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DIY Toy Story Bo Peep Costume

Create a Toy Story Bo Peep DIY costume that little girls (or big ones) will love to wear for their next fancy dress party or Halloween.

The Toy Story 4 film propelled Bo Peep into popularity with her feisty girl-power role and that made it the perfect choice for our Halloween family costume this year.

Diy toy story bo peep costume tutorial


Our youngest is an easy-going child. She would have pretty much worn any costume we suggested for Halloween!

Bo Peep was pretty much perfect for her though, with her little bit of sass and a whole lot of cute! Yes, I’m totally biased!

But I could not have been happier with how this Disney costume turned out as part of our DIY Toy Story family costume! 

I am sharing how we put together our super cute DIY Toy Story Bo Peep costume for my youngest daughter.

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How to Make A DIY Little Bo Peep Costume

This inexpensive and simple to create Toy Story 4 costume ended up being a total hit and I’ve been asked so many times since about where I got her costume, so this tutorial is sure to be helpful! 

What You Will Need

How to make a diy bo peep toy story costume

Putting The Bo Peep DIY Costume Together

We got the perfect blue jumpsuit from Big W in Australia for the costume.

It was $15 AU and almost exactly like the outfit Bo Peep wears in Toy Story 4, with her wide-leg pants. 

Before that, I had contemplated making something simple myself, however, I am no expert at sewing so if you can find a blue playsuit or similar, it’s far easier! 

We added strips of lace along the seams to make it a little more like Bo Peep’s outfit. 

For the pink band around the waist, we looped a wide pink ribbon around her and tied it in a bow at the back.

It stayed in place for the whole night and was easy to re-tie after a bathroom trip.

Bo peep toy story costume diy

Bo Peep’s Cape

For the cape, we ordered a cheap blue kid’s cape online. My daughter is tiny though so it was dragging on the ground.

We stitched the bottom of the cape up around halfway to make it a similar length to the one Bo Peep wears in Toy Story 4.

We also added a fabric flower to the neckline with a couple of hand stitches.

Accessorising Bo Peep

To accessories your DIY Bo Peep costume, it’s mostly about the hair! Bo Peep has sausage curls and a shaped front to her hair. My daughter’s hair is really fine and does not hold shape well.

We put soft rollers in her hair overnight and then sprayed generously with hairspray once we removed them.

Then we styled her hair with a bit of height using bobby pins and more hairspray, adding a massive pink hair bow for the finishing touch.

Otherwise, it was a pair of black ballet flat shoes to finish her outfit and a little blush on her cheeks to give her a rosy face.

Diy bo peep costume accessories

How to Make Bo Peep’s Staff

I completely forgot about Bo Peep’s iconic accessory until the day before the party when my mum asked what I was using. Eeekkk…. 

We considered making something out of Christmas paper rolls but my sister had a better idea! 

Since Christmas decorations hit the shelves so early these days, we got lucky with a Christmas decoration instead.

The one we got is a garden decoration and was the perfect height. It cost a huge $3 from Kmart Australia.

If you don’t want to make your own, you can buy a Bo Peep staff instead.

How to make bo peep staff from candy cane garden decoration

DIY Bo Peep Staff Tutorial:

  1. Line a giant candy cane decoration with double-sided tape.
  2. Start wrapping blue ribbon around your candy cane from the bottom, ensuring you cover it completely. 
  3. Use extra double-sided tape to stick down the final piece. You may also want to tuck this in for extra reinforcement. 
How to make bo peep staff from candy cane garden decoration

That’s it! Simple and it looks fantastic! 

Now put your full Bo Peep costume together and marvel at how well it turned out! This is by far my favourite DIY costume we have made yet! 

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