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Fun Birthday Scavenger Hunt Ideas with Free Printable Clues

A birthday scavenger hunt is a memorable way to start the day when celebrating a birthday milestone. It adds a little extra excitement to handing over gifts and turns the birthday celebration moment into an experience that kids especially will remember.

We started doing birthday gift scavenger hunts on birthday mornings with the kids, getting them to work a little harder for their birthday gifts, but in the most fun possible way! But this isn’t the only way you can do a birthday-themed scavenger hunt.

Read on for some fun scavenger hunt birthday ideas plus the chance to grab yourself some free printable birthday scavenger hunt clues (since we’re all for saving time around here).

Birthday scavenger hunt ideas.

Super Fun Birthday Scavenger Hunt Ideas

There are several different fun ways to do a birthday scavenger hunt. It can be a mission to find presents or it can be a birthday party activity for a group.

Here are some fun ideas for birthday scavenger hunts:

Birthday Gift Scavenger Hunt

Our recent birthday tradition has been a scavenger hunt for gifts on the kids’ birthday morning. This involves a little pre-planning the night before, after the birthday kid (or adult) has gone to sleep.

We put birthday treasure hunt clues around the house, each one leading to a new clue or a birthday gift (or both since each stop needs a new clue) until they find the final gift. This is usually the bigger of the gifts.

Depending on the age of the birthday kid, teen or adult, make sure your clues are at the right level of challenge to suit their age. Easy clues for younger kids that get progressively harder to suit older children or teenagers.

I always put the first clue on my bedside table (mum hack), so when they wake up and come looking for gifts, they wake us up first. This way we can give them the starting clue and follow them around to enjoy the fun. Our eldest tends to wake up really early.

Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt Game

Another way to do a birthday scavenger hunt is to make it a group activity at a birthday parties. This can be done indoors or outdoors with clues leading the group around to different locations or objects.

To make it even more fun, you can add challenges at each stop for the group to complete before moving on to the next clue.

This could be something like singing a birthday song, doing a silly dance, or solving a puzzle related to the birthday child.

Or just keep it really easy, much in the same way you would with an Easter egg hunt, by hiding random treats and surprises around the yard or house, ready to be found by party guests.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is perfect for teenagers or adults who have their own devices. It can be done individually or in teams and involves finding and taking photos of specific items on a list.

Make the list birthday-themed by including things like “Take a photo with someone wearing a party hat” or “Capture a candid photo of the birthday person”.

It can also be finding certain items to photograph such as “A school photo of the birthday boy” or “A vase of purple flowers” to have them seeking decor around your house (or yard).

Make & Take Birthday Party Treasure Hunt

My kids have been to some very cool parties, put together by some very creative mums and one of the most memorable was a make-and-take treasure hunt party to make their own fairy gardens.

Each item the kids needed to make their fairy garden was hidden in a different spot in the garden. They had to work their way around and find all the hidden items before they could make their gardens.

It made the experience of doing a birthday party craft even more exciting for the kids. And it’s a fantastic alternative to lolly party bags.

This is great for an outdoor birthday scavenger hunt if you don’t have the space for an indoor birthday hunt.

For a different example, you could set up clues to lead the guests around to different areas of the home where they collect ingredients for decorating cupcakes or cookies, like little packets of sprinkles and candies.

Secret Code Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is perfect for older kids who are into puzzles and codes. Set up a series of clues that lead to a final location, where the birthday person will find the ultimate prize.

Each clue will contain a secret code that they must decipher in order to move on to the next one. You can also include small tasks or additional birthday challenges along the way that they must complete before moving on.

This will add an extra element of fun and difficulty to the scavenger hunt and there are so many creative ways to set this up.

This type of problem-solving scavenger hunt is a little bit like an escape room at home and it’s the perfect way to add some extra unforgettable memories to your kid’s birthday party or special day at home with family members.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt For Adults

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun on your birthday!

A scavenger hunt for adults could include things like finding a bottle of wine with the birth year of the birthday person, taking a selfie with three strangers, or locating a specific landmark in your city.

Or create your own extra challenging scavenger hunt clues for adults for an indoor birthday gift hunt at home.

Free Printable Birthday Scavenger Hunt Clues

Free printable birthday scavenger hunt clues.

To give you a head start, I’ve created a set of free printable scavenger hunt clues that you can download right away.

These were the birthday treasure hunt clues I made for one of my daughter’s birthdays and they include relatively simple scavenger hunt riddles suited to younger kids but are also fun for older kids too if you want to keep it easy.

Download the scavenger hunt clues here

As well as this birthday version PDF, you can also get my free Elf on the Shelf scavenger hunt and free Easter scavenger hunt clues too for other times of the year.

Easy Scavenger Hunt Clues For Younger Kids

These are the same as the clues you will find in my free scavenger hunt printable.

When you use the clues you don’t have to go in a specific order with the exception of the first and last clue. The rest you can use them all or just use a few. Go in order as you set them up to make sure you’ve got them in the right places.

Here are some easy clues for an indoor gift scavenger hunt:

  • Today is your birthday! It’s time for some fun. Follow the clues and find a surprise when it’s done. Go look in the place where you find food for your tum. – fridge or pantry
  • Look for the next clue where stories unfold, where books come alive and adventures are told. – bookshelf
  • Can you believe you’re a year older? I really cannot! Find your next clue where you’d find a great big pot – Pots and pans cupboard
  • Laundry day is here, oh what a chore! But there’s a clue hidden behind a closed door – Wardrobe
  • Time to get cozy to find the next clue, where blankets and pillows make dreams come true – Bed
  • Check the place where you like to lounge, where movie nights and cuddles abound – Living room or media room
  • A life with you in it is a life more complete, look under the spot that you sit to eat! – Dining table chair
  • Your favourite place to get squeaky clean, where water runs and makes you gleam – Bath or shower
  • Time to seek your style and find your flair, where outfits reside, waiting for you to wear – Chest of drawers
  • This day is special and everyone knows! Look in a place where you put your dirty clothes – Laundry, washing machine or clothes hamper
  • Follow the hunt where you rest your head, where dreams come alive as you sleep in your bed – Under pillow
  • Wow, that was so fast! Now go look in the place where you put your shoes last – Shoe rack or mudroom
  • Keep on going, you are doing so great! Now check in the place where you keep your plate – Kitchen cabinet
  • Hooray, there’s no time to be sad! Because this is the last clue, so get your final gift from Mum and Dad! – Anywhere you want to hide it!

Scavenger Hunt Clues For Older Kids & Teens

Here are some more tricky scavenger hunt clues for teens and adults when wanting to hide their birthday presents in a fun way:

  • In a room where ideas ignite, find your clue where words take flight. – Home office or study
  • In a space where coolness prevails, find your clue where freshness trails. – Refrigerator
  • I’m a helper in the daily grind, where plates and cups a rhythm find. Seek your next clue where water plays, spins and swirls in a cleaning ballet. – Dishwasher
  • Where dreams meet the quiet floor, clues await, unseen, yet more. Look below where rest is near, your next discovery is waiting here. – Under the bed
  • Where gears align and engines hum, within this mobile fortress, a secret’s begun. – In the car
  • You’re getting warmer, keep it up! Look for your clue where you mix things up. – Blender or mixer in the kitchen
  • You’re almost there, keep up the pace! Look for your clue in a familiar face – Family photo album or frame

For another fun birthday tradition to start with your kids, check out these birthday questions for kids with a free printable birthday interview.

Conclusion: Birthday Treasure Hunt Ideas

A birthday scavenger hunt is a fun and interactive way to celebrate someone’s special day, whether it’s for kids or adults. It can be tailored to fit any theme or age group, making it a versatile party activity. Plus, with the free printable clues you can download, it’s easy to plan without much effort. Just print, cut and hide, ready for fun!

Birthday scavenger hunt ideas.

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Free printable birthday scavenger hunt clues.