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75 Halloween Name Ideas & Free Halloween Name Generator

Looking for some spooky Halloween name ideas? This free Halloween name generator will come up with plenty of creepy inspiration!

And that’s not all. In case the generator doesn’t find your perfect Halloween character names, I’ve also included a huge list of extra name ideas to choose from. You’re sure to find something to love from this mammoth list!

Make sure you also check out my Halloween party names list too for planning your event!

Halloween Name Generator

Use this Halloween name generator to come up with funny Halloween character names for your Halloween party name tags or just for fun! This is a quick way to find your Halloween name:

Halloween Name Generator

Halloween Name Generator

Note: This generator includes options for female Halloween names, male Halloween names and gender-neutral Halloween name ideas, but really, it’s Halloween so try the other options in case you find your new favourite!

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75 Spooky Halloween Name Ideas

4 friends in fancy dress costumes at a halloween party including a witch, clown, bride and vampire

This huge list of spooky, creepy and funny Halloween name ideas is for you if you didn’t find your perfect combination in the generator or need a name in a hurry and want to choose your own:

  1. Boo McLaughter
  2. Candy Cornholio
  3. Count Chuckleula
  4. Ghoulio Iglesias
  5. Wanda the Wacky Witch
  6. Igor Gigglesworth
  7. Pumpkin Punslinger
  8. Frankenfunny
  9. HaHa Howler
  10. Mummy Jokes-a-Lot
  11. Chuckles the Werewolf
  12. Spooky McSnicker
  13. Silly Specter
  14. Laffy Jack
  15. Hilaria HocusPocus
  16. Giggles Grimm
  17. Wacky Warlock Wilbur
  18. Drac the Prankster
  19. Cackleberry
  20. Zany Zombie Zoe
  21. Wobble Goblin
  22. Punny Poltergeist
  23. Hoots the Friendly Ghost
  24. Trickster Treatington
  25. Howie Hilarity
  26. Morticia Bloodstone
  27. Silas Darkwood
  28. Elvira Nightshade
  29. Lucius Grimborne
  30. Isadora Shadowvale
  31. Thaddeus Ravenscroft
  32. Seraphina Moonspell
  33. Ignatius Blackthorn
  34. Ophelia Graves
  35. Desmond Crowsmere
  36. Bellatrix Vortex
  37. Victor Cryptborne
  38. Morgana Hexfire
  39. Ezekiel Dreadmoor
  40. Lavinia Ashcroft
  41. Malachi Wraithborne
  42. Octavia Grimwilde
  43. Ambrose Rotwood
  44. Valentina Doomshade
  45. Nathaniel Skullgrave
  46. Rowena Bloodmoon
  47. Benedict Nightfall
  48. Selene Corpsewind
  49. Draven Shadowheart
  50. Morrigan Darkspell
  51. Leopold Sable
  52. Evangeline Holloway
  53. Thalia Netherbourne
  54. Caius Gravetide
  55. Isolde Moonthorn
  56. Malice Thornheart
  57. Grimwald Nightshade
  58. Isabella Bloodborne
  59. Mordekai Dreadwood
  60. Letha Vipersong
  61. Lucius Malevolent
  62. Seraphina Cursedmoon
  63. Damien Blackthorn
  64. Ravenna Deathwhisper
  65. Victor Thornegrave
  66. Lysandra Rotclaw
  67. Draegan Corpsebinder
  68. Belladonna Voidshadow
  69. Mortimer Grimwight
  70. Selene Baneborne
  71. Jareth Bonecrusher
  72. Narcissa Darkmourne
  73. Azrael Hellsong
  74. Theron Ironfang
  75. Valeria Nightplague

What Can You Use These Halloween Names For?

There are plenty of fun ways to use your new Halloween character names! Here are some ideas:

  • Halloween Party Names: Give each guest to your Halloween party a character name that they must use for the night for some fun laughs. You can create nametags and give them out at random or choose a name specifically for each friend.
  • Mystery Character Icebreaker: Keep the character names secret until the party starts. As guests arrive, assign them character names without revealing the full list. This can lead to conversations like, “I’m Lucius Grimborne, and you?” for a playful icebreaker.
  • Treasure Hunt with a Twist: Create a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt where guests follow clues related to their character names to find hidden treats or prizes.
  • Character Charades: Incorporate the character names into a game of charades. Players act out their assigned characters while others try to guess who they are. This works best with simple Halloween word name combinations.
  • Halloween Bingo: Create bingo cards with the character names randomly placed in the squares. As guests socialize, they can mark off the names they come across on their cards.
  • In The Classroom: If you’re planning a Halloween-themed day in the classroom, each child can have their own spooky name card for their desk or a name tag to wear for the day. This will give them plenty of giggles as they address their classmates and teachers by their character names.
  • Just For Fun: Just use the Halloween name generator for a little fun activity during the spooky season!

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Conclusion: Halloween Name Ideas

I hope these Halloween name ideas and the Halloween name generator have helped you come up with some funny and spooky Halloween character names. For more Halloween planning ideas, be sure to check out my other Halloween articles below:

75 spooky halloween names and free halloween name generator