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How Decluttering And Organising Your Home Can Save You Money

Does decluttering and organising your home sound intimidating to you? Decluttering and organising your home can be a huge task but it’s worth it! Not only will you have a clean, organised space to enjoy, but there are also many benefits of decluttering your home. Having a home that is both clear of clutter and tidy can actually save you money! Find out how you can save money at home by ditching clutter and mess!

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How Decluttering And Organising Can Save You Money At Home

Most of us aspire to have a clutter-free, organised home yet there is one motivation that many of us overlook when it comes to getting this job done. And that is how it can actually save you money!

We all know less stuff is a huge time saver and it can help you improve your mental clarity as well, but how does it cut your costs? Here are 5 ways ditching clutter can benefit your purse:

1 -Decluttering Helps You To Know What You Already Own

By decluttering your home and keeping your belongings organised, you have a much better idea of what items you already have in your home. This drastically reduces the likelihood of you accidentally purchasing duplicate items.

When we purchase more than one of something, it can mean money down the drain, especially if the extras never get used.

Or worse, if they are items that spoil, you end up throwing them out instead.

If you are only decluttering for the first time, or if you are ready to get ruthless with your possessions, this is your chance to see what you actually do own in the depths of those cluttered closets and storage containers.

Do you have 3 waffle makers? There’s no purpose for that! Keep your favourite and let go of the rest.

And, next time someone asks who wants their spare waffle machine, you won’t be the one putting your hand up because you know you’ve got a perfectly functional one already!

In the same way, you won’t go and buy another pack of pink flower embellishments for your card-making project, because you know you already have a pack in your organised craft room.

By getting rid of items you have no use for, and keeping organised storage for what remains, you will be able to make better decisions on what to buy in future too.

2 – A Clutter-Free, Organised Home Saves You Time

As the saying goes, ‘Time is money’, and while 10 minutes wasted looking for the red t-shirt you thought you owned doesn’t seem like a big deal, imagine doing that several times a week.

Or worse, several times a day!

Our time is precious and should be guarded carefully. It certainly shouldn’t be wasted on avoidable situations such as that if we can help it!

Instead, you want to free up as much of your time to spend it doing the things you actually want to be doing or need to be doing. Late to work because you couldn’t find your keys. Or you didn’t get a chance to work on a project because you ran out of time.

It also takes much longer to clean your home when you have more things to clean!

Having an organised and productive home will help you get more of the outcomes you want in life!

3 – Decluttering Helps You Identify Expenses

Around the house, there are likely a few things that need replacing: damaged kitchen appliances; faded bedding; a holy pair of socks; and so on.

While replacing these items may not seem like a money-saving strategy, knowing in advance that you will have to replace them gives you time to research and find yourself a bargain.

This is much better than a last-minute rush to the nearest shop, with whatever they happen to have in stock because you weren’t anticipating the expense.

Most household items can be replaced with something newer and more efficient, often for less money than you originally paid.

Investing in a new kitchen appliance before your old one fails can sometimes mean savings in the long run, with reduced electricity costs or water use.

Invest in quality over quantity and you will likely find your belongings also last longer than cheap items will.

4 – You Become Happier With Less

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While this isn’t a hard and fast rule, in most cases, we feel much better about the belongings we do own if we have less items in our home.

By decluttering the things we don’t use or don’t actually love – as Marie Kondo would say, the items that ‘Don’t spark joy‘, we only leave room for the ones we actually do want around us.

Focusing on putting into our homes only the items we genuinely love and appreciate means we are less likely to spend for the sake of spending.

Just because it is on sale, doesn’t mean we will buy it.

Having less typically results in spending less. Stay clear on your goal of clutter-free and organised and you will be less likely to hit ‘add to cart’ next time those sale emails land in your inbox!

Check out more ways you can simplify your life and boost your happiness!

5 – Borrow Instead Of Buy

When we are focused on owning less, this encourages us to be a little more thrifty with our spending.

Considering borrowing items that you don’t necessarily need to purchase. This can be anything from borrowing or hiring a speciality garden tool that we would unlikely need again anytime soon.

Or items such as books, DVDs, and consumable products are also great options to borrow. You can borrow many of these from the local library or from friends and family.

Just make sure you remember to return them to their owner promptly!

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6 – Subscribe & Save

One of the things in our home that my husband struggled most to let go of was his CD collection. Our mammoth CD collection was sitting around, gathering dust on racks for years, rarely touched, since both our cars no longer had CD players and instead had Bluetooth capability.

As someone who loves music, I didn’t push him to get rid of everything from his collection, however, he only kept those that were really special or limited edition. Everything else was good to go!

Instead, we use a family Spotify music account which gives us both individual accounts to compile our music libraries.

It also gives our kids a kid-friendly version of the app for their own playlists.

Just as we switched to digital music, we also stopped buying DVDs and Blurays, instead subscribing to Netflix and Disney+. In the same way, I listen to audiobooks on Audible and digital books, so we stopped buying books.

These 3 collections of items took up huge real estate in our home before we decluttered most (not all) of the items. We still have a few favourite books, CDS and movies, but these fit in a much smaller space!

So how does a digital movie, music or book subscription save you money?

Think of it like this – if you were to buy just 1 DVD a month for $20, that’s already more than the cost of a single streaming service that gives you access to thousands of movies and television shows. Same with music. The cost of 1 CD is more than a month of Spotify or Amazon Music!

Huge savings and far less dust-collecting things in your home!

7 – Organised People Can Achieve More

Sometimes you hear about those incredibly structured morning routines of high-achieving individuals and how certain habits tend to be a sign of people who succeed in life.

You don’t have to have a 3-hour meditation, workout, journal and thrive routine each morning to also get the benefits of being a highly organised person.

Having an organised home tends to spill over into our lives and we become better at keeping track of our goals, habits and expectations.

This gives you more time to focus your time on other pursuits. For you, this might mean putting that brilliant idea for a small business into action or having an hour a week so that you can use your professional skills to tutor someone.

Both of these can mean more income coming into your life – because you got organised!

In summary, decluttering and organising your home can save you money in the following ways:

  • Decluttering your home will save you time and effort – You’ll be able to find everything you need, which means that you won’t have to spend time looking for things like TV remotes or a specific toy.
  • Having a clutter-free home is good for the environment – and your bank account! It helps reduce waste and spending.
  • Less duplicated items in your home – No more buying multiples of something you already own!
  • Less to clean – ditch the dust-collecting items that you can instead borrow or subscribe to digital alternatives!

Selling your unwanted items can also be a great way to make money from home! This is just one of the 31 ideas you will find for work at home mum jobs here.

Don’t worry — with some simple tips, decluttering and organising your home can save you money and help make more room for the things that matter in life.

Need some help getting rid of clutter in your home? Grab my 30-Day Declutter Challenge Workbook!

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Can you think of any other ways you can save money by decluttering?

How decluttering and organising can save you money


Wednesday 13th of July 2016

De clutter Such a simple word we fail to Understand! Once we hav decluttered our homes our lives start to declutter too ! That's life my friends , let go of things you don't need , maybe someone lesser fortunate needs it ! Give it away , no point holding on to something you no longer require!


Saturday 11th of June 2016

Love this !

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