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How to Declutter Your Kitchen Utensils

If you are anything like us, your kitchen utensil collection seems to grow each year. Despite having decluttered the utensil drawer only recently, during our overall kitchen declutter, it seems to have filled up all over again. Urgh!

And the things that end up in there can at times be quite unusual, like disposable cutlery, our cheese grater (thanks hubby) and kitchen utensils I don’t even recall owning. It may be a little better organised if we had our utensils in a bench holder, but due to a lack of suitable bench space, the clutter utensil drawer remains.

So let’s get this clutter hot spot organised once and for all.


Decluttering your kitchen utensils is one of the easiest places to start in the kitchen since they usually only take up one or two drawers. Here are some simple steps to declutter utensils from your kitchen:

1. Empty the contents of your kitchen utensil drawer (or holder) onto a flat surface.

2. Set aside all the kitchen utensils you use often.

3. Sort the rest of the utensils and ask these questions:

  • Do you even know what it is?
  • Does it actually belong with your kitchen utensils?
  • Have you used it in the past 6 months?
  • Is it part of a set that you may need in future?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, it does not belong in with your kitchen utensils.

4. Once you declutter your kitchen utensils, place the items you are keeping back in the drawer. Consider using drawer dividers as a way of keeping the utensils organised and tidy.

how to declutter your kitchen utensils

5. For everything else, decide if it belongs elsewhere in the house or whether you need to get rid of it. Be sure to dispose of any unnecessary clutter within 48 hours of when you declutter your kitchen utensils.

6. Declutter your kitchen utensils at least every 6 months. It will simplify your life when you no longer need to spend 10 minutes searching every time you need a utensil.

This can make a perfect task for a 5-minute declutter if you want to make a daily habit of cleaning one small space a day. There are plenty of things we can throw away or donate quickly.

declutter your home checklist

Do you declutter your kitchen utensils on a regular basis? What is the strangest thing you have ever found in there?



Nicole @ The Builder's Wife

Thursday 26th of November 2015

>Blushing< I'm off to do mine now...........slinking away :( Thanks for the inspiration!


Sunday 29th of November 2015

Hehe at least it's a quick declutter job.