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Linen Cupboard Organisation Ideas On A Budget

While we would all love a Pinterest-worthy linen closet, that isn’t always practical! Instead, with a few creative linen cupboard storage solutions, you can transform your storage on a budget. These linen cupboard organisation ideas are for you!

You will also find some gorgeous home laundry inspiration below, with ideas on how you can style your home laundry to be more than just a practical cleaning space within your home.

Linen cupboard organisation ideas


My Kmart Linen Closet Makeover

After trying many different storage systems over the years and falling out of love with them eventually, I decided it was time to change up the way I organise my linen.

It wasn’t unusual to open the closet door only to end up with a pile of towels or tablecloths falling at my feet. No fun! 

So it was time for a complete linen closet makeover! The best part – the entire makeover cost only $60! 

Here is my shameful linen closet before I started:

Messy laundry closet

I transformed my linen closet using 6 wire baskets from Kmart Australia. The baskets are $10 each.

They are sturdy and a great size for storing bulky sheet sets and towels. The only downfall is that they slant so not a perfect size but the best option at the time. 

Check out these similar options online:

And here is how it looked afterwards:

Linen cupboard organisation ideas

How To Organise A Linen Closet

  • Take everything out and sort what to keep and what to get rid of
  • Sort into sections
  • Use baskets to sort and organise different types of linen
  • Fold towels in tidy piles

What I Don’t Love About My Linen Cupboard Organisation

When scrolling Pinterest there is always those total linen closet goals.

You know the ones – perfect minimalist organised spaces with all fluffy white towels and white sheets, mixed with pretty decorations. 

I would LOVE a linen closet like this. But let’s get real… who is going to see the decorative vase in my closet?

It’s unnecessary, therefore a functional laundry closet is exactly what I needed and exactly what I now have. I love that everything has its place and it will be easy to keep organised.

Linen cupboard makeover with kmart baskets

What I don’t love is the fact that we have a giant tub of kitty litter at the bottom of our laundry cupboard, because we have 2 indoor cats and that is the best out of site place to store the kitty litter.

We also have dry food and other random pet care items that need a home. That limits my storage space a little. 

The second bottom shelf also has cleaning supplies and cleaning cloths that don’t fit elsewhere.

I also wish the baskets were rectangular instead of slanted. I currently lose a little storage space between the baskets in the gaps they create between them, instead of being able to store them against each other or firmly against the wall. 

What I Love About My Linen Cupboard

I love the fact that I can see almost everything as soon as I open the door. If I need a tablecloth, I can pull out the tablecloth basket and find the one I need.

Then it is just as easy to put a washed tablecloth back into that basket after use. 

I love that everything now has a place to go and it will be easy to maintain. 

I also love the fact that I have downsized my linens enough to now store several items that did not have a proper home beforehand, such as the excess toilet paper rolls.

We previously sat the pack inside the laundry door until we had room in the toilet roll holders, as we have minimal bathroom storage in our house.

I have also made room for my Koh cleaning supplies and the cat dry-food container. 

Linen closet organised with baskets

Top Tips For Organising Linen

1. Declutter Linen

The first step before you consider a linen closet organisation system is to downsize. Decluttering should be the first step for any area of the home you want to organise.

There is a good chance you will find at least a few things you no longer need.

Start by pulling everything out of your linen closet then sort into piles – keep, donate, toss. If you have good quality linen you no longer want, you may be able to earn a few dollars by selling it instead.

Now you’ve downsized your linen and you’re ready to start organising!

Baskets for storage and linen organising

2. Linen Closet Storage Options

You can absolutely put your linen back into the closet in a neat and orderly way and hope it stays that way. Trust me, I did this about once a year for many years only to have it fall back into a state of disarray. 

Instead, get yourself some inexpensive storage solutions to transform your linen closet for good!

  • Baskets – I used Kmart wire baskets to keep my different linen separate and organised. The best thing about this option is that you can easily access the items you are looking for without pulling everything out. Just grab the basket down and get what you need. It also means no more pile of linen falling out every time the door opens!
  • Boxes – Boxes work similar to baskets, except you can hide the contents with a lid. This is great if you have the space for large boxes or have very minimal linen to organise. Otherwise, lids that don’t close properly may drive you nuts!
  • Shelf Dividers – Shelf dividers are a great option for keeping everything in organised sections. They can be a little more expensive than simple basket storage but work effectively in creating tidy piles. They are often adjustable too, so you can alter to suit your changing needs and linen collection.

3. Maintenance

Maintaining your organised space is now the key. Don’t let your great efforts slide now that you’ve got your towels and bedding looking fab!

Regular decluttering of your linen will help with this. By keeping your linen to a minimum and removing what you no longer want or need, it will help you to keep your system going.

It is usually when we have too much that it becomes unmanageable.

Rolled towels linen cupboard organisation ideas

Other Ideas For Keeping Linen Organised

If you want to get started without spending a thing, you can try these organisation ideas for tidying up your existing storage area:

Towel Storage Ideas

The rolled towel storage is a system we used for several years before our linen closet makeover. It can be a great way to minimise the space needed for storing bath towels and they are still stackable. 

How To Store Bedding

Don’t you hate pulling the entire contents of your linen press apart to find the one pillowcase that’s missing? Yep, been there, done that! Not anymore!

Keep your sheet sets and quilt cover sets together by folding them up and keeping the set inside a matching pillowcase. This way nothing gets misplaced.

Alternatively, what I now do is fold up my sets with the pillowcases in the centre and store upright in a basket. This way each set is visible and stored together for easy access. 

Hopefully, these linen cupboard organisation ideas help you get your own linen chaos into order too!

Beautiful Laundry Inspiration

If you need some inspiration to get your laundry looking functional yet fabulous, these laundry styling ideas are sure to inspire!

I love how bright both of these laundry designs are with loads of storage space. Those decorative styles are beautiful! The first is actually a laundry mud room combination.

These beautiful laundry designs have plenty of storage and decorative touches to make it a welcoming and beautiful space within the home.

Declutter your home checklist

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