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Last Minute Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and depending on which part of the world you’re from, this can either bit a huge thing or not even a thing. This year Halloween falls on a weekend, which means you could be getting a whole lot of Halloween party invites headed your way.

Luckily there are plenty of options for last minute easy Halloween costume ideas… or any fancy dress costume occasion.

simple sugar skull makeup costume diy (8)


While it isn’t as popular here in Australia, Halloween is becoming a bigger deal with kids Trick or Treating and lots of events themed around this spooky October 31st date. And there is nothing worse than if you suddenly realise you haven’t organised a costume.

Actually, this goes for any fancy dress occasion. Even my primary school teaching prac last year meant finding a very quick costume for Book Week! These tips will help you put together an outfit in a hurry!

1. Raid Your Wardrobe

If you are time-poor and not keen to spend a dime, there are plenty of easy DIY Halloween costume ideas in your own wardrobe and home.

Here are some costume ideas from your wardrobe:

  • Uniforms (Sport, work, hobbies)
  • Seasonal gear (snow suit, swimmers)
  • Colour specific (Wiggles skivvy, Minion)
  • Formal wear (Hollywood celebrity)
  • Partner’s clothes (gender swap)

It can be pretty easy to pull of something simple from your general wardrobe. Right now I could rock an orange belt karate master from my late teen hobby, or a black dress teamed with dark make up and claim to be a witch.

Halloween costume ideas

A blue dress, some red shoes and braids… just call me Dorothy. That was my last minute costume attempt for Book Week last year.

Depends how creative you want to get, but you are sure to have some great costume ideas from your wardrobe.

2. Check the Toy Boxes

Kids collect some pretty crazy stuff over time. Their toy boxes can often be a Halloween costume gold mine. Inside you will find all sorts of dress up bits and pieces or props for your costume ideas. And you don’t have to spend a thing if you already own it.

Some cute headbands and a bit of mum’s make up can make for a super quick sugar skull look for Halloween. (Don’t judge my terrible face painting skills though!).

Easy last minute halloween costumes

3. Make Something

It is amazing what you can create with a little sticky tape, glue and paint. Check out what supplies you have on hand. Cardboard boxes can make great costumes. Robot… helmet… accessories. You can keep it really simple or go really elaborate, depending on how creative you are.

If you have old linen, consider sewing a simple costume. My sister recently put together some very last minute easy Halloween costume ideas for her kids school book week using old sheets. The two kids looked great as Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter.

We did our own twist on Alice in Wonderland with this boxtume idea – creating the White Rabbit house from stuff we had already.

alice in wonderland white rabbit house costume

For the Trolls fans, check out my easy Troll headband tutorial that takes around 10 minutes to make.

Or there’s always the ghost costume if you’re willing to cut a couple of eye holes out of a sheet.

star wars costume

One of my favourite costumes of all time was the Princess Leia ‘wig’ I created for my daughter when she was 3 months old.

A brown knit baby beanie, some brown wool made into plaits, attached and twisted into buns. Teamed with a white baby romper, she was the biggest hit at the party!

I did have fun during the creating process seeing how my rather bald baby would look with giant brown plaits…one for her 18th!

Find more DIY superhero and book character costume ideas

4. Buy It

If you would rather buy a costume that is already made, without you having to do a thing, this is another option for your easy Halloween costume ideas.

For our own Star Wars inspired costumes, we turned to eBay… risky because you don’t quite know what you’re going to get and if it will fit. We were lucky!

Or you can buy little bits and pieces like our mix-matched Halloween party below with friends. Our supplies actually came from mum’s costume collection mostly.

halloween costume ideas

Head to your local discount variety store, costume or craft and hobbies store where you will find a range of costume ideas to suit different ages. Although if you have something specific in mind, it isn’t always as easy to find what you want.

Check out Costume Box for a huge range of costumes 

5. Hire It

Sometimes we just want to make life as easy as possible and go somewhere that we know will have everything we need all in one convenient place.

Costume hire is a perfect option for easy Halloween costume ideas, especially if you want to avoid turning up in the same store bought Batman suit everyone else is going to be wearing.

Tips for easy Halloween Costume Ideas:

  • Makeup can be a great cheap tool for cheap costumes
  • Consider a costume you can reuse in future
  • Make sure you will be comfortable – you want to enjoy the celebrations
  • Let your kids help you come up with ideas – those young creative minds are brilliant
  • Borrow costumes or props from friends to cut costs
  • Do a costume swap with friends to mix it up
  • Be careful buying online – things aren’t always as they say and the fit is not always great
  • Discount stores are great for cheap costumes and props
  • Themed family costumes can be a fun idea

Planning a birthday party soon? Check out these fun kids party entertainment ideas for your next celebration.

What is the best Halloween or fancy dress party you ever created?


Sunday 25th of October 2015

Thanks Heaven. I was so proud of my efforts and she was a hit at the party haha she was bald otherwise and very fair hehe.

Eva @ The Multitasking Mummy

Tuesday 20th of October 2015

Oh you look so pretty as Dorothy and I love the Princess Leia wig!!!!! I'm not sure what I'll be dressing up as yet but my sister joked about us wearing Khaki. Just imagine two aussie woman walking the streets of San Diego...very authentic! lol


Tuesday 20th of October 2015

Thanks lovely & that is hilarious! The Irwin tribe has multiplied. Just say you're Bindi's big sisters... Since she's huge right now on Dancing With the Stars. Facebook keeps sharing the updates lol have a fabulous trip x

Mrs Tubbs

Monday 19th of October 2015

That Princess Leia outfit is genius! So funny ...! Thank you for sharing. #mummymondays


Tuesday 20th of October 2015

Thank you! Hehe I still giggle at the pics. Our second daughter gets to wear it next week. Nice to get another use. Although big sister is probably going to be Queen Elsa now that Frozen fever has hit!