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Easter Left Right Game – Fun Easter Group Game

This Easter left right game is a quick and fun Easter party game that kids will love! But not just the kids. This Easter game is fun for the whole family, for a group or even as a classroom game to play with a large group of kids! There are a few ways you can play this game and I will share the variations below, along with an original Easter story for you to use!

You can also grab a printable version of my Easter Day left right game in my online store.

Easter left right game printable on a table with easter food.

Easter Left Right Story Game

The left-right Easter game is one of the easiest party games you can play with a group and one that is perfect for passing yummy Easter eggs! However, don’t hold on to them too long or they might melt! Eww!

The best thing about this Easter game is that you can play it with a large group of people or a smaller group of 4 or 5 too. It requires very little preparation, so it’s the perfect last-minute Easter party activity!

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Okay, now onto how to play this left-right game Easter variation:

The Left-Right Game Rules

The right left game is a great group game that can be played with as many players as you like, so long as you have at least 4 players. It’s best with 10+ players, but adaptable to much bigger groups too.

You also need a person to read the left-right story out loud – a narrator! This can be the game host or someone who volunteers. This person isn’t able to play the game though as it would be far too confusing trying to keep up with reading and passing.

You can get a printable version of the Easter-themed left-right game here, along with instructions.

The other thing you will need is a gift or Easter egg to pass around the circle. More details about this are below.

Have all of the game participants sit or stand in a circle. If sitting, this can be with chairs or on the floor.

Hand the gift to a random player and have the game host start reading the Easter Bunny story.

Each time the word LEFT is mentioned, anyone holding a gift or Easter egg must pass it to the left. If the word RIGHT is mentioned, the prizes must be passed to the person on their right.

This gift passing continues until the end of the story. Anyone holding a gift or Easter egg at the end gets to keep it!

Easter Left Right Game Story

I have put together an original story for your Easter party game themed around the Easter Bunny losing his magical Easter basket. Get the printable version HERE.

The Missing Easter Basket

Easter was near! The Easter Bunny had been busy making chocolate eggs and Easter gifts all year long and he was confident they were his best masterpieces yet! He had LEFT nothing to chance. Well, so he thought!

On the morning of Easter Saturday, the Easter Bunny was preparing for his big night of delivering eggs and gifts to all the children around the world. Suddenly he realised something was missing – his magical Easter basket was not where he always LEFT it!

This Easter basket allowed the Easter Bunny to carry all the eggs and gifts at once, without having to go back and forth to collect more. And he had LEFT his basket RIGHT on the table of his workshop, next to his egg decorating supplies. Or had he?

Oh dear, this wasn’t RIGHT. He searched high and he searched low. He searched LEFT and he searched RIGHT. But his magical Easter basket was nowhere to be found!

In a panic, the Easter Bunny got RIGHT on the phone to call his friends for help.

The Tooth Fairy arrived first. She searched high and low with her little wings fluttering, but she couldn’t find it either. Then came the Sandman, who searched LEFT and then RIGHT with his magical sand powers, but still no luck. Then Leprechaun joined in on the search hoping he could share some of his luck to find the missing Easter basket, but it was LEFT a mystery. Not even Santa Claus and his head elf were able to put this situation RIGHT.

The Easter Bunny was frantic by now. There was not a lot of time LEFT before he needed to leave. But there was one last place LEFT to check.

The Easter Bunny had all but given up on finding his magical Easter basket when he remembered the one place he had not looked yet – down by the flower garden. He quickly hopped over there, and to his relief, he found his basket RIGHT where he had LEFT it.

He had completely forgotten that he had wanted to decorate his basket with fresh flowers this year. And there it was, RIGHT on the edge of the garden, decorated with beautiful flowers in every colour.

He was so grateful that he found his basket RIGHT in time, and with the help of his friends, they were able to finish loading the eggs RIGHT into his magical basket.

With a sigh of relief and thanks to his friends for helping him search, the Easter Bunny hopped RIGHT off to hide the eggs and deliver gifts to all the children. From that day on, he was careful to always double-check where he LEFT his magical basket, making sure he always put it back in the RIGHT place each time.


Easter Party Day Left Right Game Variations

The most simple version of this Easter party game is played with a single wrapped prize or chocolate egg being passed around the circle and one winner.

If you have a large group of players, you can have multiple prizes or treats passing around. Hand them out around the circle, evenly spaced, at the start of the game and the same rules apply, with several winners at the end.

This is recommended with large groups so that everyone has the chance to be passed a gift at least once during gameplay. It wouldn’t be much fun if some of the players never had a chance to pass the prize otherwise!

If you want everyone to win a prize, such as when playing with young children as a party game, you can hand out a mixture of different sized Easter eggs, perhaps with one or two larger eggs and the rest smaller so that at the end, you won’t know who will end up with the bigger chocolates.

Just make sure you start the game quickly after handing out the chocolates so they don’t end up melted in little hands from all the passing.

You can use other small prizes such as these Easter egg fillers – or actual plastic Easter egg hunt eggs, filled with little prizes and treats to pass around instead. This is a good idea when younger kids who might not realise how quickly chocolate can melt. And it means you can have some non-chocolate prizes as well!

Plastic easter eggs for easter egg hunt

To mix things up a tad more, you can yell out SWAP at random a few times during the game and have each person switch seats with someone across from them. This helps to make sure the gift exchange game really gets the prizes moving to different places around the circle.

Or try a game of Left Right Across – the same but with a few across prompts added into your story where you pass the gift across the circle instead of just left and right.

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Get The Easter Left Right Across Game Printable

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Want a printable version of my Easter left right across game? Get a printable copy of this story in my shop HERE. It includes gameplay instructions with the left and right words bolded for easy ready and emphasis.

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Conclusion: Left Right Easter Game

This game is great if you’re looking for an easy Easter family game for a large group or even just a fun activity for a group of kids. The left right game is such a simple game to play and a great option when you need some easy party games to keep your guests entertained. After all, a few fun games make everything even more memorable!

Happy Easter!