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50 Best Non-Candy Halloween Treats for Kids

Are you looking for some fun and spooky Halloween treats that don’t involve candy? Check out our list of the 50 best non-candy Halloween treats for kids! These Halloween candy alternatives are perfect for classroom parties, trick or treating, and even home celebrations, minus the sugar overload!

Non candy halloween treats

Halloween Candy Alternatives For Kids

When it comes to planning for Halloween, the first thing that comes to mind is candy, lollies and other sugary treats. But not everyone wants their kids to eat mountains of sugar, so what are some alternatives?

Non-candy Halloween treats for kids!

There are plenty of non-food Halloween treats that are just as fun, if not more so, than regular candy.

And there are so many great benefits for why it can be great to choose non-food Halloween treats.

According to The Teal Pumpkin Project, one in 13 children are living with food allergies and many more impacted by intolerances, therefore non-food treats for trick or treating means a more inclusive Halloween for everyone!

Here are some of my favourite reasons to skip the sugary treats:

  • You can avoid any food allergy issues so no kids miss out
  • They are a healthy alternative for kids (and adults!)
  • They last longer than food
  • They are often more fun and creative
  • Sometimes they are cheaper than candy!

I know with my own kids, as much as I love their pure joy at the whole Halloween experience, the thought of so much sugar for young kids is never ideal!

Whether you are preparing for treat bag ideas for Halloween, greeting Trick or Treaters at the door or planning a fun party or school event for kids where less sugar is a win, there are plenty of non food ideas for Halloween that kids will love!

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Tips For Choosing Non-Food Ideas For Halloween

Halloween candy alternatives for trick and treating

When it comes to planning your Halloween non candy treats, the type of occasion you are planning might have some influence over the type of items you choose.

For example, a Halloween party for toddlers means not only avoiding a sugar-high but also choosing Halloween gift ideas that are toddler safe too!

For school parties, there might be certain small toys that aren’t allowed at school so it’s worth getting approval if you’re planning to bring anything you are uncertain about.

Although no doubt the teachers will be grateful for less sweet treats!

Preparing for Halloween night trick-or-treat visitors, choosing little things that suit both boys and girls is ideal, although most kids just love the fun of the Halloween experience, regardless of their end-of-night haul!

If you are hosting a Halloween party and still want a mix of treats and gift ideas, aim for a few healthier candy options mixed in with fruit, crackers, cheese, dips and veggie sticks.

Now, onto the fun stuff! The list of Halloween candy alternatives kids will love!

Non Candy Halloween Treats Kids Will Love

There are so many fun non food Halloween treats that the kids will love just as much as candy!

Below we’ve put together a list of our favourite Halloween candy alternatives for kids, perfect for classroom parties or even to hand out when trick or treaters come knocking on your door.

You can great some great Halloween party favours and fun treats at the local dollar store, party supply store or online and either choose one type of toy or trinket to give out to everyone or choose a few favourites the kids can select from instead.

These fun and spooky treats are perfect for those who want to enjoy the holiday without all the sugar rush. So if you’re looking for some Halloween candy alternatives, look no further!

Here are 50 of the best non-candy Halloween treats for kids:

  1. Bouncy balls – Little balls never really stop being fun and you can get ones that are both non-toxic and odourless too
  2. Pencils
  3. Glow sticks or bracelets – These are great for Halloween night so kids can easily be seen by drivers. You can prepare a few at a time so they are ready to wear as the kids come knocking on the door!
  4. Pens
  5. Halloween stickers
  6. Mini notepads
  7. Other stationery items – You can often get bundles of mixed stationery from the dollar store that are great to use for treat bags or party favours.
  8. Spider rings
  9. Temporary tattoos
  10. Playdough – If you’re feeling creative, make up some big batches of homemade playdough, print some cute labels and add a little to a zip lock bag for fantastic DIY non-candy Halloween treats. You can find loads of playdough recipes here.
  11. Mini flashlights
  12. Fidget spinners – Kids love fidget spinners and fidget toys and you can find bulk packs for cheap. They are so much fun for kids of all ages too!
  13. Vampire teeth
  14. Mini slinkies
  15. Wikki Stix
  16. Foam crafts
  17. Bubbles – Mini bubbles or bubble wands bring lots of fun to kids of all ages and they are an affordable alternative to candy bars and lollies.
  18. Slime – Make your own homemade slime and get some little tubs to create DIY Halloween gifts for the kids. Nothing spookier than squishy, gross slime! For parents, at least!
  19. Crayons
  20. Stencils
  21. Miniature plastic animals or creepy crawlies like spiders – A little trick to play on the kids. Have them reach into a covered bowl or tub to choose a surprise from the mystery creepy crawlies! Maybe give younger kids a little warning first though.
  22. Button pins and badges
  23. Halloween bookmarks
  24. Keychains
  25. Mini shakers
  26. Hair accessories
  27. Friendship bracelets
  28. Loom bands
  29. Beads
  30. Pencil toppers
  31. Self-inking stamps – Halloween stamps are a great gift idea with a variety of different designs that are fun to decorate with.
  32. Mini water squirters
  33. Silly putty
  34. Halloween colouring books – Or find some fun free printables and colouring pages online that you can print and hand out to the kids instead. Add some crayons or coloured pencils for the perfect alternative to goodie bags!
  35. Marbles
  36. Balloons
  37. Lip balm
  38. Nail polish
  39. Washi tape
  40. Novelty paper clips
  41. Lanyards
  42. Magnets
  43. Toy cars
  44. Bath bombs
  45. Fun erasers – Find some Halloween erasers or some other cute novelty erasers that are both practical and cheap non-food items.
  46. Sidewalk chalk 
  47. Colourful shoelaces
  48. Spinning tops
  49. Hacky sacks – A classic toy that’s perfect for goodie bags or to play with at Halloween parties.
  50. Yo-yos

You can find even more fun ideas for kids with these non-candy Easter egg fillers and non lolly party bag ideas for kids. And of course, these easy birthday treats for school are worth checking out too!

Halloween parties and the Halloween season through to the end of the year holiday season is such a fun time of year for everyone! Plan a fun Halloween party with these Halloween party games, spooky Halloween treats and Halloween mocktails that will delight the kids! And be sure to save these leftover Halloween candy recipes for using up that extra candy stash!

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Non-candy Halloween treats are a great way to avoid any food allergy issues, as well as keep the sugar high to a minimum! Not all the Halloween fun has to be of the edible kind and these alternative gift ideas for trick or treating or parties are sure to get the kids excited!

Hopefully, these non-candy Halloween treat alternatives help calm the sugar rush!

Do you have any favourite non-candy treat ideas for kids? Leave a comment below and let us know! Happy Halloween!

Non candy halloween treats


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Thank you so much for sharing these ideas! I get so worried about all the candy that gets passed around this month haha! I will for sure be using some of these this Halloween. I just know there are going to be lots of visits to the dentist in my future haha!

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