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The Perfect Christmas Eve Box Ideas For The Whole Family

Christmas Eve is a special night for children and adults alike. Christmas Eve boxes are a magical way to get into the holiday spirit! With these simple and creative ideas, you can start new family Christmas traditions while still having plenty of time to get all the cooking and wrapping done before Christmas day.

Here are some fun Christmas Eve box ideas for the whole family that will make this year’s event one they won’t forget!

christmas eve box ideas for kids and adults

What Is A Christmas Eve Box?

A Christmas eve box is a special present that you give to someone on the night before Christmas.

This can be for your kids, spouse or significant other, friends and family members – you can create a Xmas Eve box for anyone!

The idea behind it is that you fill up a decorated (or not) box with some of their favourite treats or simple gifts that will help turn Christmas Eve into a special celebration of its own.

A Christmas Eve box is sometimes referred to as a Night Before Christmas box since it is usually gifted in the evening.

The Xmas Eve box is a relatively new tradition and one that is more so for families who have their main Christmas celebration on Christmas day.

If you are from Europe or certain other parts of the world, Christmas Eve may already be a night of celebration and tradition, so you could instead create a box using the fun ideas shared below, with lots of fun Christmas day activities.

Just as an Advent calendar has become a popular family tradition each December, so too is a Christmas Eve box for families who want to add a little extra magic to their night before Christmas together.

For an alternative ideas, consider making a 1st of December box instead!

What Can I Use As A Christmas Eve Box?

A Christmas Eve box can be as simple or elaborate as you would like it to be.

This means you can use a shoebox or a cardboard box that you can dispose of afterwards, wrapped in Christmas paper.

Or if you want something a little more special, you can purchase a reusable wooden box, a crate or a plastic tub to become your annual Christmas Eve box each year.

This might be a decorative plastic or sturdy cardboard box or wooden crates that will be durable over many years.

You may even like to have a personalised Christmas Eve box made for this special tradition.

You can also get a personalised cardboard crate if you want something a little more thrifty for your custom Christmas Eve box and don’t feel like making your own:

personalised cardboard christmas eve box

Or get creative and have a go at making your own personalised and decorated Christmas Eve box at home.

This may even become part of your first Night Before Christmas activity tradition, by having the family decorate the box for use on future Christmas Eves.

Family Christmas Eve Box Ideas

A Christmas Eve box tradition for the whole family is a wonderful new family tradition, including something that you can all enjoy together.

While you may still want to add individual gifts for each member of the family, this is a fun way to plan an evening together that will be memorable and cherished.

family with christmas socks

Fill your family box with a few items that will help create an evening together as a family, such as:

  • Novelty Christmas Socks – Add a fun new pair of Christmas socks to the box for each family member to keep their toes warm for the evening.
  • A DVD – While many of us have switched to streaming our favourite movies these days, choosing out a film to watch together is a fun idea. If you don’t want to purchase a new DVD, instead print out a card that names the title of the favourite Christmas movie you will be streaming tonight. A Christmas film is always a fun option!
  • Snacks and Treats – A movie night or a game night is complemented well by adding in some fun treats for the entire family to share. Popcorn is a must!
  • Hot Chocolate Kit – Add all the essential ingredients for making hot chocolate. Don’t forget the marshmallows! You can even add in a new mug for each family member for an extra special touch. Don’t forget to include some hot cocoa bombs. Or make it a milkshake-making kit if you live in the Southern Hemisphere like we do, and need a refreshing summer drink!
matching christmas pyjamas
  • Matching pyjamas – Christmas pyjamas are a great choice no matter who the box is for but when gifting for the whole family, or when creating a couples’ Christmas Eve box, matching pyjamas are a must! For many families, the tradition of new pyjamas is one of the key ingredients to their annual Xmas Eve box gift. Don’t forget to get a family photo of you all wearing your matching Christmas PJs.
  • Baking Project – Add the ingredients and recipe to make a delicious treat together then enjoy each others company afterwards as you eat your freshly baked goods.
  • A New Puzzle – If you are a family who loves puzzles, why not start a new challenge together and see how much of it you can finish on Christmas Eve. Make sure if you are entertaining at home for Christmas that the puzzle will either be completed or not in your way on Christmas day though.
  • Christmas Crafts – Get the whole family involved in a Christmas craft project. This can be a great option for older children or younger children, choosing something that is suited to the ages and interests of your family members
  • Christmas Ornament – Create a Christmas time tradition of adding a brand new special ornament for your tree to your box each year. The final piece to finish off your decorated tree together.

Christmas Eve Scavenger Hunt

To keep the whole family entertained, organise a Christmas Eve scavenger hunt around your home or yard.

Hide clues that lead to each item they need for the night’s entertainment and have everyone race around to find them together or in a head to head competition.

You could do this by having different treats or small gifts hidden with certain clues and the final clue leading to your Christmas Eve box, so they need to find them all before they know what the evening activities will be.

This is a great idea for all ages and extends the fun a little longer.

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Kids

While a Christmas Eve box can be filled with extra gifts for your child, my favourite Christmas Eve box fillers are ones that can instead be used to create a special evening with the family or for your child, making it more about an activity to do together than an actual gift.

In saying that, there are some fun ideas for Christmas Eve box fillers for kids and toddlers that are sure to delight.

Here is a list of Christmas Eve box gift ideas to help you plan your own:

Depending on who you want the Christmas Eve box to be gifted from, you may even want to include a letter from Santa or your Elf on the Shelf visitor if you have one, as a special touch to build excitement for Christmas morning.

A Santa letter is a magical addition, all the way from the North Pole!

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Teenagers & Tweens

A Christmas Eve box for teenagers and tweens can be filled with a few of their favourite things.

While many of the gift ideas for kids or adults would just as easily work as perfect Christmas Eve box fillers for teens, these ideas are sure to be a hit with young adults:

  • A new CD or DVD
  • Gift cards for Spotify, Netflix or another streaming service
  • Christmas-themed stationery
  • Nail polish
  • A new computer game
  • Funny Christmas t-shirts to wear the next day
  • Hair ties and hair accessories
  • Pampering face masks
  • A cap or beanie
  • Card game

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Adults

A Christmas gift box doesn’t have to be just for kids! Adults too can enjoy the excitement of opening up a special present on Christmas eve too.

For adults, you might want to fill your gift with some favourite snacks or drinks they might not get around to buying themselves.

Here are some more Christmas eve box ideas for adults:

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Couples

christmas eve box ideas for couples

Christmas eve box ideas for couples can include a gift that is meant to be shared together.

This could be something like an activity you enjoy doing together, new matching Christmas pyjamas, t-shirts, ugly Christmas sweaters, slippers or socks.

Or go for a whole new novelty Christmas outfit to wear the next day.

Other Christmas Eve box ideas for couples include your favourite treats to share together, possibly while watching a movie you’ve been meaning to see for ages. Or some novelty his and her gifts that are fitting for the season.

Christmas Eve box ideas don’t need to be extravagant, but it is about giving each other time together as a family that’s special this season!

The holidays are about being with the people you love, and there’s no better way to do that than by making memories together. Whether it be baking cookies or stringing up lights, make sure your family has some fun activities planned for 24th December!

We hope these great Christmas Eve box ideas inspire you to create a celebration full of joy and laughter and possibly even start new fun family traditions!

Need extra help? Get my mammoth printable Christmas planner:

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Christmas Eve Box Ideas