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The Ultimate List of Advent Calendar Fillers For Kids, Teens & Adults

There is no greater joy than the daily surprises that come from revealing the daily advent gifts. While there are many options for advent calendars for all ages, it can be truly special to fill them yourself with gifts you choose.

Find the perfect advent calendar fillers for kids, teens and adults to make each day in your Christmas countdown extra magical. This is one of the favourite traditions for many kids at Christmas time and these advent calendar gift ideas will certainly impress!

Handmade advent calendar

What is an Advent Calendar?

An Advent Calendar is a great way to count down the days until Christmas and has become a fun tradition for many families.

An Advent Calendar usually has a different item behind each door for 24 days that form a countdown to December 24th.

An Advent calendar can be purchased at a variety of stores during the time of year leading up to December.

While you can get plenty of fun pre-made advent calendars with gifts already included, sometimes it’s far more fun to create your own DIY Advent calendar instead – in which case, the sky is the limit as to what advent fillers you can include!

We always have our Elf on the Shelf bring our advent calendars as a fun arrival gift on December 1st.

DIY Or Reusable Advent Calendars?

If you don’t already have your own refillable advent calendar ready to fill with gifts, there are a few simple options to get you ready for the Christmas countdown.

There are a lot of great options for a reusable advent calendar that you can refill each year with different gifts, smaller stocking fillers and treats.

These can include plastic or wooden advents with little boxes or drawers, or labelled gift bags with each of the numbers.

Alternatively, you can create a DIY advent calendar easily and affordably.

It can be as simple as wrapping 24 individual gifts in gift wrapping paper or brown paper bags, or something more elaborate that you can reuse in years to come.

Find loads of beautiful and creative DIY Advent calendar ideas to make at home.

If you aren’t a DIY fan and don’t want to make your own advent calendar you can get plenty of ready to go advent calendars each year. Here are some of my favourites for this year:

Family Advent Calendar Ideas

Kids excited about their advent calendar

If you are sharing an advent calendar with the whole family, there are some cool ways to make this extra special without simply putting in daily candy or chocolates.

Your advent fillers don’t have to be actual gifts.

Instead, why not task the family with daily activities by creating an activity advent calendar.

Add daily activities the family can do together, such as ‘Watch a Christmas movie‘, ‘Make Christmas cookies‘, or ‘Create a Christmas morning playlist‘.

Make sure you plan ahead with your daily tasks to make sure you can fit that particular activity in on that day. Some days may need simple tasks to fit around your family’s busy schedule.

Another option is a daily act of kindness with tasks relating to doing something kind for others such as ‘Donating toys to charity’ or ‘Leaving a gift for your neighbour‘.

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The Best Advent Calendar Fillers For Kids

Advent fillers for kids can be easy to plan since there are an endless array of toys, gifts and treats they would be thrilled to receive.

Choosing what you want to gift your child throughout the month of December comes down to your budget and their interests.

The best part is that you can easily fill their advent with gifts they will appreciate, without filling them with junk that ends up in the trash a few weeks after Christmas.

One or more of these little gifts are perfect for filling the days of your child’s advent calendar.

Here are some of the best gifts to put inside an advent calendar for kids:

  • LEGO set – Instead of buying LEGO advent calendars you can create your own version by dividing the individual pieces from a set into the daily gifts for the perfect advent calendar filler.
  • Jigsaw puzzle – A few puzzle pieces per day so by the end of the month they have the whole puzzle to make.
  • Art supplies – Craft supplies such as pencils, pens, paints, brushes, charcol, pom poms, pipe cleaners etc.
  • Mini tubs of playdough – A different colour each day and some cutters and play accessories too.
  • Beads – Pretty beads and twine for jewellery making.
  • Stickers – Get a subscription such as Pipsticks so you can collect some cool stickers through the year to divide up as advent gifts for your kids.
  • A Christmas joke – Add funny jokes on their own each day or include them with other gifts.
  • Small figurines – These can be any sort of collectable figurines, such as farm animals, character figurines your child likes or a new collection you can help them get started.
  • LEGO minifigures – Minifigures are a great idea if you are looking for small items.
  • Novelty erasers – Cute and affordable little gifts for kids.
  • Paint tubs – A different coloured little paint tub each day for some creative fun after Christmas.
  • Gingerbread House Kit – Divide the parts into different gifts if you are able to and once you have opened them all, you can have a Christmas Eve gingerbread house making session.
  • Books – A new story book wrapped up each day in the lead up to Christmas. They can be Christmas story books or any type of book your child will love. For smaller kids and toddlers, you can enjoy reading the new book together each day.
  • Christmas craft kit – A kit you can divide between each day so your child has a fun project to create at the end.
  • Cookie cutters – A different festive cookie cutter each day that your child can use for making delicious Christmas cookies during December.
  • Twistable Crayons – These cute crayons are perfect fillers for creative kids with no need to worry about crayons breaking mid drawing.
  • Hair accessories – Cute scrunchies, hair bands and clips including a few festive accessories for December.
  • Loom bands – A different colour each day plus a few clips and beads for creating their own loom jewellery.
  • Marbles – It may not be as popular as it was in the past but what a great time to reintroduce the classic game.
  • Chess pieces – Each day add different chess pieces and on the last day you can gift the board.
  • Fidget toys – Fidget spillers, pop toys and other related little toys.
  • Stamps – Rubber stamps or self-inking stamps to use for creative projects.
  • Finger puppets – Your child can put on a Christmas day puppet show with their new beloved toys.
  • Toy cars – Matchbox cars or other small toy cars to add to their collection.
  • Pencil toppers – Cute little critters to add extra personlity to pens and pencils.
  • Play magnets – Get a set of number, letter or play scene magnets for your fridge to entertain younger kids.
  • Lollipops – Lollipops are a perfect tiny sweet treat that is pre-wrapped and perfect as a filler gift.
  • Colouring Supplies – Colouring books, crayons, pencils and more. Check out the huge range from Crayola.
  • Felt toys – Get handmade felt toys to fill your calendar.
  • Doll clothing & accessories – Get a variety of clothing and accessories to suit your child’s favourite doll collection. A little girl will love having new items to dress up her dolls.
  • Temporary tattoos – A silly gift idea for over the holiday season that kids will love.
  • Magnetic tiles – These fun, rainbow coloured magnetic tiles can be used to create so many things and are small enough to fit a few pieces in each daily gift.

Thoughtful Advent Calendar Fillers Your Teen Will Love

When it comes to filling an advent calendar for your teenager (or tween), you can no longer get away with cute toys and collections.

They are at an age where their interests have drastically changed and matured but they still love the experience of opening a new surprise each day!

These advent calendar fillers are perfect for teenagers and tweens:

  • Stationary items – Who doesn’t love stationary? You can get plenty of cute items your teen will love.
  • Nail polish – A different colour each day for funky nails.
  • Lip balm – Get a multipack of flavoured lipbalms for advent gifts although they probably don’t need 24 lipbalms so this is a great idea combined with sweet treats and other little gifts.
  • Mini beauty products or samples – Get travel sized or start collecting sample sized beauty products and skincare through the year.
  • Hot chocolate supplies – Marshmallows, hot chocolate, a mug and other delicious hot chocolate essentials.
  • Magazines – There are so many different magazines for all types of hobbies and interests. Your teen will love a collection of reading material for the holiday season.
  • Washi tape – The bright coloured washi tapes are so much fun for decorating loads of things and the perfect size of advent calendars.
  • Funny socks – A new pair of novelty socks each day of the advent countdown. Perfect for the teen who can never find their socks.
  • Charms – On day one you can add a charm bracelet with new charms each day for the rest of the month.
  • Earrings – Fun earrings in different colours and styles.
  • Watch bands – For teens with a fitness tracker or watch, add different style bands so they can mix up their look each day.
  • Bath bombs and salts – Pamper items for relaxing baths since it is never too early to promote self care.
  • Money – A dollar a day can go a long way when it comes to saving up for something special.
  • Gift cards – Add one or two smaller value gift cards to your teenagers advent alongside other gifts.
  • Dual Tip Erin Condren Markers – These beautiful pens make doodling, journalling and projects look great with a fine tip and thicker felt tip.

Advent Calendar Fillers For Adults

Why should kids get all the fun? Advent calendars are a wonderful gift to give your partner or another adult in your life. Or why not create one for yourself… there are no rules here!

So if you are looking for the perfect advent fillers for adults, look no further than these ideas:

  • Bottles or cans of their favourite beverage – Mini size or full size drinks that they can reveal and enjoy each day or save for later.
  • Tea varieties – There are many different teas and teabags you can get with a variety of flavours that make perfect daily advent gifts.
  • Yarn balls or crotchet thread – For anyone who loves to knit, sew or crotchet, this is a perfect option to top up their collection of supplies.
  • Seed packets – The greenthumb will love having daily seed packets for their growing garden.
  • Scrapbooking supplies – Embellishments, tools, stickers and papers are perfect for the scrapbooking fan.
  • Facial masks – Pampering masks for a self-care session at home.
  • Chocolates and sweet treats – Gourmet chocolates, candies and favourite treats.
  • Essential oils – A different essential oil each day for someone who wants to grow their collection.
  • Homemade Christmas cookies – Give the gift of handmade with love with different flavoured cookies throughout the month.
  • Baking supplies – Small baking accessories and essentials for the person who loves to cook.
  • Christmas ornaments – Beatiful new ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree. This would also make a great option for a family advent calendar.
  • Neck ties – For anyone in a corporate position who likes to add a little extra personality to their attire, a daily tie is a wonderful gift idea.
  • Daily love notes – Write a daily love note for your love with this cute alternative advent idea for anyone not wanting to spend extra.
  • Spices – A collection of spice mixes and meat rubs for future cooking.
  • Coffee beans – Different types of coffee beans for the coffee lover in your life.
  • Star Wars Sticky Notes – These galactic sticky notes are sure to delight any Star Wars fan!
  • Planner accessories – For busy people who can’t get by without their planner, a variety of planner accessories will make it extra fun. Check out the huge range of planner accessories from Erin Condren.

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Conclusion: Advent Calendar Filler Ideas

A combination of any of these unique ideas for Christmas gift advent calendar fillers are sure to make the entire Christmas season extra fun for each member of your family. There are great advent calendar fillers for kids through to grown-ups, with something to suit everyone when filling your refillable advent calendar.

These gifts are also cute ideas for Christmas stockings if you are looking for small gift ideas that don’t cost a lot.

You might also like these non-junk Easter egg fillers and party bag fillers or these non-candy Easter gift ideas!

Need more Christmas planning inspiration for the festive season?

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