Dining Room Inspiration - stylish and on trend, a way to take your dining to a whole new level, whether it be with the family or entertaining guests.

Dining Room Inspiration

For some, the dining room is merely a place to eat meals and perhaps share a little bit of family bonding time while you’re at it. However the dining room can also be a room of style and expression, with splashes of colour, decor and personality.

Thankfully there is plenty of dining room inspiration online, so I am sharing some of my favourites. After all, this month’s focus has been on the dining room declutter as part of the Simplify My Life challenge, so what better time to have some dining room inspiration than when it’s looking its best (or cleanest).

Check out these fantastic dining room inspiration ideas below, plus some alternative options you can find online to recreate a similar look:

French Styling

French dining table design

Love the chandelier over the dining table and the simple styling with the vases and flowers. Also those chairs look super comfy! Credit


Best Seat in the House

Dining room table

Give the head of the table a taste of luxury with their own special chair. Loving the neutral colour scheme and the fireplace at one end of the room. This is somewhere you could enjoy a dinner party in winter with style. Credit – Homebunch



Rounded Dining

Dining table round

Love this round table dining room inspiration. Round tables can be a great option for smaller spaces too. Credit


Scandinavian Simplicity

Scandinavian dining room decor

This one is that perfect option to simplify your life with basic styling that does everything it needs to in terms of function and looks great too. Source


Comfortable Dining

This trend of couches on one side of the dining table seems to becoming more popular, popping up in a lot of dining room inspiration round ups. Love the idea, although dread the thought of dining with kids on a couch. Source

Dining room decor - couch


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9 thoughts on “Dining Room Inspiration”

    1. We have a round table. I tend to agree. Also easier to squeeze and extra setting in when there are no pointy corners to worry about ;)

  1. Karin @ Calm to Conniption

    Oh these are a bit fancy. I do think of all the food my kids would smoosh into the upholstered chairs though. lol

  2. I loved that idea too. More casual dining. Perfect for a long lunch with friends over too. Wouldn’t work with our round table though.

  3. where is the first table from with the grey chairs and 2 chandeliers above . I love it and would live to buy it exactly as is in picture

  4. Jessica tyler

    Do you possibly have a copycat table and chairs available in the US that would match the French styling table and chairs (the first picture?) I NEED that table set LoL thanks so much !!

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