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DIY Morrigan Crow Costume – Nevermoor Book Week Idea

Nevermoor book fans will love this easy DIY Morrigan Crow costume for Book Week! This has to be one of the easiest DIY book character costumes we’ve put together yet.

Even easier than our Luna Lovegood costume from last year! And best of all, it’s a character you don’t see quite as often at the book parades.

Child with serious face holding a black umbrella and a wundersmith: the trials of morrigan crow book in her hand

DIY Morrigan Crow Costume Tutorial

The best part of this DIY Morrigan Crow costume is that it is really simple to put together and you likely have everything you need at home already.

If not, you can pick up a few basic supplies for a budget-friendly book character costume.

Unlike books that have made it onto the big screen, there isn’t a lot of imagery to go by when creating a Morrigan costume, aside from the book covers and the descriptions in the book.

Morrigan is described as having black hair, black eyes and pale skin.

Dress, umbrella, headband, boots and book on bed

Here’s what you will need:

  • Black dress or school uniform
  • Black boots
  • Black (or dark) wig
  • W shaped pin
  • An umbrella
  • Optional: red headband

Who Is Morrigan Crow?

While many kids are choosing their favourite Hogwarts characters to dress up as, in Nevermoor, you will find Morrigan Crow. If you thought Harry had it bad as a child (okay, he totally did), poor Morrigan was deemed cursed and expected to die on her 11th birthday.

Instead, she ends up in the mystical and bizarre Nevermoor with her eccentric sponsor, Jupiter North, in an attempt to gain a coveted place in the Wundrous Society.

“Nevermoor: The Trials Of Morrigan Crow” was the debut novel of Australian children’s writer Jessica Townsend and winner of numerous literacy awards.

She is a fierce, brave girl, with strong values and determination.

This made me quite excited when my youngest daughter decided she wanted to be Mog for Australian Book Week!

Especially when her sister decided to reuse her Mighty Thor costume from my Marvel party! At least one of my kids let me get out the art supplies this year.

How To Make A Morrigan Crow Costume

I’ve mentioned above the essentials you need for this costume. Now let’s take a closer look at each of these items:

The Outfit

Little girl in diy morrigan crow costume from nevermoor holding an umbrella

Morrigan is often described as wearing dark colours and her uniform for The School of Wundrous Arts is also described as black and quite plain.

We got a simple dress from Temu but you could just as easily find a black outfit you already have in the wardrobe.

The Accessories

For your Morrigan outfit, black boots are the best option but any black shoes would work if you don’t have boots.

On some of the book covers, Morrigan is seen wearing a red headband with a bow. We decided to add this for a little extra flair, although it does make the costume look a tad bit like Matilda!

The W Pin

As a member of the Wundrous Society, Morrigan is given a W-shaped silver pin to wear. This is seen as a symbol of the society and a sign of her acceptance.

This is one of the most iconic parts of Morrigan’s costume and the thing that sets it apart from Matilda or even Mary Poppins!

You can find W letter pins on places such as Shein, Temu, Etsy, eBay or even potentially in your local discount store. Unfortunately for us, perhaps a few people had the same idea as all the W’s were sold out at the time.

Instead, we used a silver letter sticker – Thickers brand and actually stitched it onto the dress to make sure it doesn’t fall off.

You could also create one from cardstock, such as with a Cricut or use a tool such as the xTool desktop laser cutter at home if you’re lucky enough to have such a gadget. Work with what you have!

The Umbrella

Little girl dressed up as morrigan crow with open umbrella

Morrigan also carries an umbrella with her wherever she goes. In Nevermoor, they use this to travel on the brolly rail.

You can use any old umbrella you have lying around or grab an inexpensive black one from the shop if you don’t have one.

We had a few different umbrellas to choose from but none were quite like the ones in the images, but that’s okay! Any brolly will work!

Black Hair

If your child does not naturally have black hair, a simple dark wig from the discount store or an online marketplace will do just fine.

The one we got from Temu was terribly thin and did not cover all of my daughter’s hair at the back, but for the purpose of the costume, it did just fine.

How Much Did This Costume Cost Us?

This is a costume that can be done without spending a thing if you have the right items already and most people do have most of them.

We spent around $20 in total on the items we didn’t already have:

  • $11 for the dress
  • $1.50 for the headband
  • $8 for the wig

Knowing the dress and headband would be worn again after Book Week meant that only the wig was really an extra expense and no doubt it will get used again for future dress-up fun!

Facts About Morrigan Crow

Nevermoor book 2 held by woman's hand

To help your child be a pro on all things Morrigan Crow, here are some interesting facts about her character from the Nevermoor series:

  • Morrigan was smuggled into Nevermoor by Jupiter North and her Wunderous Society membership secures her stay
  • Morrigan’s best friend is Hawthorne
  • Jupiter North is not only Morrigan’s Sponsor but also her guardian
  • Morrigan lives at the Ducalion – a hotel owned by Jupiter
  • Morrigan Crow is a Wundersmith
  • To become a member of the Wunderous Society, Morrigan has to compete in four trials
  • Morrigan did not know her knack until after she was accepted into the society

Conclusion: Nevermoor Costume Idea

And there you have it! Your bookworm is now ready to join the wonderful world of Nevermoor with this easy DIY Morrigan Crow Costume. This truly is a perfect Book Week costume in honour of an Australian author!

Now, we just wish book 4 would hurry up and be released…

If you want to find more easy book costumes, check out my mammoth Book Week ideas list.