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No-Glue DIY Bauble Christmas Wreath Tutorial + More DIY Wreath Ideas

Learn how to make a DIY Bauble Christmas wreath for your home with a simple Christmas wreath tutorial, plus plenty of inspiration for different wreath styles and materials.

There is something special about making your own Christmas decorations and an ornament wreath is an easy festive decor item anyone can make at home.

Christmas decorating does not have to be expensive, just likes these DIY oversized Christmas ornaments. Make your own ball wreath or front door decorations with items from the craft store or around your own home.

Diy christmas ball wreath

Even if it is the only outdoor Christmas decoration you have, a wreath on your front door always sets a warm and welcoming tone for your family and guests.

You can make your own wreath or decoration with fresh or artificial items.

How To Make A Fresh Wreath

If you live in a part of the world where fir trees grow naturally, you can gather small fir branches to use in your wreath.

If this is not an option in your area, check where fresh-cut Christmas trees are sold. Don’t forget nurseries and sometimes even produce markets in your area.

You may be able to take some broken branches for free or purchase them inexpensively.

To make a fresh wreath, you will need a foam or wire ring from either a craft store or a florist shop. Or use florist wire to twist around an old coat hanger.

Break your branches down into smaller pieces and push the ends into the foam ring. Continue to do this until you can no longer see the foam.

You can also mix some holly branches in with your fir branches.

If you have difficulty getting your branches to stay in the foam, you can use florist wire and tape. This is often an easier option to ensure the branches stay in place.

Cut the wire into smaller pieces and attach it to the end of your fir or holly piece with green florist tape and then push the end of the wire into the foam.

You can also add pine cones to your wreath using this same method.

Diy natural christmas wreath

Once you have covered the foam ring, add some splashes of colour to your wreath with a variety of decorations or leave it as natural as you like. Simply add a bow made from a festive-coloured wide ribbon.

An even easier fresh front-door decoration can be made with three small fir branches or boughs.

Make each piece slightly shorter and match the three ends together and secure with craft wire.

Take two gold or silver Christmas tree balls and string a thin piece of ribbon to them, and secure the end of the ribbon to the bound wire end of your boughs.

Take a wide ribbon and wrap it around the bound end to conceal the wire.

Make a pretty bow to match your ribbon and hang on your front door. It’s so easy and inexpensive.

How To Make An Artificial Wreath

Your wreath or other front door decorations can also be made from artificial materials you purchase from a craft store.

If you make your wreath or decorations from artificial materials, you can carefully pack them away at the end of the season for use again and again for years to come.

They may even become family heirlooms to be handed down to your own children if they are made sturdy enough!

While you can easily create an artificial leaf wreath, similar to how you would create a fresh wreath, you can also use a huge range of other materials to make a homemade wreath.

Christmas bauble wreaths look fabulous and are really easy to make! Plus you can make them in any colour you want!

All you need is a foam ring and a hot glue gun or another type of ring. An old wire coathanger bent into a circle works perfectly! Plus Christmas baubles in the colours you wish. These can be in a mix of sizes.

DIY Bauble Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Diy bauble christmas wreath tutorial

To create this Christmas bauble wreath, I am using an old wooden hoop for the wreath frame.

The hoop was part of a childhood wall hanging I had so many years ago.

It recently came out of a storage tub during a major decluttering session and the hoop seemed like it would be useful for something.

This is a decluttering no-no to keep something just in case, but in this case, it has worked out well!

You can instead use a plastic hula hoop to make a large wreath.

The hoop does not have an opening so instead of sliding Christmas balls onto the hoop, so I will be tying them on instead.

This takes a little longer but this no-glue wreath tutorial means minimal mess and easy enough for kids to help too!

Alternatively, you can get an embroidery hoop from your local craft store to use in a similar way.

How to make a diy ornament wreath

How to Make An Ornament Wreath

STEP ONE – Cut the string on a Christmas ornament and tie onto your hoop. Tie in a double or triple knot to secure firmly.

STEP TWO – Repeat this process with the remaining baubles. If any do not already have string, use craft string to secure them onto the hoop instead.

No glue ball wreath diy

STEP THREE – Once your hoop wreath is full of baubles, hold it up and give it a gentle shake. This will cause the baubles to fall into place and reveal any gaps that need more Christmas ornaments added.

STEP FOUR – Add a ribbon or hook to the top of the wreath to allow you to hang it from the wall.

Optional – You can also add a bow to your wreath or any other decorations you wish to add.

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas To Try

Be creative with your Christmas decorations and include the kids. If you have children or grandchildren, let them help you in gathering the supplies you will need and making your decorations.

Children are naturally creative and will love to get involved.

Make some hot chocolate or a delicious festive punch and have lots of Christmas treats on hand. Ask for their suggestions are what to add to your wreath.

You will truly enjoy the time you spend and create wonderful memories for years to come.

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Diy bauble christmas wreath tutorial