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Creative Craft Storage Ideas On A Budget: How To Organise Craft Supplies

The perfect craft storage ideas on a budget can be hard to find. Whether you’re looking for craft room furniture, storage tubs or organisation systems to keep your creative supplies neat and orderly, or something visually appealing to help you feel inspired in your creative space, it needs to be easy to navigate and affordable.

Here you will find some of the best craft storage ideas to help with your organisation and creativity.

Craft storage ideas on a budget

From Messy Craft Room To Creative Haven

I know first-hand how easily a creative space can spiral out of control when you don’t have the right craft room storage in place to keep your hobby materials organised.

For many years, having the ability to shut the door and hide the mess away made it easy to avoid dealing with my craft space but that isn’t conducive to anyone’s creativity!

The best creative space is one that is tidy, organised and has storage systems in place that are easy to maintain and are affordable to set up.

If you are able to dedicate a room specifically for your craft supplies, then you likely have a lot more room to work with.

If your craft supplies are confined to a closet or a small corner of your home, the storage solutions that work for you will be different and more compact.

We will be looking at storage options that work for either situation so there is sure to be some perfect craft organisation ideas that you will love!

Declutter First

The first step in craft room organisation is first taking a look at what you currently have and deciding what to keep and what needs to go.

While it’s easy to hoard every crafty item you’ve ever purchased, sometimes you’ve got to be a little tough on yourself and decide to let a few items go.

Before organising any space, always start with a thorough declutter.

The best way to declutter a craft room or craft supplies is to start by taking everything out and going through section by section.

This might be sorting through tubs, boxes, bags and shelves of supplies.

Or it may even mean tackling that overflowing pile of fabric in the corner of your room.

Craft room declutter

Ask yourself these questions as you sort through each item:

  • Is this something I have used in the past 6 months?
  • Is this something I can see myself using in the near future?
  • Is it easily replaced?

If you answered no to each of these questions, or if you answered maybe to that last question, it should probably find a new home!

Be strong… its easier to organise your supplies when you only have the items you really use and need!

Check out my complete guide to start decluttering if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

After you’ve done your craft supplies declutter, you can decide to sell, gift, donate or trash any of the unwanted items.

If you decide to sell your excess craft supplies, this is a great start to your craft storage fund!

Okay, now it’s time to get organising!

Craft Room Organisation & Storage Options

If you are lucky enough to have your own dedicated craft room, these budget craft storage ideas are for you!

For many people, the idea of a craft room is an exciting prospect.

You get to have all your favourite crafting supplies at arm’s length and can indulge in your hobby any time you want!

The key to an organised craft room is knowing what type of storage systems will work for you.

This not only depends on the type of craft hobbies you enjoy but also on the type of systems that complement the way you stay organised.

While colour-coordinated, stackable containers may look pretty, you may soon find yourself dumping your craft supplies in the corner, because you’ve organised things in a way that feels too overwhelming to maintain.

The most important thing is that it works! You don’t want a system in place that’s going to stress you out or make crafting too difficult.

Finding the right balance of organisation can be tricky but with a little thoughtfulness, I’m sure you can find something that suits both your budget and lifestyle.

Looking for new hobby ideas? Check out 150+ hobbies for women to add some fun to your days!

Craft Storage Ideas On A Budget

It can be difficult to find affordable storage solutions that will suit your budget.

The following are some great ideas about how you can organise your entire craft room without breaking the bank, including plenty of creative craft storage ideas on a tight budget or DIY alternatives to help you create the perfect space without spending a fortune doing so.

1. Cube Shelving

I am a huge fan of cube shelving and this has been one of the easiest ways I have found to organise my own collection of craft supplies, including scrapbooking supplies, sewing supplies and fabric, and also general office and business supplies.

The beauty of cube storage, such as the Ikea Kallax shelving, is that you can use each cube for a different collection of items.

Scrapbooking embellishments can easily be stored in a storage tub that fits inside a cube, and it keeps them hidden from sight.

In the same way, you can store paper, paints, knitting supplies and almost every other hobby collection in a tub with a lid or a basket.

Or use the cubes as open shelves for easy access if you don’t mind certain craft supplies being on display.

I have a desk incorporated into my Kallax shelf which I use mostly for my iMac but it also doubles as a creative space for crafting or for filming videos for my youTube channel with an overhead camera tripod connected to the rear of the desk.

Rainbow craft room makeover

And if the colours don’t quite suit your style, why not paint them like Allison from Dream A Little Bigger did with hers to make them rainbow coloured!

You can get similar cube shelf units in a range of sizes from stores other than Ikea as well, with cheaper versions available.

Here are some budget options from Amazon:

2. Craft Trolley

If you don’t have a dedicated craft room, or if you like to take your hobby into different parts of the home, a craft trolley is a great option.

Creative ikea raskog cart uses

A Raskog trolley from Ikea has 3 tiers which you can use to organise your different supplies.

They are also sturdy enough to hold a sewing machine or a cutting machine such as a smaller model Cricut machine or a Silhouette Cameo on top as well.

It’s perfect for a Cricut Joy machine, with loads of room left over!

The wheels make it easily mobile around your home and when you aren’t using it, the whole unit is compact enough to fit in a tidy corner in your dining room or a bedroom, or wherever you have space.

They are great for storing sewing machines on top as a sewing station with your latest sewing projects in the lower layers. Or turn it into a scrapbooking or card making station.

Here is an alternative to the Ikea Raskog:

3-Tier Rolling Utility Cart

This Raskog alternative has a divided tray at the top for extra storage. This is very cool for storing smaller items or things such as pencils and pens, making it great for kid’s colouring and homework stations as well.

You can also get accessories for your Raskog cart such as a cover for the top tray to give you extra workspace if you want a mobile craft station and a pen insert tray for storing Copic markers or other pens and pencils.

3. Peg Board

A pegboard on the wall can be a great way to free up space off your desk or shelves, instead by utilising your wall space for craft storage.

This sewing room pegboard Chelsea from Sew Simple Home is the perfect example of how functional and useful a pegboard can be in your craft room.

Sewing room peg board

From them, you can hang small baskets and containers to store items such as stationery, paints, ribbons, tape, scissors and tools and light items you can hang from hooks. Or have pegs for storing reels of thread.

A sturdy peg board is a great option for small spaces where a shelf may be too bulky, but you still want to use the wall for extra storage space.

If you want to have a go at making your own peg board, here is a tutorial from Erin at The DIY Nuts.

4. Storage Containers

No matter what type of shelving units or cupboard space you have for storing all kinds of craft supplies, storage containers are almost always a must for keeping smaller items organised or large collections together.

Storage containers can range from small stackable tubs to huge bins. Or open tubs like these rainbow coloured buckets that Creative Green Living share below (along with the cool spool organiser on the wall):

Colourful tub storage

The type that work for you will depend on the type of hobby items you are storing, the amount of space you have and whether you prefer easy access or items hidden away from sight.

You can get a huge range of clear storage containers and tubs with lids from the dollar store and most of these will stack on top of each other.

But if you prefer to be able to grab your supplies without fussing with a lid, a stackable option is likely not a good choice for you so instead consider boxes without lids you can line up along your shelves.

Wicker baskets look great for open storage, without being able to see through them, making them a tidy option for lining shelves.

5. Old Spice Racks

If you have a large collection of craft paint and are looking for a creative paint storage idea, an old spice rack can be a great option.

Instead of spice jars, use them to fit your paint tubes. You can also use old spice jars that have been cleaned to store small embellishments such as buttons, rubber bands, brads and press studs as well.

6. DIY Washi Tape Holder

If you enjoy paper crafts, you likely have an impressive collection of washi tape so this DIY washi tape holder from Pillar Box Blue is a great way of keeping all your coloured tapes together in one place. It’s easy to make and also works great for storing twine as well!

You might also find that a paper towel holder will fit your washi tape or twine if you prefer not to create your own version or what something thrifty.

Washi Tape Dispenser

For an alternative option to storing your washi tapes that make it easy to use, these washi tape dispensers hold several rolls of tape, with an easy tear edge. They are also stackable, making this a compact storage option.

7. Recycled Jars & Tins

Recycled jar painted pink

Jars are great for storing buttons, small embellishments, bakers twine and embroidery floss. You can get cheap matching jars from the dollar store or Ikea, or just repurpose them from food items that you finish instead, after giving them a clean!

Open jars or recycled tins also work well for storing pens, pencils, paint brushes, craft tools and scissors.

Decorate old tins with paint, fabric or patterned paper and make sure there are no sharp edges remaining.

For jars, decorate by wrapping in glue soaked twine to create simple decorative jars that double as storage on your desk or shelves.

8. Cardboard Drawer Dividers

You would be amazed how much you can transform your space with items you already have on hand – such as using cardboard boxes or small packages.

Cardboard drawer dividers

Karo from Craftsy Hacks shows you how to make drawer organiser boxes using cardstock to turn a cluttered junk drawer into a tidy zone. This is a project you can likely do in under an hour, using supplies you already have at home.

It is similar to my cardboard clothing drawer divider tutorial. You can see the video tutorial below:

9. Craft Desk With Storage

If you are looking to add a craft desk to your craft room, finding one that has storage built-in can be another great way to maximise the space in your craft room.

Even a small desk with drawers or a filing cabinet tucked underneath can add a lot of extra storage space to your room and you can often pick up great options at thrift stores or garage sales that can be given a new look with a coat of paint and some DIY touches.

This office makeover below, from Toni at Girl, Just DIY has turned a standard desk into the perfect sewing room, even making space for a sewing machine under the desk.

10. Ribbon Organisation

If you have a lot of ribbons that you use for craft, it can often end up in a tangled mess and become a huge ordeal to find the one ribbon you want by the time you finish unwinding them all from the bundle.

Instead, there are a few different ribbon organisation ideas that will save you loads of time when you next need a length of ribbon.

Hanging ribbon ladder

Liberty from B4 and Afters shares how to make a dowel rod rope later for storing ribbon spools. This is an easy way to cut off the length you need without worrying about tangles.

It also makes a great option for a gift wrapping station and storing ribbons for gift wrapping.

Or if you are looking for a budget ribbon storage idea that doesn’t require you to make your own, here are a few more ribbon storage ideas to consider:

11. Roller Drawers

Drawers are useful for many types of craft storage and craft supplies, especially smaller collections of items or when you need to lay items flat, such as with paper.

You can get a huge variety of affordable plastic drawers on wheels or without that have drawers of various sizes. These can be clear drawers or coloured options. They are also popular for LEGO storage so if you might have seen similar ideas before.

Here are a few great options for craft room drawers:

12 Drawer Rolling Cart Organiser

Add a splash of colour to your craft room with these rainbow drawers on wheels. They work well if you don’t have an entire room as well, since it can be moved to different parts of the house when needed.

15-Drawer Organiser Drawers (White)

For a more subtle look, this 15-drawer roller unit comes in white making it perfect for neutral craft room decor and styling. Plus it has a mammoth 15 drawers for storing your essentials!

6-Drawer Scrapbook Cart With Organiser Top

I have a similar set of drawers to this one in my home office that I use for storing a combination of embellishments and craft supplies. This one is much cooler though with the organiser tray on top adding an extra layer of storage.

12. Cricut or Silhouette Craft Storage

If you have a Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine, you no doubt want a sturdy place to sit your machine, as well as options for storing all your tools and vinyl.

Mine sits on a bookshelf when not in use, but otherwise takes up a home on my desk when I know I will be using it again soon. A shelf unit like this would be great for Cricut tool storage and other Cricut supplies as well as many of your other hobby accessories.

Winsome Wood Halifax Storage Drawers

A unit such as this one can be a great option for storing your cutting machine and tends to be a little more sturdy than the plastic shelves above. In saying that, many people do use them for their Cricut as a more budget option than this drawer unit. The drawers aren’t big enough to lay the vinyl sheets flat but they can be rolled instead.

Here are some great options for storing vinyl rolls:

Or if you want to keep your Cricut or Cameo easy to transport and stored away when not in use, something like this carry case is a perfect option for when you only have a small space to keep your craft supplies.

Die-Cutting Machine Carry Bag

This carry bag holds your cutting machine plus there is room for a few rolls of vinyl and all your tools as well. Suitable for Cricut Explore Air (Air 2), Cricut Maker, Silhouette Cameo 3 and Cameo 4. This ensures it stays dust-free at home as well!

13. Carousel Or Lazy Susan

You can make use of shelf or desk space much better with a rotating storage system, such as a lazy susan or a carousel container. This means no moving everything to see what is behind. You simple give it a spin (not too fast!) and you can see each item on your tray.

I use this type of storage in so many places around my home. The refrigerator, the pantry, inside bathroom and kitchen cupboards. It is one of my favourite budget storage ideas!

You will also find similar at your local Kmart, dollar store or at The Container Store.

14. Large Storage Bins

What works best for some is simply having a single place to keep everything confined so it isn’t cluttering up different areas of the house.

Whether you need just one storage bin or several that stack on top of each other, this can be a simple budget craft storage option if you want something really simple.

If you’re worried about all your items getting tangled up or being too difficult to keep organised within the tubs, consider using large ziploc bags, small boxes or other small storage systems within your plastic storage containers to keep them sorted.

You really can’t get much more affordable than this option for storing your craft supplies, with the exception of repurposing furniture and storage you already have at home or picking up a mega bargain second hand!

This was an option I used to keep everything stored from a kids clothing business I once had and the fact they were stackable meant it took up one corner of my home office instead of a wardrobe or massive shelving area.

15. DIY Craft Island

Diy craft island

If you have a large craft room, having a craft island that is both built for storage and creating is a dream. But it doesn’t need to cost a fortune either.

You can make your own DIY craft island with this fantastic tutorial from Little Green Bean. This is perfect for anyone who loves to sew, but just as usual for paper crafters or other hobbies.

It is made with the use of cube storage, like the Kallax shelves mentioned above, or in this case, the Amazon cube shelving units.

16. Craft Closet

If you don’t have the space at home for an entire craft room, why not consider creating a craft closet instead.

Repurpose a closet in your home into your very own craft cupboard set up, by adding a craft desk, shelving and storage that can easily be hidden away when not in use.

This can be a great option for a spare bedroom or cupboard anywhere in your home where you can sacrifice the storage space to create a creative space instead.

Depending on the size of the closet, you may be able to find yourself a small desk that is the right size to fit. If not, a DIY option can be the perfect alternative or doing a little bit of an adjustment on an existing piece of furniture you can alter.

Add shelves above the desk for all the tools and supplies you want in easy reach and have storage drawers or containers along the side. Then simply open the doors and roll your chair up to start creating!

Home office closet

This closet office from Angie at Postcards From The Ridge will give you an idea of what you can do with a small space. She has used bracket shelves, then lined them with baskets and other storage items she likely already had at home to create a hidden home office.

More Craft Organisation Ideas

In case you still haven’t found any ideas that work for you, here are some more quick ideas to for craft storage and craft supply organisation to help you keep your favourite hobbies in a order:

Need tips to keep your craft room organised? Try the 5-minute daily declutter habit that will mean you spend just 5 minutes putting your items back into the places they belong, rather than waiting until it becomes a huge mess again!

With the right mindset, you can find creative ways to store your items without breaking the bank. We’ve shown you how to transform furniture into storage and shared some helpful DIYs for those times when it’s just not possible or practical to buy something new.

There are also loads of affordable craft storage ideas on a budget that you can add to your existing space.

These craft room ideas work for small craft rooms, guest room combo and your dream craft room! They make a great addition to your creative space and help you keep your favourite hobbies organised so you can spend more time creating the things you love!

What type of crafts do you do at home? Tell us your favourites and what kind of space you have.

Craft storage ideas on a budget


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