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20 Free Printable Elf On The Shelf Props & Accessories

There is so much fun you can have with your Elf on the Shelf visits each day through December, but coming up with new mischief each day can be a challenge. That’s where these printable Elf on the Shelf props are the perfect way to add some extra fun!

These free Elf on the Shelf printables are a great way to build excitement and have a little extra fun during your Christmas countdown!

You will find free Elf on the Shelf printable props plus other printable accessories that will delight the kids as they see what new cheeky things the elf has gotten up to while they slept!

Save yourself time with my printable Elf on the Shelf tool kit

Free printable elf on the shelf props

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Free Printable Elf On The Shelf Props

Get ready for some Elf on the Shelf free printables that are sure to set the scene for the perfect Elf antics. These free printables are a fun way to add a new scenario to your elf planner by using your home printer!

Elf Quarantine Printables

These printable Elf on the Shelf accessories are the perfect way to add a little light-hearted humour with masks, isolation house and even a checklist for how many days to go before freedom.

These are the perfect printable elf props if you want to lighten your load this December and have a few days break from coming up with new ideas, or just use them for a bit of fun for a day or two.

There is even one for those of you who have spent a long time homeschooling or working from home and become quite acquainted with zoom meetings!

Printable Elf Costumes

We have created a few of our own hand drawn elf costumes over the years, but these printable Star Wars costumes for your Elf on the Shelf friend are much easier and super cute!

Elf super hero costumes

Or get your elves and their friends ready for some superhero action with this free printable Elf on the Shelf superhero kit. We used these last years and our kids loved them since we are huge superhero fans! Captain America and Spiderman were the favourites!

Printable Elf Booths & Scenes

It’s incredible just what kind of scene you can create with a printable sheet and these fun ideas. Create a complete story scene for your Elf on the Shelf with these fun kits that include booths and printable accessories. Don’t forget to get some mini marshmallows for your dunk tank scene!

From doughnuts to traditional Christmas stories, these printables really do create the scene for a special elf moment.

Ready for some Elf kisses or perhaps you’ve got your own little VSCO girl in the making who would love this cute printable kit with different t-shirts and funky printable accessories. Or set up your own snowball fight with this cute tutorial on how to make a mini catapult as well!

These cute printable kits are adorable and would work for more than one idea with several different printable accessories on each sheet.

Printable Elf Accessories

These printables are also perfect for some elf moments, with a free elf adoption certificate for introducing your elf for the first time and a set of printable cards for instant scenarios when you’re short on time.

Elf postcards

Or take a day or several days off by sending your kids an elf postcard from the beach. You could use this fun printable elf prop anytime of the year really, if you have kids who love their elf and miss them during the year!

Elf On The Shelf Scavenger Hunt

Printable elf on the shelf scavenger hunt clues

Create your own Elf on the Shelf scavenger hunt or candy cane hunt with these free printable Elf scavenger hunt clues.

5 Days Of Elf Activities Printables

Printable elf activity kit

Get this cute printable activity kit with 5 days of things you can do with your elf including wearable props and activities.

Printable Elf Props On Etsy

Printable elf on the shelf kit etsy

If you are looking for even more Printable Elf on the Shelf Props to add to your elf collection, then check out these fun Printable Elf on the Shelf accessories from Etsy:

  • Giant elf Christmas bundle – This kit has 20 different fun themes to print for your elf including mini board games, beach accessories and fantasy scenes.
  • Elf hopscotch – This cute printable elf game is a great way to inspire a game of hopscotch with your kids with some chalk on the cement or tape on the floor.
  • Elf twister game – Another fun game for your elves to play

Pre-Made Elf On The Shelf Props

Sometimes we don’t have time for DIY, so these ready to use elf props can be great to have in your elf kit for those busy nights when time is limited:

More Elf On The Shelf Prop Ideas

You may be surprised just how many perfect props you already have at home for setting the scene each day with new elf adventures. Here are some more DIY ideas you can do using items you might have at home already:

  • Cheerio cereal with icing and sprinkles for tiny elf donuts
  • Barbie clothing and accessories are perfect for elves
  • A washcloth can easily become an elf bath towel
  • Flour on the bench is an easy way to make ‘snow angels’
  • Marshmallow snow balls
  • Make your own mini Disney ears with felt and wire

Grab my free elf bundle with an Elf on the Shelf planner, Elf arrival letter and ideas list:

Free printable elf planner and elf on the shelf return letter

Printable elf on the shelf props are fun and easy to use. Printables can be used as a way to add some extra excitement during Christmas countdown or they can provide an alternate scenario for your Elf’s mischief if you’re running low on ideas. Print out these printable elves today, cut them out, and assemble them for some festive fun!

I hope you find these free elf printables and free printable Elf on the Shelf props to be a huge help with planning your festive fun!

These fun Christmas activities and Christmas party games for kids and adults are sure to add some extra fun to your holiday celebrations!

Which of these printable elf props is your favourite?

Find more Elf on the Shelf resources: