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3 Habits Guaranteed to Increase Personal Productivity

Are you the queen of procrastination? If procrastination made money, I would be a millionaire. I’m sure of it!

But it doesn’t, so instead, I am going to share with you some of my favourite tips to help you increase personal productivity straight away.

Knowing A Change Was Needed

A while back we changed internet providers. Suddenly we were exceeding our monthly data limit, despite having the same limit as our previous provider. This meant come the last few days of the month we were stuck with super slow internet. It was painful, but also kind of great.

Having painfully slow internet meant no longer spending half my day scrolling through various social media updates or pinning awesome home decor inspiration on Pinterest.

Nope, it wasn’t worth the effort to do anything non-essential. Instead I found myself completely focused, with a massive increase in productivity, flying through tasks I had been procrastinating on for weeks.

I achieved more in a couple of hours than what I usually achieve in a couple of days. Pretty sad really! But a great reality check to improve my procrastinating ways and put steps in place to increase personal productivity.

These days we have unlimited internet (for those sneaky Netflix binges), but with these 3 productivity hacks, the to-do list is still getting checked off!


Being a work from home mum means procrastination doesn’t have a lot of space in my day, so it’s all about finding the steps to jolt you into action before the bad habits kick in.

Here are my top 3 habits to help you with productivity improvement and ensure you get loads more done!

1. Remove Distractions

This one was the biggest changes needed for me.

Every time a new notification popped up on my iPad screen, I would lose another 10-30 minutes checking Facebook, emails, Twitter, etc, before coming back to my task until the next distraction.

Total productivity stopper!

Remove the distractions that take you away from the task at hand.

This may mean disabling notifications for an hour, or completely so you only get updates when you manually check. Or try turning your phone on silent, and turning off the TV or radio. Whatever derails your attention needs to go!

If I am working on content creation or anything else that requires my attention, I make sure I have all social media and email closed. This means my attention is where it should be – on the important tasks I need to get done!

2. Set a Plan

It can be hard to make a lot of progress if you don’t actually know what you want to achieve.

Before you start something, whether it be work related or a personal project, map it out so you know exactly what you want to achieve, what steps are needed and how you can tackle the task. This way you won’t end up wasting time by not knowing where to start.

Having a plan can drastically increase productivity because it gives you direction and focus, while also giving you the chance to prioritise more important tasks over the less important tasks.

If I am ever having a day when I feel like I am chasing my own tail, going around in circles and not really getting anywhere, that’s when I know it’s time to stop, pull out my planner and start mapping out my goal for the day.

Once the goal is set, I can work backwards and know the exact tasks I need to complete to get there.

3. Maintain a Routine

This is another area I was failing. Up late, sleep late, chaotic life with two kids during the day. This was fine before we before becoming a school mum, but suddenly routine was a must!

I was doing the things that needed doing before, but not with any structured time. They got done whenever there was a spare moment. This meant sometimes burning the candle at both ends to make it happen (hello 3AM… my old friend).

Set up a routine for your week so you have set times to achieve certain tasks each week.

You may even want to schedule your time so you do certain tasks on certain days, allocating a block of time to each regular task. Routine is a must if you want to increase personal productivity and avoid flying by the seat of your pants!

If you work from home like I do, set business hours so you don’t end up working all day, every day. The whole reason most of us choose to work from home is balance but without routine, this goes out the window.

Same goes if you work outside of the home or if you are dedicating your time to parenting – you need structure to your days in order to be more productive.

Here are some systems that can help you create a routine and increase productivity:

Just 3 simple habits you can change in your life straight away to start getting more done with less distraction. Just think of what you are capable of!

What is the area in your life that most often prevents you from being as productive as you would like? Leave a comment below and share your own favourite personal productivity tips too. I would love to hear them! And share this post to Pinterest via the image below! Be sure to follow me on Facebook or YouTube for more organisation tips like these!

3 habits to increase productivity

Mohammed Anzil

Monday 9th of May 2016

Awesome tips Holly. Can you recommend a Google Chrome extension to remove distractions?