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Alice In Wonderland House Costume

Alice in Wonderland costumes are a classic choice for any fancy dress occasion. You can stick with a traditional style, or go for something unique by adding a fun twist. This is what we did with our Alice In Wonderland White Rabbit house costume.

A simple DIY costume idea for any age or fancy dress occasion, and one you can put together using items you may already have from home.

Alice in wonderland white rabbit house costume


We created this DIY kids costume for a Book Week parade for my eldest daughter. She was not the only Alice at the parade, however, she was the only one stuck in a house!

As one of her first ever Book week parades, we wanted to go with something a little different from the classic book characters that are expected.

Plus she loved wearing her homemade house costume!

This boxtume is a fun way of upcycling a cardboard box and you can easily create this costume in an afternoon, with or without the help of your kids. It’s easily recreated as an adult costume too, providing you have a big enough box! 

Alice in wonderland house costume

White Rabbit House Tutorial

What you will need

White Rabbit House Costume Tutorial

Here is the basic tutorial for creating your own DIY Alice in Wonderland costume with the White Rabbit house:

  1. Open the bottom flaps of your cardboard box so both ends of the box are unstuck.
  2. Roughly draw the outline of where you need to cut out the sides of the box for the arms to fit. Adjust as needed by testing the fit with your child.
  3. Paint the house design on your house. We covered our box first in white printer paper so we only needed one coat of paint, but you can skip this step. 
  4. Cut out window and door shapes from extra cardboard and paint. Once dry, adhere to your box using a hot glue gun. 
  5. Place the box over your child and measure the length of elastic needed for the box to rest on their shoulders comfortably. 
  6. Adhere elastic to top box flaps using a hot glue gun. Once dry, reinforce further by hand stitching the elastic with a needle and thread. This will help ensure the elastic will stay in place even if the box is heavy. 
  7. Decorate the roof of the box house with brown or yellow paper. We used brown packing paper and gave it a fringe trim to give the look of straw roofing. Adhere with glue to the roof of the house. 

That’s all you need for your simple DIY White Rabbit house costume

Painting the white rabbit house
Painting the White Rabbit House boxtume

DIY Alice In Wonderland Costume

As for the basic Alice In Wonderland costume, we used a blue dress my daughter already had in her cupboard, paired with a pair of stockings and simple black shoes.

For the apron, you can use one you already have or purchase a simple Alice dress and apron instead.

Or you can make your own basic DIY version as we did.

Diy alice in wonderland costume
We created a really simple apron out of white calico – it only needed to last the day.

I cut the shape out of plain white fabric and hand-stitched the sections together, added a waistband to tie in a bow around the back, and some shoulder frills. It was far from fancy, however, it lasted the day which was what we needed. 

Diy alice in wonderland apron tutorial
I used a pencil to draw an outline, hand-cut and hand-stitched the apron.

With the box on, you don’t see a lot of the outfit underneath anyway, which is another reason we did not fuss too much with the apron.

Of course, if you do want a proper Alice outfit for under your box so that your child can still look the part even when they remove the house, you can find this cute option on Amazon or on Amazon Australia.

The best thing about an Alice In Wonderland costume is that it also makes a perfect group costume theme. There are so many great characters to dress up as, including the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat.

This makes it a fun group Halloween costume or family idea, or a perfect Book Week teacher costume theme too! Or if you have two kids, the sibling can dress up as the white rabbit for a cute sibling costume.

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable Halloween costume, look no further than this DIY Alice in Wonderland house costume. With just a few simple materials, you can have a costume that will wow your friends and family. So get creative and have some fun with it! This fun kids’ Halloween costume or Book week outfit is one that will get plenty of attention with the fun twist of the box house.

Alice in wonderland house costume