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Free Printable Halloween Left Right Game

This Halloween left right game is the perfect quick and easy Halloween party game to entertain guests of all ages. Best of all, I’ve got a free printable Halloween left-right game story for you. It couldn’t get much easier than that!

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Free printable left right game on halloween background

Halloween Left Right Story Game

The left-right game is one of the easiest party games to play with a group. In fact, it’s one of those few games that can actually be adapted easily to a large group.

It also suits players of all ages, so it doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a kids’ Halloween party or if you’re entertaining friends and family at your spooktacular Halloween house party.

It’s also a fantastic Halloween classroom game. Not only is it super fun for kids of all ages, but it can also be used as a learning tool.

Have kids practice their active listening skills and for youngsters to boost their confidence by knowing their left and right.

Alright, let’s get to the left-right game rules:

How To Play The Left-Right Game

The right left game is perfect for large groups but you can play with as few as 4 players. Anything less and it doesn’t quite have the same level of excitement!

You also need a game host to read the left-right story. The narrator is often the party host, but it can be whoever would like the important role.

You can get the printable Halloween left-right game here, along with instructions.

You can also check out my Christmas left right game (in case you want to plan ahead).

The other thing you will need is a gift to pass around since this is essentially a gift-passing game. More on that below.

Have all the players sit or stand in a circle. Depending on the size of your group and the space you are using, this can be sitting on the floor or ground in a circle, standing or sitting on chairs. Just so long as it’s a circle!

Hand the gift to a random player and have the game host start reading the story.

Each time the word LEFT is mentioned, anyone holding a gift must pass it left. If the word RIGHT is mentioned, the gift must be passed to the person on the right.

This continues until the end of the Left-Right story. Anyone holding a gift or candy at the end of the story gets to keep it!

Halloween Left Right Game Variations

The most basic version of this Halloween game is played with a single gift or prize being passed around the circle and one winner.

If you have a large group, you can have multiple prizes. Simply hand them to places fairly evenly spaced at the start of the game and the same rules apply, with several winners at the end.

This is recommended with large groups so that everyone has the chance to be passed a gift at least once during gameplay.

If you want everyone to win a prize, such as when playing with young children as a party game, you can use candy or little prizes, such as these non-candy trick-or-treat ideas, to pass around instead.

Have one larger prize if you prefer, so one child still gets a bigger prize at the end or keep it even.

If playing as a Halloween game for teens or for adults, you can add a little extra fun to the game by having a mystery trick and a treat going around the circle (or a few of each).

Tricks might be a dud gift like an ugly mug or a bag of novelty gross-flavoured jelly beans, for example.

Either way, it’s a lot of fun to see who is left holding a gift at the end!

Free Printable Halloween Left Right Game

Free printable left right game on halloween background

Get the free printable Halloween game. It also comes with game instructions so you don’t need to refer back to this post on the day.

Halloween Left Right Game Story

I have put together an original story for your fun party game. You can grab the free printable Halloween left-right game here.

The Costume Conundrum

The RIGHT family found themselves in a bit of a Halloween predicament.

October 31st had arrived, and they realized they had LEFT it too late to pick up costumes for their three excited children—Emily RIGHT, Jake RIGHT, and Lily RIGHT.

Panic set in as they rushed to the local costume store, only to find there was nothing LEFT on the shelves!

As disappointment loomed over the children’s faces, Mr. RIGHT, a quick thinker, suggested, “What if we create our own costumes RIGHT here at home? We can be even more creative than anything LEFT in the store!”

The children’s eyes lit up with newfound enthusiasm. With little time to spare, they raided the house for materials.

Mr. RIGHT found an old bedsheet, and Mrs. RIGHT discovered a bag of mismatched socks LEFT in the laundry. The kids eagerly contributed scarves, hats, and even a few cardboard boxes LEFT over from deliveries.

Emily RIGHT decided to be a mummy. She wrapped herself in the bedsheet and LEFT only her eyes visible. Jake RIGHT opted to be a pirate.

He fashioned a makeshift eyepatch and sword from cardboard and wrapped a scarf around his head.

Lily RIGHT declared she wanted to be a robot. The cardboard boxes came in handy as Mr. RIGHT cut out arm and head holes.

Once transformed, the RIGHT family marvelled at their costume creations.

The parents, too, had concocted their costumes using old clothes and accessories from their closet—Mr. RIGHT as a mad scientist with a wild wig, and Mrs. RIGHT as a fortune teller with layers of scarves and necklaces.

As they LEFT home to go trick or treating, the RIGHT family quickly became the talk of the town. Their homemade costumes turned out to be more imaginative and unique than anything store-bought.

It no longer mattered that they LEFT it so late for costumes! The RIGHT family had the best time that Halloween with a little creativity, teamwork, and a touch of last-minute inspiration.

That’s what really matters, RIGHT?

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Conclusion: Printable Halloween Party Game

If you’re looking for an easy and fun Halloween party game for a large group, you really can’t go wrong with this left right story prize pass game. Make sure you grab the free printable story and have a blast!

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