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The Best Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas For A Clutter-Free Backyard

Do you have a lot of outdoor toys scattering your backyard? If so, it can be tough to find a place to store them all! Storage for outdoor toys is a must for any family with kids. Find some of the best outdoor toy storage ideas for your backyard, plus bonus tips on how to keep your backyard clutter-free.

Encouraging kids to have fun in the backyard is a great way to keep them active and limit screen time. Time spent outdoors is essential for kids’ development!

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Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas For A Clutter-Free Backyard

If you have kids, chances are you have a lot of outdoor toys scattered around your backyard. Not only does your backyard end up a mess, but making it a huge effort each time you need to mow the lawn too.

It also leaves your outdoor play equipment in the sun and rain, which can damage and reduce their lifespan over time.

Outdoor toy storage is the perfect solution for both keeping your backyard tidy and keeping your outdoor toys protected from the weather.

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What To Look For In Outdoor Toy Storage

Child holding tub of outdoor toys

When you’re looking for the best outdoor toy storage solution for your backyard, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

First, you want something that will be durable and weatherproof if it will be located outdoors.

Garden toy storage needs to be able to withstand the elements, whether it’s direct sunlight or rain unless you have suitable undercover areas.

It also needs to be spacious enough to store all of your outdoor toys. This means considering what toys need storing first and making sure you find an option that suits them.

You want something that is easy to access for kids so they can get to their toys easily.

And finally, you want something that will look good in your backyard and outdoor space to complement your garden and outdoor décor.

The Best Storage For Outdoor Toys

There are plenty of options for storing outdoor toys, games sporting equipment and accessories. Some of these are backyard storage ideas for toys while others are ideal for storing your outdoor toys indoors, such as in the garage or in a space within your home that allows easy access.

Outdoor Toy Storage Box (Patio Box)

A popular option for storing outdoor toys is in an outdoor toybox or storage box. These are often made from weather-resistant materials, such as resin, and have lids to keep toys protected from the elements when not in use.

They aren’t just for toys either, with them being popular for storing gardening accessories, sporting equipment, and swimming accessories, such as towels and swimwear near a swimming pool or patio cushions.

Many outdoor storage boxes have a lockable lid or the option to add a padlock as a way of keeping valuable items secure as well.

This is great if you are away on holiday and want to ensure everything remains protected in your backyard.

Here are some great patio boxes and outdoor storage boxes:

Outdoor Storage Bins

Plastic storage bin with outdoor toys

Another storage solution for outdoor toys is storage bins or tubs. These come in a range of materials, including clear or coloured plastic, making them great for keeping toys organised and dry.

You can either choose from stackable bins with lids or open storage containers.

Depending on the type you choose, some may not last a long time if exposed to sunshine daily, so it is worthwhile choosing something more durable and weather-resistant if not kept undercover.

These outdoor storage solutions are perfect for small toys and is best kept in the patio area, undercover or in a shed or garage.

These simple storage bins are suitable for use outdoors when stored away from direct sunlight. Find them on Amazon or Amazon AU.

Storage Shed

Garden shed with green door and ladder against house

One of the best outdoor toy storage ideas is a storage shed. A storage shed is spacious, weatherproof, and can be easily accessed by kids.

This is also a great option for storing garden tools, lawn mowers and other outdoor equipment so that it is kept out of the weather and securely locked when not in use.

Storage sheds come in a huge range of sizes, from tiny sheds that will fit next to a patio or swimming pool to larger garden sheds that house much more equipment.

They are the perfect option if you do not have any undercover storage areas in your backyard and are lacking in garage space.

You can find a range of garden sheds from closet-sized sheds to larger storage sheds. Check out Amazon, Bunnings Australia and Walmart for a variety of options!


Cubby house in a small backyard

A cubby house or wooden playhouse with a storage area is the ultimate outdoor toy storage solution for kids.

Kids love having their own play space in the backyard and it also means being able to store all of their toys in one place that they can easily access.

Not only do they have a fun zone for creative and imaginative play in the backyard, but they also have a space they can take pride in and keep tidy with their favourite kid’s toys.

Just make sure if choosing a playhouse for toy storage that you get one that is made of durable materials such as wood and that it has windows that close.

Or the ability to add covers if you want to ensure it is waterproof and protected from the weather.

Outdoor Storage Bench

If you are looking for hidden storage for kid’s outdoor toys, an outdoor bench that lifts up to reveal the storage space beneath is a perfect way to do this.

Not only is your patio staying tidy, but you are also creating extra seating outdoors.

Storage benches are usually relatively easy for kids to access too, making this a great option that keeps their toys in easy reach, yet still out of the way when not in use.

Check out these outdoor storage bench options:

Garbage Cans

While the thought of storing outdoor toys in a trash can seem a little strange, they are actually a wonderful option for weather-resistant outdoor toy storage.

You can find garbage cans made from coated steel from your local hardware store or weather-resistant resin bins.

They can be a compact storage idea for smaller items such as balls and games, and sand toys, keeping them protected from UV rays much better than a clear storage tub would.

Garage Storage

Open storage shelves with outdoor toys

If you have space in your garage, or if you simply don’t have enough storage space to keep outdoor toys in your outdoor area, the garage is often the other popular choice.

Within the garage, a dedicated shelf or rack will work to store a variety of outdoor toys such as sand pit accessories, balls, bats, skates and skateboards.

Wall hooks will work for hanging other accessories and toys, such as kites or nets.

Or set up open baskets and label them so the kids know what toys go in which basket for an organised toy storage solution within your garage.

One of these shelf systems would also be a great option! Find it on Amazon or Amazon AU.

Toy Parking Lot

Diy toy parking garage

If your kids have a lot of ride-on toys, such as scooters, bikes, and trikes then you might want to consider setting up a toy parking lot in the backyard or patio.

This is simply an area where they can park their ride-ons when they are not using them.

It can be as simple as painting some lines on a cemented area (or using waterproof duct tape for a less permanent solution) to make parking spaces.

Alternatively, use brings or pavers to create parking bays.

If you have no undercover area to ‘park’ your kid’s toys, consider building an undercover parking garage for them instead.

This tutorial will show you how you can create your own covered parking area with a curtain to keep the sun off the bikes, scooters and vehicles.

This DIY outdoor toy storage idea is a great way to encourage kids to put their toys away when they are finished with them and it also keeps the ride on toys in good condition as they are not left out in the sun or rain.

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Storage Coffee Table

A storage coffee table is another fantastic way to keep the backyard tidy and it has the double duty of being part of your patio furniture.

This type of outdoor furniture has a lid that lifts up to reveal storage space inside. It is perfect for storing smaller outdoor toys out of the weather.

Indoor Basket

If your child has some favourite toys they love to take outside, but these toys don’t necessarily belong outside full time, setting up a basket or tub near the backdoor can be a good option.

This might be where they keep a few favourite action figures or dolls they like to take outdoors with them when they play and having a basket near the door makes it easy for them to remember to bring them back inside each time.

Storage Ideas For Sports Equipment

If you are looking for ideas for storing sports equipment, where you store it will depend on the type of equipment and what space you have available.

Storage Net

If you have a lot of balls, such as footballs, basketballs or tennis balls, then a storage net hanging from the garage roof can be a great option, just as you can use them in bedrooms for stuffed toy storage.

In the same way, nets that hold larger items such as bodyboards or kayak paddles can be a great option for creating storage in a small space.

Make sure you choose a netting that is suited to the weight capacity of the toys and sporting gear you are planning to use it for and that it is secured in place firmly so that it will not come loose from the weight.

The last thing you want is a pile of balls landing on your car bonnet.

Bicycles and scooters can also be hung from the ceiling using hooks to save space.

Garage Shelving and Wall Storage

Garage storage ideas for outdoor toys

Other sports equipment, such as bats, cricket stumps, hockey sticks, and bicycles can be stored in the garage on shelves or racks.

Bicycles and scooters can also be hung from the ceiling using hooks to save space.

Specialised hooks can be used for a variety of sports equipment storage, much in the same way you can set up tool storage along a garage wall.

Create your own hanging wall storage for sporting equipment by using a large wooden board and durable hooks.

Storage Bins, Shelves & Drawers

For all of the smaller pieces of equipment and outdoor toys, open storage boxes are an ideal solution in you have the space in your garage or in a room in your home.

Storage shelving such as the Ikea Trofast can be a great system for storing smaller items. This versatile storage unit is great for storing toys and other items in multiple areas around the home, with easy opening tubs and drawers.

Or check out these Sports Equipment Storage units with wheels, with shelves to stack different equipment and easily portable with the wheels if you wanted to roll it out into the backyard. (Find it here on Amazon AU).

It can also be used to store other items in the garage for easy access too, such as shoes for school or sport, mouthguards, shin pads and helmets.

Bungee Cord Ball Storage

Diy sport ball storage in garage

This simple DIY ball storage is perfect to store soccer balls, basketballs, footballs and any other kind of sporting balls you might have in your collection.

You can create your own bungee cord ball storage with 2 very affordable items – bungee cord and wood. If you have scraps of wood at home already, even better!

The balls are placed in the top, like a basket, yet the bungee cord is stretchy so they can easily be pulled through the cords for easy access for kids of all ages.

The best thing about this storage system is that it can fit in small spaces.

If you don’t want to make your own, check out these ball storage solutions instead:

Outdoor Pool Toy Storage Ideas

Pool noodles on a shelf

If you have a swimming pool at home, there are some great outdoor storage options specifically for pool toys.

During the summer, your pool toy storage methods may change compared to the rest of the year when your items can be packed away for long term storage during the cooler months.

A hanging mesh bag that can be hung on a fence is a great option for storing small pool toys such as diving discs, goggles, and small balls.

If you have larger inflatables or floats, you can get a designated storage box, such as a deck box, that’s big enough to fit them all in when deflated.

This is a great option for nearby the pool area to give easy access to all the pool toys and outdoor accessories.

During the pool season, if you have large inflatables and nowhere to store them, consider tying them to a post or similar when not in use, in case of bad weather.

You don’t want to be chasing your kids’ inflatable unicorn ring down the street on a windy day!

Bonus Tips For A Clutter-Free Backyard

Child on bike with basket in backyard

Once you have your outdoor toy storage sorted, there are a few bonus tips you can follow to keep your backyard looking neat and tidy:

Encourage your kids to put their toys away after they’ve finished playing with them. This will get them into the habit of tidying up and make it easier for you to keep on top of the mess.

Tidying backyard toys and activities can be incorporated into your children’s regular chores, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own things and the added bonus of saving you time.

Have a rule that no new toys can be brought into the backyard until old ones have been cleaned up and put away.

This will stop the build-up of toys over time.

Consider an outdoor toy rotation, changing the variety of toys your children have access to for outdoor play.

This will require you to have a storage tub or two that you can pack away between rotations, but it will also reduce the amount of toy clutter in your backyard.

And finally, make sure you have a regular outdoor toy declutter where you eliminate anything that is damaged or no longer in use, such as toys your child has outgrown. This will help keep the backyard toys and sports equipment from getting out of hand.

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Outdoor toy storage can be a great way to keep your backyard looking neat and tidy, and it’s easy to do with the right storage solutions. Whether you choose to use shelving, garage story or some fun DIY storage for outdoor toys, there are plenty of options that will work for your needs.

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Best outdoor toy storage ideas for backyards