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Elves On The Shelf – 29 Funny Ideas For 2 Or More Elves

Elf on the shelf ideas can be hard to come up with each December, especially when you have more than one elf visiting your household. No need to panic though – this list has some creative and funny elf on the shelf ideas for 2 or more elves. Get ready for some of the best Elves on the shelf ideas that your kids will adore!

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Elves on the shelf ideas for 2 elves

What is Elf on the Shelf?

Elf on the Shelf is a cute Christmas tradition where Elves magically appear in children’s homes and get up to all sorts of mischief while children are sleeping.

They report back to Santa each night about whether kids have been good or bad, creating a cute build-up to Christmas day!

The elf arrives on 1 December and heads back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve with the final behaviour report for Santa.

For their first visit, you get to name your new elf friend. Find some fun Elf on the Shelf name ideas.

Make sure you come and join our Elfing Around Facebook group for even more ideas and inspiration!

Why Would I Want More Than 1 Elf?

While most households have just one annual Elf visitor arriving each December, many families with more than one child like to introduce an elf per child.

This can be a fun way of giving your child a special connection to their individual elf, instead of just a family elf to share.

Another way to incorporate a second elf into your home is by having one ‘good’ elf and one ‘bad’ elf, giving them each a unique personality.

It’s all a bit of festive fun to build the Christmas anticipation.

But two, three or more elves on the shelf mean coming up with creative scenarios that work for multiple elves!

Lucky you’re in the right place for two Elf on the Shelf ideas – let’s get inspired!

Free printable elf planner and elf on the shelf return letter

Funny Elf On The Shelf Ideas For 2 (Or More) Elves

These Elf ideas for 2 or more elves are sure to amuse the kids and they are a whole lot of fun to set up! Keep yourself organised with my free Elf planner so you can plan ahead and skip the last-minute stress!

Morning Coffee

Elves making coffee

Ready To Bake

2 elf on the shelf baking

Have your elves on the shelf ready for today’s fun festive activity with some printable accessories. You can get these free elf baking printables for a quick and easy 2 elf idea.

Get more printable props like these ones and loads more fun DIY elf ideas.

Tic Tac Bow

Elf on the shelf playing noughts and crosses

All you need is some washi tape and gift bows for a cute game of Elf tic tac bow. Washi tape will peel off without leaving a mark on your walls so make sure if you are taping on your wall you do use something like washi tape that won’t cause any damage!

Festive Breakfast

Elves making green pancakes

Put your Elves to Work on Christmas Morning and have them make some fun Elf on The Shelf Pancakes! This is a simple scenario that comes with a delicious festive breakfast. You can recreate this scene with any breakfast food – not just green pancakes!

Check out these make-ahead Christmas breakfast ideas for more inspiration.

Winter Wonderland

Two elf on the shelf and a toilet paper castle

Create a winter palace fit for your Elf friends using toilet paper and simple decorations you already have on hand. Some festive washi tape or ribbons, some baubles and straw flags make this a Sugarplum Palace sure to impress the kids when they wake.

Game On

Elves playing guess who game

Have your elves on the shelf battling it out with a round of your child’s favourite board game. This is a really quick and easy elf on the shelf idea that you can set up in under a minute, without needing any special accessories or preparation!

Treacherous Waters

Elf crossing a bridge over a sink with toy sharks

Have your elves make their way to safety in a funny scenario using a combination of DIY ladder and your child’s toys. This is sure to give the kids a giggle in the morning.

Elf Acrobatics

elf acrobatics

A little sticky tape and a makeshift swing will have your acrobatic elves swinging from the ceiling with this funny 2 elf idea.

Art Class

elf on the shelf self portrait painting

This multiple elves on the shelf idea requires a little more preparation if you’re up for some creative fun. Set up a painted portrait session with a mini canvas and paint and impress your children with your elves and their artistic talents (or lack thereof)! Find more cool ideas like this one at Elf.on.the.shelfx3.

Peekaboo Snowmen

elves as snomen

Toilet paper rolls and a few printed snowman accessories are all you need for this funny 2 elf idea. You can easily recreate this scenario with 3 or more elves too or just one.

Late Night Snack

elves eating nutella

Your kids will be shocked at their naughty elves after they’ve gotten into some late-night snacking with their favourite treats. A smear of Nutella on the face or whatever delicious treat your kids’ love adds to the mischief!

Elf Hostages

elf on the shelf with toy story characters

Step into the wild west with your child’s beloved Toy Story or cowboy toys. A lasso around your elves and they are in need of rescuing. Who will come to save the scout elf group?

Elf Hot Dogs

elf hotdogs

Got some bread rolls or bread that you don’t mind having go stale? This elf hotdogs idea is super quick and easy and good for a laugh.

More Funny Elf On The Shelf Ideas For 2 Elves (Or More)

If that still isn’t enough inspiration for your multiple elves to get up to plenty of mischief this festive season, here are a few more easy ideas you can try as well:

  • Elf yoga – Have the elves in various yoga positions on little yoga mats.
  • Elf gym – Similar to elf yoga but with weight lifting and other exercises. Make mini weights out of pretzel sticks and marshmallows.
  • Pool party – Set up a pretend pool or sink with some summer accessories and float rings.
  • Photography session – Your elves can strike a pose while one takes a photo.
  • Pet food – Your elves got hungry and have made themselves a feast of pet food. Eww!
  • Ziplining – Set up a string across your house with elves sliding down it.
  • Snowball fight – Create mini snowballs out of scrunched-up paper and have your elves taking cover behind their barriers.
  • Sleigh ride – Use a decorative sleigh or create one out of popsicle sticks and candy canes if you’re feeling crafty!
  • Hiding in the Christmas tree – If you’re short on time, elves peeping from the branches of the Christmas tree is always a quick idea!
  • Snow angels – If you don’t mind a bit of mess, a session of snow angels in flour on your bench is a fun idea.
  • Master builders – Create a LEGO structure that isn’t quite complete with your elves laying the final pieces.
  • Elf camping – A little campfire made from paper and cellophane with a cardboard tent.
  • Elf bingo – Elves love a good game, so set up Elf Bingo with some festive-looking printable bingo boards – check out these fun printable Christmas games.
  • Gingerbread house – Have your elves begin assembling a ginger bread house leaving the rest up to your kids to finish with a little help from you if needed.
  • Wrapped up – Have one of the elves wrapped up in Christmas wrapping paper with just their head showing and the other elf holding the tape and scissors.
  • Toilet paper tree – Have one elf near the top of your Christmas tree holding the start of the toilet paper roll and wind it around the tree with the other elf at the bottom of the tree holding the rest of the roll.

Printable Elf Tool Kit

If you need more help planning your holiday season with multiple elf visitors arriving from December 1st, be sure to grab my mega Elf Tool Kit with everything you need to make your mischievous elf time easier.

Inside the printable tool kit you will find letter templates from Santa Claus and your elf, behaviour reports, printable elf notes for lunch boxes, instant scenario printables and loads more fun props:

Elf on the shelf tool kit

Make the Christmas season extra fun in your household with these funny Elf on the Shelf ideas for 2 elves and any extra friends that join the mischief! The Elf on The Shelf tradition is a cute idea for kids at this time of year, even if your naughty elf doesn’t end up on the nice list! Hopefully, your kids do…

I hope you love these Elf on the Shelf ideas with 2 elves!

Elves on the shelf ideas for 2 elves

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