Mother’s Day Gift


Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day. My second as I mentioned in the previous post. I got to spend the day with my daughter Lily and most of it with my husband, as well as part with my own mother… who conveniently lives 5 minutes away these days!

In a few previous posts I have mentioned the fabulous scrapbooking trend Project Life. You will find my posts here and for digital project life, here. And you can see the pages so far from my 2014 album on the drop down tab, here.

So somewhere a little over a year ago I decided I wanted to do a digital first year album of my daughter and turn it into a photo book for her grandmother’s. Seriously, what would a grandmother love more than a whole year of photos… right?


What is great about Blurb also is you don’t have to create a photo book project life style. They do actually have a whole lot of pre-designed templates for you to drop and drag your photos as you please, with different colours and background. I used their full page image templates for each of my pages so that I could drop and drag my project life pages as if they were one big photo per page if that makes sense. So even if you don’t project life, your photo books can still look fabulous!


I had them printed through Blurb…who do amazing photo books and are so quick. So very happy with their service every time I’ve ordered.


Pretty special… a Mother’s Day gift that was a year in the making! It was a lot of work, but I was also doing a physical baby album project life style for Lily when she is older, plus a traditional yearly album so quite a lot of double up. In future I think I will do mostly digital. I just love the crisp look!


I also love the compact size. The main reason I switched to project life was because my traditional scrapbooking was threatening to bury me alive under layouts! But this photo book which was about 80 pages is pretty much as thick as one or two of my traditional scrapbook pages. Big difference!


What did you spoil your mum with this Mother’s Day?

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