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40 Easy DIY Family Halloween Costumes & Group Costume Ideas

If you’re looking for easy DIY family Halloween costumes or ana epic group costume idea for a fancy dress party, look no further. We’ve gathered some of the best homemade ideas to help you create a costume that everyone will love.

From easy-to-sew outfits to no-sew ideas, part store-brought combined with part DIY, there’s something for everyone on this list.

And if you’re short on time, we’ve even included a few last-minute costume ideas that can be put together in a flash.

So whether you’re looking for simple DIY costume ideas or an over-the-top get-up, you’re going to love these family costume ideas and group costumes.

Planning Your Easy DIY Family Halloween Costumes

A family or group costume doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to put together. In fact, some of the best costumes are the ones that are easy to make and don’t cost a lot of money.

One easy way to come up with a family costume idea is to choose a theme.

This is super easy if you all have a favourite theme, but if not, thankfully we’ve put together plenty of ideas that are sure to make even the pickiest family member or friend group happy!

And if all else fails, check out our DIY Halloween costumes for kids, DIY Couple Costume Ideas and DIY costumes for adults too!

In case you need costume supplies check out:

DIY Halloween Costumes For Families

Family Halloween costumes are loads of fun and can easily be converted to suit a group of friends instead.

Most of these great Halloween costumes and fancy dress ideas can be adapted to suit families of all sizes. These DIY family costumes are sure to win some votes at your next fancy dress celebration or Halloween party!

DIY Toy Story Family Costume

Diy toy story family costume

We had so much fun doing this Toy Story family costume. Mine and the girls’ costumes were completely DIY. I’m not sure hubby trusted me to DIY his Woody costume, so we got this one instead. Our youngest was Bo Peep from Toy Story 4, our eldest as Barbie and me as Jessie the cowgirl! We were missing Buzz Lightyear though!

The Greatest Showman Family Costume

Greatest showman family costume

This Greatest Showman inspired family costume is easily one of the best family Halloween costumes for a group. It would work just as well for a group Halloween costume for a friend group as it does with a family. They’ve done a brilliant job with their creative costumes!

Beetlejuice Family Costume

Beetlejuice family costume diy

If you are a fan of the classic 80s Beetlejuice movie, you will love these creative Beetlejuice family costumes! So creative and a fun twist for an 80s party too!

Stranger Things Family Costume

Diy family stranger things costumes

Fans of the Stranger Things series on Netflix will love the chance to dress as their favourite characters with these fun and creative DIY Stranger Things costumes. The Dustin costume is my favourite!

DIY Circus Costumes For Family

Circus family costume

There are loads of character options when doing a family circus costume. This is a great last-minute Halloween costume idea.

DIY Wayne’s World Costumes

Wayne's world family costume

Wayne’s World is another classic from my youth and I love this DIY family Halloween costume with a toddler! You could just as easily recreate this with your adult friends instead though! Bonus points if you already own a guitar! If you’re looking for family of 3 Halloween costumes, this is a gem!

DIY Loki Variant Costumes

Diy loki variant costumes

If you are a big Marvel fan, these DIY Loki costumes are downright epic! Featuring variants from the Loki television series – Sylvie, Loki TVA, President Loki costume and a Classic Loki. This Marvel group costume is Cosplay worthy!

Pixar Up! Family Costume

Pixar up costume

This Pixar Up costume is completely and utterly adorable! The simple costume with Russel, Carl and Ellie is a great option for a thrift store homemade costume combined with a few wardrobe staples you already have. Or put your sewing skills to practice and create your own scout sash for badges.

Where’s Waldo Family Costume

Where's wally family costume

If you love the classic Where’s Wally puzzle books, this is the perfect costume for your family! All you really need is a white and red shirt with stripes each and a beanie to match, then add a pair of your own jeans and glasses for a simple and affordable costume idea for the whole family or for a group of Waldos!

Baby Shark Family Costume

Baby shark family costume

This baby shark family costume couldn’t be easier! Get yourselves a grey hooded jumper and track pants each, add on a few simple embellishments and you’ve got yourself a shark family costume! The funniest part will be the fact that everywhere you go, that song will get stuck in everyone’s head! You know it’s true…

In-N-Out Family Burger Joint Costume

In-n-out fast food family costume

In-N-Out is a popular burger chain in the USA but this burger joint inspired family costume can easily be adapted to any takeaway place you love. My favourite part of this costume is definitely the adorable chip packet! So fun! A simple white shirt and white pants with a DIY (or store-bought) red apron makes the boy’s costumes really easy!

DIY Mandolorian Family Costume

Diy mandolorian family costume

Star Wars fans will love a modern DIY costume idea with these fantastic DIY Mandolorian costumes, with something to suit every member of the family. You could even dress up your baby or toddler as Grogu ready for their first Halloween party!

Schitt’s Creek Family Costume

Schitts creek family costume

If you love Schitt’s Creek, this DIY costume idea could not be easier! In fact, you likely have something in your wardrobe already to create this Schitt’s Creek family costume! This is a great choice if you need a last-minute costume. Need family of 5 Halloween costumes? This one will work!

Peter Pan Family Costume

Diy peter pan family costume

For another classic Disney costume, this Peter Pan family costume is great for incorporating younger kids, but will work just as well with older kids too and if you have a big family, there’s always Captain Hook, Smee and the Lost Boys to add in!

Family Beetlejuice Costume

Family beetlejuice costume posting in the middle of a street.

Another take on the Beetlejuice group costume and also downright impressive! This has to be one of the most epic DIY Halloween costumes for families or groups. Lydia, the Maitlands, Beetlejuice and some of the less prominent characters make it a really well-thought-out group costume.

Hamilton Family Costume

Diy hamilton family costume

This Hamilton family costume incorporates a combination of cheap pre-made costumes with some DIY touches to turn them into favourite characters from the award-winning musical.

Tiger King Group Costume

Tiger king family costume diy with baby tigers.

Most of us got sucked into the craze of the Tiger King during the dreaded 2020 (urgh) and this costume is a simple and hilarious option with the Tiger King himself, Carol and some tiger cubs.

DIY LEGO Family Costumes

Lego family costume

Lego costumes are always on trend and these DIY Lego costumes are a perfect option for the whole family!

DIY Star Wars Costumes

Diy star wars costumes

If you’re looking for a classic costume, you can’t go past Star Wars characters and with so many options to choose from across the franchise, a family Star Wars costume is always a fun idea!

We’ve done this although we ordered our costumes online and only did a homemade version for our daughter who was 3 months at the time, with a Princess Leia beanie wig. This family costume is a really easy costume to put together with a lot of everyday clothing items instead! And what an adorable costume for the toddler R2D2!

Owl Family Costumes

Owl family costume

With a few colour-coordinated items of clothing from your wardrobe, and some DIY wings and masks, these owl costumes are inexpensive DIY Halloween costumes for adults and kids. This is by far one of the most easy family Halloween costume ideas.

Pinocchio Family Costume

Homemade pinocchio costumes

Bring some classic fairytale inspiration to your next family costume with this fun Pinocchio family costume idea. This one is perfect for families with younger kids to play Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket.

Paw Patrol Family Costumes

Diy paw patrol costumes for family

If you are a boy mum, you will earn some serious credit with this cute DIY family costume of Paw Patrol. The best part, there are enough characters to suit a bigger family too.

Music Icons Family Costume

Music icons diy costumes

If you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect family costume that everyone agrees on, why not try a take on these music icons costumes, each choosing your favourite rockstar or popstar to dress up as. Such a fun idea and each of these make great individual costumes for Halloween or fancy dress parties too.

Princes Bride Family Costume

Diy princess bride costumes

Bring the classic fantasy film to life with this DIY Princess Bride costume for families. You can easily add extra characters from the film for other family members too!

DIY Labyrinth Family Costume

Family labyrinth costumes

If you grew up loving the Labyrinth as I did, you will love this DIY Labyrinth family costume idea. This one is great for trick or treating with the kids since mum and dad get the easy t-shirt costumes, but you could definitely go all out with this costume theme! This one is perfect even for the youngest family member with a simple baby Toby costume! You can easily grab a Jared wig to complete the look too.

DIY Bob’s Burgers Family Costume

Diy bobs burgers family costume

Fans of Bob’s Burger will love how easy this DIY Bob’s Burger costume is with most of the items being easy to find from your local department store and some DIY efforts for the burger!

Avocado Toast Family Costume

Diy avocado and toast family costume

This simple avocado toast costume is a good one if you don’t mind a bit of craft time. It’s a really affordable costume option and the avocado doubles as the perfect costume for pregnant women!

DIY Space Family Costume

Diy space costume for families

Get the silver spray paint ready for these intergalactic outfits! These DIY space costumes are so cool and they look fantastic! This is a great idea if you’re looking for themed costumes that aren’t specific. The end effect makes for some elaborate homemade looks when seeking family Halloween costume ideas.

Stranger Things Dr Seuss Pun Costume

Stranger things dr suess costume

Combine two popular costume ideas with Stranger Things and Dr. Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2 and you get the ultimate punny costume! This is a hilarious and creative DIY costume idea for a family or group! How cute is the tiny Eleven!

Labyrinth Group Costume

Diy labyrinth family costumes

For another epic take on the Labyrinth family costume, this family went all out! There isn’t a specific tutorial however they have described how each of the costumes came together and any parts of the costumes that were already created or custom made. They made good use of their local thrift store too. This group costume would get the approval of your whole family! When it comes to Halloween costumes for big families, this one works well!

DIY Mother Daughter Ragdoll Costumes

Mother and daughter ragdoll costume

This DIY mother-daughter ragdoll costume can easily be expanded to include an adapted version for Raggedy Andy and other ragdoll family members.

DIY Muppet Family Costume

Diy family muppet costume

Bring those crazy puppets to life with these fun DIY Muppets costumes for a family or group. There are plenty of characters you could add into the mix too!

Wreck-It Ralph Family Costume

Diy wreck it ralph family costume at disneyland.

This Wreck It Ralph group costume doubles as a simple Disney trip costume DIY too with Ralph and some of his friends from the popular movies.

Family Harry Potter Costume

Homemade harry potter family costume idea.

With so many great characters to dress up as in the Harry Potter franchise, this is a great costume to DIY or mix and match with a few store-bought Harry Potter costume accessories.

You can check out our book-themed Luna Lovegood costume for more inspiration.

The Little Mermaid Family Costume

The little mermaid family costume.

There are plenty of characters from the Disney favourite The Little Mermaid that you can dress up as – not just Ariel, Eric and everyone’s favourite of the Disney Villians, Ursula. There’s also Flounder, Sebastian and King Triton if you have more family members to include.

DIY Halloween Costumes For Groups

Group costumes are a lot of fun and while they need a little extra coordination, they can definitely be done on the cheap.

You can absolutely turn any of these group costumes for Halloween into family costumes too! These DIY group costume ideas provide some perfect inspiration!

Beatlemania Group Costume

Beatlemania group costume

As a massive Beatles fan myself, I love this and my high school bestie and I would have definitely tried this look had we thought of it! Minimal props are needed making this one of the easiest DIY Halloween costumes for adults. A simple last minute idea.

DIY Squid Games Costumes

Diy squid games costumes

These DIY Squid Games costumes are a great option for 2 men Halloween costumes, or women, or add on extra members of your group and expand your group costume! This is a great DIY Halloween costume idea for teenagers who love the Netflix series too.

DIY Hocus Pocus Costume

Hocus pocus costume for women

The Hocus Pocus witches are a classic for Halloween group costume ideas. This is one you can do with your best friends and is the perfect 3 person Halloween costume for Halloween night.

School Lunch Ladies

Diy lunch ladies group costume

Bring fab style to the tuckshop lady look, these creative Halloween costumes for women are perfect for dressing up with your girl squad! These make easy DIY halloween costumes for women.

Snapchat Filter Costume

Snapchat filter costume

You can’t get much easier than these! Dress up as your favourite Snapchat filter with these cute DIY costumes for women. You could include any of your favourite filters, which would work for men too! This is pretty much the ultimate last-minute costume, perfect for anyone who doesn’t really like dressing up too!

80s Rockstars & Groupies Costume

80s group costume

An 80s-style costume is usually pretty easy to throw together, or just go straight for the rockstar look of any generation! I miss that pink fake leather jacket! It’s a great choice for Halloween costume ideas for adults since many of us 80s babies love to relive the era!

More DIY Family Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re still not quite inspired by all these fun family Halloween costumes and family-friendly group costume ideas, don’t worry. We’ve got even more easy DIY family Halloween costume ideas for you.

  • Alice In Wonderland
  • Harry Potter
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Pirates
  • The Addams Family
  • Scooby Doo & friends
  • The Incredibles
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Emoji costumes
  • Superheroes & Villains
  • Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf & Granny
  • Mary Poppins characters
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Dr Seuss characters
  • Game Of Thrones characters
  • Robin Hood & his merry men
  • Where The Wild Things Are
  • Diary of a Whimpy Kid
  • Highschool Musical

Conclusion: Easy Family Costumes For Halloween

Whether you’re looking for a simple outfit or an over-the-top prize-winning DIY costume idea, you’re going to love these easy DIY family Halloween costume ideas and group costumes. There is sure to be something to inspire everyone in the family to get into the fancy dress excitement with homemade costumes that are going to impress!

Diy family halloween costumes