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50 Easy Halloween Party Finger Foods, Treats & Appetiser Ideas

The best Halloween party finger foods, treats and snack ideas for your celebration with friends and family. These are tried-and-true recipes that kids and adults will both love. You’re going to want to add these to your Halloween party menu! Create horrifyingly fabulous easy Halloween party food with ideas to suit every guest and event.

Halloween parties are a fun way to celebrate the spooky holiday with kids, and no Halloween party is complete without the creepy Halloween party food!

Your party guests of all ages will love these delicious food ideas.

For a complete menu, your party guests will also love these yummy mocktails and Halloween punch recipes.

Halloween party finger foods and appetisers table

The Best Halloween Finger Foods & Appetisers

We have put together some of the coolest Halloween finger foods for your celebration or to take along with you to Halloween events.

These easy Halloween food ideas are perfect for creating a finger foods Buffet Halloween party food table!

To make it easy to plan your Halloween food menu, the food has been grouped into 2 sections – savoury and sweet, so you can plan both snack foods and desserts for your party.

You might also like to try some of these leftover Halloween candy recipes for the main event or offer up some non-food treats for trick or treaters and party prizes!

Before you prepare your Halloween party snacks, make sure you get into the full Halloween spirit with these DIY costumes for adults, DIY family costumes and DIY Halloween costumes for kids. And don’t forget the Halloween party games and decorations!

And your event needs a name – here are the best Halloween party name ideas and a Halloween character name generator.

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Savoury Halloween Finger Foods

This is a savoury section of finger foods, perfect for when you’re looking for something to fill up the children’s tummies as they enjoy their costumes.

These are some spooky snacks that will be sure to please with Halloween party food for adults and fun ideas for kids!

Hot Dog Mummies – Kids will love these fun puff pastry-wrapped Mummy Hot Dogs using only three simple ingredients. A very easy peasy way to add a spooky look to your hot dogs.

Spider Dip – The spooky yet adorable “red pepper spider” can top any delicious dips you like (although we love it with scary-good green dips). It’s fun and easy to make, and can even be created ahead of time, so your spider is all ready to go, just waiting to make a spooktacular appearance on your Halloween appetiser buffet!

Halloween Deviled Tea Eggs – A spooky Deviled Egg makes for perfect Halloween party finger foods for your celebration. If you want a healthier alternative, try my Greek Yogurt deviled eggs recipe and give it this Halloween twist.

Mini Mummy Dogs – These mini mummy hot dogs are a great kid size alternative to full size hot dogs.

Cheesy Witches Broomsticks – A healthy Halloween savoury snack recipe that is fun for kids to eat and make with only three simple ingredients! These are perfect for kids Halloween parties. These are also great vegetarian options.

Guacamole Bites – These Halloween guacamole cherry tomato bit4es are a fun and “spooky” Halloween snack. Fun for kids to make and eat and they are great if you’re looking for healthy recipes too!

Halloween Skull Pizzas – While these Halloween pizzas are a little larger than your average finger food or Halloween appetiser, they were too cool not to include! What a great idea for a Halloween dinner with the family too. With red peppers, black olives and a load of other creative food decorations to create them.

Vegan Skull Pot Pies – Halloween party appetisers will be the spookiest ever with these little skull vegan pot pies. If you can’t find the moulds you can make it as a double crust pie with a skull cookie cutter to carve in the features.

Pumpkin Quesadillas – These baked quesadillas in pumpkin shapes are adorable and so easy to make! You can make them with simple cheddar cheese or add in some chicken to make it more filling. You can create similar with different spooky shapes for a fun savoury Halloween appetiser.

Pumpkin Cheese Ball – This cute pumpkin cheese ball is a fun addition to your grazing table, served with crackers or tortilla chips for easy dipping.

Spider Sliders – These rolls are a great option for something a little more hearty on your finger food table, or make mini versions with pretzels for legs and the sandwich fillings of your choice.

Halloween Platters & Grazing Boards

If you love to entertain with a grazing board or charcuterie board, these sweet and savoury Halloween party platters are the perfect option for your food table. They also work well for Halloween tea party food ideas.

There are yummy Halloween party finger foods to suit adults and kids, plus a few fun ideas that double as entertainment for your party too:

Decorate Your Own Halloween Cupcake Board – Why not add some extra fun to your treat table and have everybody make their own Halloween cupcakes? It’s a fun, visual feast that gets kids and adults creativity flowing. This is a great activity for kids Halloween parties, but even the adults will want to get in on the fun!

Healthy Halloween Snacks – These easy and fun Healthy Halloween fruit snacks are a great treat without the guilt! Franken-kiwis, Boo-nanas, Mandarin Pumpkins, Killer Strawberries, and Pretzel Brooms make a fun Halloween platter that will be a hit for your party! This is a perfect way to dress up fresh fruit for healthy eating fun.

Halloween Snack Board – Put together the perfect Halloween party grazing board with a combination of sweet snacks and healthy snack ideas.

Sweet & Savoury Halloween Platter – This Halloween snack board is perfect for all ages, full of a variety of sweet and savoury treats and a delicious peanut butter dip that will disappear like a ghost into thin air.

Halloween Party Treats & Dessert Ideas

These fun Halloween finger foods and treat ideas are sure to go the quickest when kids are around. Who doesn’t love Halloween desserts! Check out these fun party food ideas for your Halloween celebration:

Spiderweb Baked Donuts – Start your Halloween festivities with this spooky yet fun recipe! These baked doughnuts are so easy to make, that you’ll be able to whip up a batch in no time.

Witches’ Digits (Witches’ Fingers) – So scary, but also very delicious! Add these witches’ fingers cookies to your Halloween party menu and watch the fun ensue! These are a Halloween night food essential!

Monster Marshmallows – These Monster Marshmallows are a fun and easy Halloween treat! Only three ingredients are required and this recipe is easy to make with kids.

Halloween Gingerbread Men – Who can resist these adorable gingerbread men on the spookiest night of the year! With a quick and easy spiced dough, they are a fun twist on a traditional cookie recipe.

Halloween Party Popcorn – This Halloween Party Popcorn mix is a delicious combination of sweet and salty with popcorn, white chocolate, Oreo cookies, candy corn, and sprinkles… It’s easy to make, using any candy you like and always a big crowd-pleaser at parties!

4-Ingredient Bat Treats – Try these Easy 4-Ingredient Bat Treats at your Halloween party! A spooky good no-bake Halloween dessert kids of all ages love with Oreo wings and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Spiderweb Crackers – These chocolate-covered crackers with white almond bark spiderwebs are a quick and an easy treat idea.

Ghost Macaroons – Halloween ghost macarons are always a hit with the littles and are the perfect bite-sized treat!

Mummy Treats – These Halloween Mummies are super easy to make with Ding Dongs and work great on a Halloween sweets table!

Ghost Meringues – Enjoy this easy make-ahead dessert for Halloween. Ghost meringues are spooky and so much fun! There are only 3 ingredients needed.

Candy Cookie Bars – Two layers of gooey chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed with the candy of your choice! These are great for a Halloween sweet platter or grazing table.

Mummy Brownies – If you’re looking for a spooky treat, or just want to add some fun flair to your Halloween festivities, this recipe is the perfect solution. These ordinary from-scratch brownies are transformed into something spectacular with white chocolate and candy eyeballs!

Mummy Rice Krispies Treats – These spooky mummy Rice Krispies Treats are so easy to make it is ridiculous. Just 3 ingredients are required for this spooky Halloween party treat!

Candy-Stuffed Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins – Make these fun candy-stuffed pumpkin treats and use your favourite candy in the middle for an extra sweet surprise.

Halloween Crispy Cakes – These crispy little monsters with huge white chocolate creepy eyeballs that follow you around the room are a fun and colourful treat for your food table.

Halloween Rice Krispie Treats – Try this easy no-bake treat for your next Halloween party. Chocolate rice krispies treats are adorned with a white chocolate spider web.

Purple People Eater Popcorn Balls – Who remembers the Purple People Eater? These Purple People Eater Popcorn Balls are complete with their candy eyes and horns — or use any colour and turn them into monsters!

Caramel Apples – Caramel apples are popular during the Halloween season and are an easy grab and go sweet treat on a stick that kids love.

Halloween Pretzel Bites – The perfect combo of salty and sweet! These Halloween Pretzel Bites are a party favourite and really easy to make for Halloween party finger food treats.

Melting Witch Chocolate Bark – This Halloween chocolate bark is a sweet savoury combination of dark chocolate swirled into milk chocolate, green candy melts, chocolate covered bugles, cookie witch hats, candy eyeballs and chocolate almond pretzel witch brooms. This is a really easy to make and delicious chocolate bark that makes a fun and tasty Halloween treat!

Halloween Chocolate Bark – Pairing dark and white chocolate, this recipe is perfect for all your spooky needs! This green layered bark can be made with the help of simple ingredients. Pop on some candy eyes to finish it off in style.

Fall Halloween Bark – An oh so pretty and easy to make dessert with sweet and salty flavours in cool Autumn colours; ready in a little over an hour. 

Chocolate Swamp Monsters – These chocolate swamp monsters are made with fried noodles and chocolate and are really quick and easy to make.

No-Bake Spider Cookies – With their big googly eyes and creepy little legs, these no-bake Halloween cookies with be the hit of your ghoulish celebration.

No-Bake Mummy Oreos – These super fun mummy cookies are super easy to make, require no baking and the kids will love these Halloween tasty treats! Made with candy melts and fun candy eyes, you can make these with the whole family.

Ghost Cupcakes – Spooky Halloween ghost cupcakes are a fun treat to decorate with the kids. Topped with a cream cheese frosting with no eggs or oil needed.

Jack-O-Lantern Bucket Cupcakes – These Halloween Jack o’lantern Bucket Cupcakes are chocolate pinata cupcakes (filled with candies) with more candies on top! They are great for kids and adults alike and perfect for your next Halloween party or potluck! 

Chocolate Butterscotch Chip Cookies – These cute Halloween monster cookies are the perfect treat for your next party. Chocolate butterscotch chip cookies are decorated with sprinkles and candy eyeballs to make a fun treat kids and adults alike will enjoy.

Mummy Cupcakes – These Mummy Cupcakes are vegan and will be a hit at your spooky Halloween bash. They are fun to make, kid-friendly and adorable for your Halloween food table! The mummy wrapping is piped on with vegan buttercream and the eyes are dotted with chocolate chips. It’s so easy!

Halloween Puppy Chow – This seasonal puppy chow recipe is a sweet and salty party snack mix with cereal, chocolate and peanut butter and plenty of crunch.

Dessert Dirt Cups – This quick and easy Dessert Dirt is easy to make ahead for your spooky party – or any time you need to fulfil your chocolate cravings. It requires just four ingredients and a dash of coffee to bring out all that chocolate flavour.

Healthy Halloween Treats

These (mostly) healthy Halloween recipes and treat ideas are a great way to balance all the sweets and candy that tend to come with Halloween celebrations and trick or treating.

Banana Mummies – These frozen Banana Mummies made with fresh bananas, white chocolate and candy eyes as a slightly less naughty treat idea.

Chocolate-Covered Apple Slices – These chocolate covered apple slices are a great balance of sweet and fruity!

Popcorn Snack Bags – What could be any more fun than these Halloween hands made with popcorn and plastic gloves with wholesome ingredients for kids and adults alike!

Cheese Monsters – How cute are these mini Babybel cheese monsters? A healthy dairy snack that kids will love.

Conclusion: Halloween Finger Food Ideas

Keep your spooky Halloween party finger foods and treats simple with these easy and fun recipes.

These are also perfect for any Halloween celebration and it’s never too early to start planning. Sweet treats, savoury snacks and plenty of finger food to keep your guests happy!

You are sure to have no trouble putting together a spooky food table for your Halloween celebration with all these fun ideas for sweet tooth and savoury fans.

Halloween parties and the Halloween season through to the end of the year holiday season is such a fun time of year for everyone!

Plan a fun Halloween party with these Halloween party gamesspooky Halloween treats and Halloween mocktails that will delight the kids! And be sure to save these leftover Halloween candy recipes for using up that extra candy stash!

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What are your favourite Halloween party food ideas for this time of year? Share your ultimate spooky finger foods!

Halloween party finger foods