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100 Best Halloween Party Names & Tips For Planning A Halloween Party

Are you ready to throw a spooktacular Halloween bash that’ll leave your guests spellbound? Well first, your Halloween event needs a name! This is the ultimate list of Halloween party names for your spooktacular event!

I have put together Halloween party name ideas for all sorts of events, so you’ll find something for a party at home, a work event or anything in between.

There is also a list of cute kids’ Halloween event names too, so you can have something a little cuter for the kids’ Halloween party!

Four people dressed up in halloween costumes including a clown, bride, witch and vampire with an orange background

75 Halloween Party Names For Your Halloween Event

These Halloween party names are sure to give your event the ultimate Halloween spooky vibe, and they’re far more creative than just asking your friends to come to your ‘Halloween Bash’.

Here are 75 of the best Halloween party names:

  1. Haunted HallowFest
  2. Midnight Macabre Masquerade
  3. Fright Night Fiesta
  4. Enchanted Eerie Euphoria
  5. Wicked Wonderland Soirée
  6. Ghostly Gala Gathering
  7. Moonlit Mystique Mixer
  8. Terror Town Carnival
  9. Ghouls & Goblins Gala
  10. Sinister Circus Celebration
  11. Cursed Carnival
  12. Nightmares Unleashed
  13. Sinister Shadows Soiree
  14. Creepy Carnival
  15. Haunted Happening
  16. Eerie Extravaganza
  17. Fright Fest
  18. Ghostly Gathering
  19. Wicked Weekend
  20. Trick or Treat Trail
  21. Midnight Masquerade
  22. Pumpkin Palooza
  23. Ghoulish Get-Together
  24. Costume Carnival
  25. Hauntingly Good Time
  26. Moonlit Mingle
  27. Crypt Crawl
  28. Spine-Chilling Soiree
  29. Harvest Howl
  30. Twilight Terror
  31. Phantom Fiesta
  32. Witches’ Whirl
  33. Mummy Mayhem
  34. Zombie Zone
  35. Cursed Celebration
  36. Vampires’ Vignette
  37. Petrifying Party
  38. Bats & Brews
  39. Cauldron Conviviality
  40. Wickedly Whimsical Soiree
  41. Phantom Phantasms Party
  42. Harvest of Horrors Happening
  43. Cryptkeeper’s Cabaret
  44. Witching Hour Hoedown
  45. Vampires’ Velvet Vortex
  46. Shadows & Shivers Shindig
  47. Spooks & Spirits Soiree
  48. Moonshadow Manor Mingle
  49. Pumpkin Prowl Palooza
  50. Eternity’s Echoes Event
  51. Cursed Crypt Carnival
  52. Phantasmagoria Frightfest
  53. Haunting Horrors Gala
  54. Tormented Twilight Tremor
  55. Abyssal Awakening Affair
  56. Soul’s Descent Delirium
  57. Malevolent Masquerade
  58. Blood Moon Banquet
  59. Dementia’s Dominion
  60. Tortured Souls Symposium
  61. Haunted Elegance Enigma
  62. Dreaded Desolation Dance
  63. Labyrinth of Lamentations
  64. Ominous Oblivion Party
  65. Pandemonium Paranoia Party
  66. Insanity’s Embrace Event
  67. Morbid Midnight Mingle
  68. Terrorfest
  69. Chamber of Horrors
  70. Covenant Of Shadows
  71. Cursed Asylum
  72. Pandamonium Manor
  73. The Carnival Of Nightmares
  74. House Of Horrors
  75. Chamber of Torment

Names Ideas For Children’s Halloween Parties

A group of kids at a halloween food table dressed in halloween costumes

If you’re planning a Halloween party for kids, something cute and spooky is the way to go! Here are some Halloween party name ideas that are perfect for a kids’ Halloween bash!

  1. Boo-tiful Bash
  2. Spooktacular Soiree
  3. Ghoulish Gathering
  4. Monster Mash Party
  5. Creepy Carnival Celebration
  6. Pumpkin Palooza
  7. Witchy Wonderland
  8. Costume Carnival
  9. Halloween Hullabaloo
  10. Trick-or-Treat Fiesta
  11. Spooky Playdate
  12. Fangtastic Fun
  13. Candy Corn Carnival
  14. Bewitching Bash
  15. Goblin Gathering
  16. Pumpkin Party Playtime
  17. Enchanted Halloween Happening
  18. Haunted House Hangout
  19. Monster Mania Mixer
  20. Hocus Pocus Hangout
  21. Boo Bash
  22. Monster Mash
  23. Spooky Spectacular
  24. Boo-tiful Buddies Bash
  25. Pumpkin Patch Playdate

Tips For Planning The Perfect Halloween Party

Once you’ve settled on a name for your spooktacular Halloween event, it’s time to start planning the perfect party!

Here are some Halloween party planning tips to help you plan a memorable event with your family and friends:

  1. Have a clear budget in mind for your party and stick to it. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of decorations, food, drinks, activities and even costumes if needed!
  2. Send out your invitations early: Send them at least 3 weeks before your event so people can plan ahead and get into the Halloween spirit! Anything that involves a costume always requires a little extra planning time for your guests.
  3. Choose a theme for your party and stick to it. Whether you’re going for spooky, cute or something else – make sure it matches the name of your event! Your party theme will help you decide what decorations, food, and activities to choose.
  4. Plan your Halloween menu. Whether you’re serving up some spooky appetisers or going all out with an entire meal, make sure your menu includes plenty of delicious food and drinks, with enough variety to suit different tastes and enough food to cater to the numbers.
  5. Make it interactive. Halloween party games are a must for any spooky event! Get creative and think beyond bobbing for apples or telling ghost stories – here are loads of fun ideas for Halloween games that will make the night go off with a bang!
  6. DIY your decorations. Get creative and make your own Halloween decorations for a truly original Halloween event. From creepy cobwebs to awesome pumpkin carvings, there are plenty of ways to create your own spooky atmosphere without breaking the bank.
  7. Take lots of pictures! Make sure you take lots of photos throughout the night so that everyone can look back on all the fun you had and remember the amazing memories that were made. You might even like to set up your own DIY photo booth.

This is your quick guide to throwing an awesome Halloween party this year! Use these creative ideas and planning tips to make sure your spooky event goes without a hitch.

Conclusion: Halloween Party Name Ideas

The perfect Halloween bash requires a little bit of planning and organisation, but it doesn’t have to break the bank! With some advance planning, a creative name for Halloween event and plenty of fun activities – you’re sure to create an unforgettable night that will leave everyone talking! Happy Halloween! 🎃🦇😈

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100 spooky halloween party names