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Christmas Elf Name Generator

You’ve got a new elf joining your family – Yay! But what will you name them? This Christmas Elf name generator is a fun way to come up with creative and festive name ideas for your Elf. And if those aren’t inspiration enough, I’ve also got a huge list of extra Elf name ideas for you too!

Christmas Elf Name Generator

Choosing a name for your new elf can be a challenge! You want something festive, but also something that suits your new friend for years to come. This funny elf name generator will help!

Christmas Elf Name Generator

Christmas Elf Name Generator

Note: The generator does ask you to choose male or female to generate boy elf names and girl elf names, although most of the names are just as cute for either, so if you don’t find one you love, try the opposite gender instead!

Or check the huge list of ideas below for even more Elf on the Shelf name ideas!

75 Funny Elf On The Shelf Name Ideas

Elf on the shelf trapped in spiderman web

If you’re looking for Elf on the Shelf name ideas or if you’re looking for funny Christmas elf names for your Christmas party name tags and you want to choose your own instead of letting the random generator choose for you, here is a list of more ideas:

  1. Jingle Bells
  2. Twinkle
  3. Sparkle Toes
  4. Jolly Juniper
  5. Ginger Spice
  6. Tinsel Sparkles
  7. Spiced Nutmeg
  8. Candy Sparkle
  9. Peppermint Crisp
  10. Sprinkles
  11. Bellsnickle
  12. Nutmeg
  13. Pudding
  14. Merry McSprinklePants
  15. Twinkle McTinselpants
  16. Cinnamon
  17. Cookie
  18. Eggnog
  19. Cupcake
  20. Popcorn
  21. Frosty Flake
  22. Merry Twinkle
  23. Sparkle Bells
  24. Jingle Frost
  25. Tinsel Star
  26. Ginger Snap
  27. Holly Jolly
  28. Mistletoe Berry
  29. Jolly Jingle
  30. Peppermint Spark
  31. Tangle Tinsel
  32. Nutmeg Frost
  33. Snowflake Spark
  34. Twinkle Toes
  35. Tundra Frost
  36. Evergreen Pine
  37. Garland
  38. Chestnut
  39. Mittens
  40. Nutcracker
  41. North
  42. Jingle Bellbottoms
  43. Tinsel Tornado
  44. Tannenbaum
  45. Pinecone
  46. Icicle
  47. Ribbons
  48. Frostine Frost
  49. Bumble Berry
  50. Eggnog Cheer
  51. Blizzard
  52. Starlight
  53. Bumble
  54. S’mores
  55. Alabaster E. Snowman
  56. Carol O’Clock
  57. Wanda Wrappington
  58. Tinsel Toes-R-Us
  59. Mistletoe McMuffin
  60. Gumdrop McJingleface
  61. Tidings
  62. Evergreen
  63. Angel
  64. Tangle
  65. Merryweather
  66. Muffin
  67. Plum
  68. Sleigh McSleighface
  69. Jolly Jingleheimer-Schmidt
  70. Snowball
  71. Fudge
  72. Tundra
  73. Biscuit
  74. Rum Ball
  75. Sneaky

We have had our Elf since my youngest was just 3 and back then, she wasn’t particuarly creative at naming, but we gave her the important job. As such, our family elf is Bo and he has brought a lot of joy into our household each December!

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Conclusion: Elf On The Shelf Name Generator

I hope you have found the pefect Elf on the Shelf name from this list of funny ideas or from my Christmas Elf Name Generator. Naming your elf is a fun family Christmas tradition and the options are endless.

Christmas elf name generator
Elf on the shelf name ideas

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