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School Holiday Bucket List

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The ultimate list of school holiday fun to spend with the kids! Grab the free school holiday bucket list printable and start checking off family fun the whole family will love during your school vacation!

School holiday bucket list for kids

Another lot of school holidays are almost upon us and that means time for some new adventures! And winter in Australia means it isn’t so cold you need to hide inside for 2 weeks at least!

We like to fit in a few fun things every school holidays, but sometimes it can be tricky coming up with something exciting to do while the kids are home.

To help, I got my eldest daughter to help me put together a school holiday bucket list full of super fun things to do over the break!

And most of these activities don’t cost much either, with many of them being completely free so school holidays don’t mean you have to break the bank either!!

Check out our list of ideas we put together for your school holidays bucket list ideas, and make sure you grab our bucket list printable so you can keep track of all the fun activities you do these school holidays!!

School holiday bucket list


I love that when the school holidays roll around, we don’t have any set routine or agenda to follow. That is one of those work at home mum perks of working my own hours too.

School holidays are the perfect time to get creative and encourage plenty of creative play for your children. It is also a great time to try something new, or something you’ve been meaning to do together.

If you don’t have a full two weeks to spend with your kids at home, that’s okay too because so many of these ideas can be done on the weekend or after school too, so there is still so much you can fit in even if you are working through the day most days! Fun doesn’t need a lot of time!

1 – Have a picnic

2 – Learn something new

3 – Take a road trip (it doesn’t need to be far… even a day trip is great fun)

4 – Read a book together or one each and tell each other what it was about

5 – Visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while

6 – Try a simple home science experiment

7 – Visit a local museum

8 – Play a board game – or another tech free family activity

Monopoly board

9 – Go for a bike or scooter ride

10 – Write a holidays journal of all the fun things you do

11 – Make homemade pizza

12 – Kick a football or throw a frisbee around at the park

13 – See a movie at the cinema

14 – Feed ducks by a lake or pond

15 – Fly a kite – like this one

16 – Build a sandcastle at the beach

17 – Plant a garden

18 – Build a blanket fort

Simplify create inspire

19 – Bake something yummy – find loads of recipe inspiration

20 – Go stargazing in the backyard

21 – Do a jigsaw puzzle

22 – Go to the zoo

23 – Have a train ride to somewhere new

24 – Do a random act of kindness

25 – Have a pyjama day

26 – Go bowling

27 – Make homemade slime or playdough

28 – Start your own LEGO building challenge

29 – Order a subscription box and do the activities as a family

30 – Start a herb garden

Print your school holiday bucket list out here:  School Holiday Bucket List PDF

Simplify create inspire

The school holidays are some of the best times to learn, thrive and make memories together! No need to dread the chaos that comes with having the kids home for 6 weeks straight if you’ve got some fun and easy activities to mix up the days with!

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For more school holiday list fun, here are some of our favourite craft projects you can do at home:

Level up your holiday fun with this printable school vacation planner bundle available in my store:

Need even more fun ideas for what you do for your next school holidays? Check out these fun ideas for helping your kids discover new hobbies to enjoy!

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