cheap gift idea that will be appreciated when the recipient gets to whip up a batch of yummy chocolate chip cookies after Christmas.

23. DIY Photo Coasters

Diy photo coasters

My sister is a mother of 8 so these photo coasters were a perfect inexpensive gift that was also practical! The tiles only cost a small amount from our local hardware store, although check in case you have some already at home.

First, I glued a piece of felt to the back of each tile and allowed to dry.

You could use cork instead. Then I printed photos and trimmed them to size. I adhered them to the tiles with glue then sealed the photos with a clear protective water-proof varnish.

24. Salt Shaker Snow Globe Ornaments

Diy salt shaker snow globe ornament with a photo inside hanging from a christmas tree.

These salt shaker snow globe ornaments are a beautiful way to upcycle an old salt and pepper shaker set or to use a cheap discount store shaker set.

25. Chocolate Mug Cake Mix

2 mason jar chocolate mug cake mix gifts.

Add the dry ingredients for cakes, cookies or hot chocolate into mason jars, like these mug cake mixes, as a budget-friendly gift kids can make in large batches for several friends or family.

26. Fingerprint Pot Plant

Little boy holding out a terracotta pot plant that has been handpainted.

Have your child decorate pot plants with fingerprints to make flowers and other unique designs for a personal gift that is easy to make, even for toddlers and preschool kids.

27. Handprint Tray

Wooden tray deocrorated with children's handprints in orange, green and blue paint.

This handprint tray would make a lovely gift for mum or grandma, decorated with one or more of your children’s handprints. All you need is a simple wooden tray, paints and a sealant to protect their artwork.

28. Santa Salt Ornament

Handprint santa salt dough ornaments.

These cute Santa salt ornaments would make a great class craft project to gift to parents at the end of year or as a craft to do at home with mum and dad too.

29. Painted Wood Slice Ornaments

Diy painted wood slice christams ornaments.

Drill a hole in slices of wood and let your kids decorate these wood slice ornaments to gift to family and friends or their teachers for hanging on their tree.

30. Resin Ornaments

Resin christmas ornaments in round and christmas tree shapes.

These resin paint pour ornaments are beautiful and each one unique. This is a great project to do with your kids if they are younger and need some help with the processes.

31. Rubber Band Vases

Rubber band vases in different colours with flower arrangements.

These simple rubber band-painted vases would make a lovely gift with some handpicked flowers from the garden or a dried arrangement.

32. Peppermint Bath Bombs

Homemade peppermint christmas bath bombs.

These peppermint bath bombs encourage a little festive self-care, which is something we all need at this busy time of year!

33. Homemade Christmas Soaps

Homemade christmas soap bars sitting on a red and white cloth with a wreath in the background.

These homemade Christmas soaps are a lovely stocking stuffer or gift for kids to give their family and friends that are easy to make and look great. Practical gifts too, of course!

34. Hot Chocolate Spoons

Hot chocolate spoons with different flavours.

These hot chocolate spoons are a delicious ‘edible’ gift that kids can put together for their classmates, family and friends, to give them some practice in the kitchen too.

35. Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Handmade cookie cutter ornaments on a green background.

These cookie cutter clay ornaments are a cute DIY gift that are easy for kids to make and personalise with the year for a sentimental gift idea.

Other Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make

In case you want even more ideas for easy gifts that kids can create themselves, here are some more that can be done on their own or with a little help from you or another adult:

  • Sugar scrub
  • Homemade treats and edible gifts
  • Mason jar recipe mixes
  • A coupon book with chores or quality time tasks the kids can do when cashed in i.e. A daddy daughter date, a cleaned up bedroom, help in the garden
  • T-shirt decorated with craft paint
  • Framed artwork

Conclusion: Christmas Gifts For Children To Make

Most of these handmade kid-made gifts do not need to be reserved just for Christmas either! They are great gift ideas for any occasion or fun craft projects for children to make throughout the year. They may even want to make some of these for themselves!

Need extra help? Get my mammoth printable Christmas planner:

Get ready for christmas banner

Do you have a favourite simple handmade gift you like to make? Tell us about it in the comments.

Simple handmade christmas gifts kids can make