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Free Printable Santa Gift Tags For Christmas Gifts

Get the free printable Santa tag for Christmas gift-giving plus ideas to make the magic truly come alive this holiday season in your household! This printable gift tag from Santa will delight kids on Christmas morning!

As a parent, the festive season is a lot of fun, coming up with new and creative ideas to delight your children at Christmas time.

All this while trying to create the magic of Christmas for as long as possible, right down to the small details, such as Santa gift tags on presents from Santa himself.

Printable santa tag on gift

I am sharing some of my favourite ways to make Christmas extra magical for the children in your household, plus of course, sharing my free printable Santa Tags for you to use as often as you would like! 

This is a cute way to excite the kids on Christmas morning when they go to open their presents and see the tag straight from the North Pole and Santa himself.


When you are a child, you think there could be nothing more special than Christmas.

That’s until you become a parent and get to see the same joy on your own children’s faces. It is such an incredible feeling!

Becoming a parent myself, it had me thinking back to my own childhood. My parents were exceptional at keeping the Christmas magic going for as long as possible.

They didn’t do anything overly unique or special, but they managed to never slip up the true identity of Santa either.

We did cookies and milk on the table each year and each Christmas day we woke to nothing but crumbs and an empty glass on the table. They somehow managed to sneak out after I was in bed and load up the lounge room with gifts. 

Our lounge room was covered in big wrapped boxes of all shapes and sizes and our stockings were bulging. To this day I still don’t know where mum stored all those things.

That’s not even to mention the year they built a trampoline and swing set in the backyard overnight. I was so amazed by Santa and his effort of getting those in the backyard. How on earth did they fit on the sleigh?

The funny thing was I was the only kid in the house by then.

My brother still lived at home but was in his teens or early 20s before he moved out. My sister and her husband would come over for the day and Christmas was a blast spent with the most amazing feast and swimming in the pool all day long.

Writing letter to santa

Discovering The Truth

Try not to laugh too hard but I would have been at least 11 by the time I found out the truth about Santa

Yep, pretty embarrassing I suppose but kudos to my folks for a job well done. It was in a conversation with a school friend when the tragic news broke.

She made a comment about the big jolly man not being real and I had to fake my horror and disappointment with a forced ‘I know’.


But we still played along a bit after that. I still wonder if my brother half believed in his late teens. He was usually up snooping around the presents before I was.

Building Traditions

When our girls were too little to really understand the Santa part of our family Christmas traditions, we still started doing things to build up that feeling of magic anyway.

We are lucky enough to have the traditions from two different cultures forming part of our Christmas celebrations each year, which also means we work harder to keep our kids grateful and humble.

My husband’s family are Polish which means Santa visits the grandparent’s house on Christmas Eve during the traditional Wigilia.

Then for our Australian tradition, Santa comes while you are sleeping and leaves gifts beneath the tree. We save our gifts for Christmas morning and let their Grandparents do the giving on Christmas Eve… via Santa.

We give our girls mostly practical gifts, rather than toys since other family members tend to go for the fun stuff!

And the biggest gift is always from us rather than from Santa, because I am conscious of the fact that other parents may not be able to give as much and kids should not be wondering why Santa was far more generous to them than someone else.

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Protecting The Magic

It can be so hard to keep the belief going when you’ve got so many influences around your children.

Other kids can be cruel, especially if older siblings think it’s a laugh to ruin it for them early. It happens.

One of my best friends is struggling with this now, with a child in her son’s class running around telling everyone who Santa really is. He is only 6.

Printable santa tag

Sometimes these things cannot be avoided, so we do our best to build up the excitement and belief at home with our children.

This means watching children’s Christmas movies in December together and putting in the effort to move the stinkin Elf! Trust me, I have forgotten the Elf on the Shelf a few times and have become an expert in Elf excuses!

Free Printable Santa Tags

A simple Secret Santa gift tag, straight from the North Pole is a fun way to build up the Christmas magic in your household, by labelling a few of the gifts directly from Santa under your tree each year.

These make great Secret Santa gift tags and from Santa gift tags for kids too!

You can download the free printable Santa Tag and reprint it as often as you would like for future Christmas gift-giving as well! The Santa gift tag prints 4 to an A4 page so you may need to resize for US letter size in your printer settings.

The free printables can be printed on regular paper or on cardstock. You can also print them in black and white if you do not have any colour ink. Print the Santa gift tags at home or at your local copy store.

Printable santa tag

Got a Secret Santa gift to give this Christmas? This printable tag is a perfect Secret Santa gift tag too, helping you to keep up the mystery during Secret Santa exchanges!

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Do you have any special traditions to keep the Christmas magic alive for your kids? Or funny stories about being a late bloomer like me? Comment and let me know!  

Free printable santa tag and tips for keeping the christmas magic going in your family longer

Diane taber

Wednesday 7th of December 2022

For any special gift


Thursday 11th of December 2014

Santa's not real?!!! This tag is so adorable - looks very real! I don't remember how exactly I found out but I do remember stretching it out as long as I could get away with it for. Thanks for linking up with my Christmas Link Party x


Thursday 11th of December 2014

Well done. And besides, you couldn't risk the presents lessening if you admitted your new knowledge ;)