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Christmas Left Right Game With Original Story

This Christmas left right game is the perfect quick and easy Christmas party game to entertain guests of all ages or as a Christmas classroom game for kids.

This is a simple Christmas party game idea that can be played with a large group or a smaller group and other than the left right Christmas game script included below, you only need a gift or prize to play.

You can also grab a printable version of the Christmas left right game in my online store.

Christmas Left Right Story Game

The left-right game is one of the easiest Christmas party games to play with a group. It’s one of the few games that can be adapted easily to play with a large group.

The game also suits players of all ages, so it doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a kids’ Christmas party or if you’re hosting friends and family at your home on Christmas day, looking for a unique gift exchange game or way to keep everyone entertained.

It’s a fun way to do a white elephant game using the Christmas gift exchange poem for gift passing.

It’s also a fantastic Christmas classroom game. Not only is it super fun for kids of all ages, but it can also be used as a learning tool.

The game allows kids to practice their active listening skills and to boost their confidence in knowing their left from their right.

Alright, let’s get onto how to play the left-right game:

Left-Right Game Rules

Photo of large family with small little kids senior pensioner sit table, on x-mas meal celebration in santa claus cap hat get receive wish gift boxes house having x-mas tree atmosphere spirit.

The right left game is perfect for large groups but you can play with as few as 4 players and a narrator. Anything less and it doesn’t quite have the same level of fun, although it’s not impossible!

You also need a game host to read the left-right story.

The narrator is typically the party host, but it can be whoever is a confident reader with a big voice so everyone can hear the story.

You can get a printable version of the Christmas left-right game here, along with instructions.

The other thing you will need is a gift to pass around the circle. More about this below.

Have all the players sit or stand in a circle.

Depending on the size of your group and the space you have, this can be sitting on the floor or on the ground in a circle, standing in a circle or sitting on chairs.

Just so long as it’s a circle!

Hand the gift to a random player and have the game host start reading the Christmas story.

Each time the word LEFT is mentioned, anyone holding a gift must pass it left. If the word RIGHT is mentioned, the gift must be passed to the person on the right.

This continues until the end of the Left-Right story. Anyone holding a gift or treat at the end of the story gets to keep it!


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Christmas Left Right Game Story

I have put together an original story for your fun party game this Christmas:

The Forgetful Elf

‘Twas the night before Christmas at the North Pole. Santa and Mrs Claus were bustling from LEFT to RIGHT preparing for Santa’s departure to deliver Christmas gifts all around the world.

Each of Santa’s Elves had their special tasks LEFT to complete and there was not much time LEFT to get it all done.

Binky, the clumsy elf, who was in charge of maintaining Santa’s sleigh, had once again forgotten where he had LEFT the magical sleigh keys. “They were RIGHT here a moment ago,” he mused, rubbing his beard.

Everyone turned RIGHT and LEFT, searching high and low. Santa, knowing Binky, suggested they should check the last place he had been, the reindeer stall on the RIGHT of the stables.

Binky, feeling a little embarrassed, LEFT straight away to check, scurrying into the RIGHT stall. He knew there was not a lot of time LEFT before Santa had to leave and he did not want to be responsible for children being LEFT disappointed on Christmas morning!

Sure enough, there were the sleigh keys, RIGHT where he LEFT them, next to a half-eaten mince pie. Everyone laughed and let out a sigh of relief.

Even Santa couldn’t help but chuckle, his belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly, RIGHT there in the middle of the reindeer stables.

Binky promised to be more careful in the future, but Santa, with a twinkle in his RIGHT eye, knew better. It wasn’t the first time Binky had LEFT the keys somewhere they didn’t belong.

In fact, he was RIGHT proper forgetful most of the time and often LEFT things in unusual places.

As Santa LEFT for his Christmas Eve journey to deliver gifts to children all around the world, he couldn’t help but smile. He knew there would be no child LEFT without a gift under the tree!

After all, it wouldn’t be a true Christmas at the North Pole without a little mix-up that can easily be made RIGHT, RIGHT?

Christmas Left Right Game Variations

The most basic version of this Christmas game is played with a single gift or wrapped prize being passed around the circle and one winner.

If you have a large group of players, you can have multiple prizes. Hand them out around the circle fairly evenly spaced at the start of the game and the same rules apply, with several winners at the end.

This is recommended with large groups so that everyone has the chance to be passed a gift at least once during gameplay. It wouldn’t be much fun otherwise.

If you want everyone to win a prize, such as when playing with young children as a party game, like this birthday left-right game variation, you can use lollies or little prizes, such as these advent calendar fillers, to pass around instead.

Have one larger prize if you want, so one child still gets a bigger prize at the end (and it gets everyone excited for the big prize) or keep it even so each child gets the same.

You can play this as an alternative gift exchange game twist for Secret Santa, with each person holding the gift they bring in their lap at the start and then hopefully ending up with a different gift at the end.

To mix things up a tad more, you can yell out SWAP at random during the middle of the game and have each person switch seats with someone across from them. This helps to make sure the gift exchange game doesn’t end up with everyone holding their own gift at the end.

Or try a game of Left Right Across – the same but with an across prompt where you pass the gift across the circle instead.

You can also make this a little bit like a white elephant gift exchange game and have some silly gifts in the rotation, or one novelty gift and one great gift, for a bit of extra fun.

Either way, it’s a lot of fun to see who is left holding a gift at the end!

Get A Printable Left Right Game

Printable christmas left right game

Want a printable version? Get a printable copy of this story in my shop HERE. It includes gameplay instructions with the left and right words bolded for easy ready and emphasis.

I’ve also got a free Halloween left right game in case you’re getting organised super early in the year! Hey, no judgement here!

Find all my other left right games below:

Conclusion: Left Right Christmas Game

If you’re looking for an easy and fun Christmas party game for a large group or even just a fun activity for your family on Christmas day, you really can’t go wrong with this left right story prize pass game.