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7 Ways to Increase Your Step Count

Life is busy and we feel like we are always on the go, however, most of us are spending more time than ever in front of computer screens and seated with our technology. That means less time up and about, exercising and keeping active.

Lately, I have been working hard to increase my step count and simply be more active every single day. Not only do I feel better for it, but my energy levels and productivity is up too.

Overall, it’s a win! So I wanted to share some of the ways you too can increase your step count!

7 tips to Increase your step count


When I was working my corporate career, although it was a professional role, it involved a lot of walking. My daily step count was usually massive, and it was pretty easy to stay in shape.

Fast forward to now, I work at home, often in front of my computer. I am not so active and it is a lot more challenging to keep my 20 something figure.

Oh yes, go away you dreaded 30s! So these simple changes definitely help me keep the step count up.

1 – Go for a Walk

This one is pretty self-explanatory, however, it also takes a lot of motivation to build a daily walk into your routine if it isn’t something you’ve already been doing.

I know for me it was much easier to just get home from the school run and sit at my computer first thing. These days, I start my day with a walk.

You might get a laugh though. When I do my morning walk, I don’t often leave the house!

I am lucky enough to have a fairly open plan house so I actually get home from dropping my eldest at school, grab my iPhone and press play on the latest biz book I’m listening to on Audible or podcast, and I walk around my house!

I’m sure it would be hilarious to see and my kids often ask ‘What are you doing mum?’ but it has been the best thing! I get sooooo much done these days once I finish my listen and walk.

So don’t feel overwhelmed by this. Make it work for you!

2 – Do It Yourself

It’s a pretty common joke that when kids are old enough, you can have them do the things you don’t want to, like grab the TV remote or collect the mail, but you know what… you’re missing your chance to get in extra steps this way, so get up and do it yourself!

These days the kids and I all go to get the mail out of the letterbox, or I to walk to them in their rooms to ask them something instead of shouting down the hallway. It may not be much, but those extra steps do all add up!

3 – Take the Long Way

Skip the short cuts whenever you can. Take the long way around. This isn’t always convenient or possible, but when you can, embrace those extra distances.

After school, we often walk the long way around, through the school instead of out the front gate to the car park.

My youngest likes to go this way anyway as it means she sees lots of other kids. Such a social butterfly, but I don’t complain because it means we are doing some extra walking every day when we do school run.

7 tips to Increase your step count

4 – Take the Stairs

This is an oldie but a goodie. Skip the lift and take the stairs whenever you can. Of course, you’re not going to walk up the stairs of a 100 storey building, but a handful of stairs are always a good idea.

Or if you do work in a high storey building, consider getting out of the lift a couple of levels earlier and walk the stairs for the rest of the way.

Stairs are a great way to give your steps a little bit of extra resistance, just like walking up a hill. Plus you’re working that butt into great shape too! BONUS!

5 – Play Time

Kids and pets probably do 5 times the number of steps most of us adults do. They are always on the go! How I envy their energy. But gosh it feels good to join in!

Get involved with the kids and pets playtime as often as you can. Take the dog for a play at the local dog park and throw a ball around or run around the backyard with the kids burning up energy and wearing them out.

Not only will you get a wonderful endorphin boost spending time with your loved ones… you will also increase your step count easily!

Find some great tips on how to exercise with your toddler. Some of these ideas would be great for getting your older kids involved in exercise too!


7 tips to Increase your step count

6 – Steps Tracker

I have a FitBit and it was something my hubby thought was pretty silly when I was determined to get one. While I wasn’t very active but for me it was about giving me a reminder to get more active.

I check it several times a day and work hard to reach my daily steps goals. If I am running behind on steps, most days it is motivation enough to kick me into gear and start moving.

The other thing I love about my FitBit is that you can challenge your friends with steps.

There’s a lot of us that do a weekly battle with who can get the most steps and have a little bit of fun stirring each other up via the FitBit app too. A bit of healthy competition can be great to keep you motivated.

Especially if you’ve got a competitive streak and I definitely do! All in good fun!

I’m not sure what the apps are like for the other types of fitness trackers, but definitely something to check out and get involved with if you’ve got one!

7 – Buddy Up

And that brings us to the last tip for how to increase your step count! FRIENDS!

There is no greater way to get fit than if you are doing it with someone else. Whether it be your bestie, your neighbour or even your hubby, why not buddy up with someone and go for a regular walk together or a weekend hike.

Not only are you getting active, but you’re enjoying the quality time too! Friends are the best tool for getting fit!

Moving more and enjoying the extra activity in your day is also a great way to bust stress and increase your overall sense of wellbeing so there are a gazillion reasons to increase your step count every day!

7 tips to Increase your step count

What is your favourite way to increase your step count? Share how you get active!




Monday 15th of October 2018

This is so true and very important no matter where you are. I like to travel because it forces me to get out and walk. But when I'm home I try to keep up that pace by changing up my walking routes and trying to get out in nature as much as I can.