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Vacuum Cleaner Hacks That You Should Try

A vacuum cleaner is a household appliance most homes have. It’s one of those essentials needed to keep the floors clean and tidy and more hygienic for your family.

Right now my household consists of both a toddler and a rather new baby. She’s 4 months old and threatening to be an early crawler, which means vigilance with vacuum cleaning will now increase even more to make sure she isn’t having a taste of all the random mess that makes its way around the house when living with a toddler.

Vacuum Cleaner Hacks To Try

General vacuum cleaning is an essential chore on our weekly cleaning schedule, if not more often, depending on the state of the floors.

We were lucky enough to recently receive an LG CordZero C5 Canister cordless vacuum cleaner to try. You can read the review and learn more about the CordZero by clicking the link above.

Having such a great vacuum cleaner to try, it got me thinking, other than cleaning my floors, am I really using my vacuum cleaner to the full potential? Nope!

Cleaning mattresses and couches

Sleeping and sitting on furniture such as beds, chairs and couches mean a lot of dead skin cells and general human debris build up over time. So gross but so true.

Regular cleaning of your mattresses and couches with the vacuum cleaner can suck up all the icky stuff already mentioned. It also works for things like bed bugs. This means a more hygienic bed to sleep in for you and your family.

Build this into your regular cleaning schedule, at least every few months.

mattress, bed, pillow

Retrieving Lost Items

Next time you have that horrible frustrating moment of dropping a tiny valuable item or important object, instead of spending the next hour crawling around on your hands and knees searching frantically without luck, pop a pair of pantyhose over your vacuum cleaner hose and use it to find the lost item easily.

Think screws, earrings or charms. They will be picked up by the vacuum cleaner but not sucked into the bag. This means no sorting through the bag contents to find your item.

Clean Window Sills and Door Tracks

One of the areas of our home that I will admit were a bit gross before we got our LG CordZero C5 Canister vacuum cleaner were the tracks in our windows and doors. They were full of dust, dirt and dead bugs. Ewwww.

Instead of trying to get that build up out with a cloth and risk messing up the floor, grab your vacuum cleaner minus the head fitting and suck that mess right up. If you find the attachment still does not fit into the gaps, use a cardboard tube over the hose, and squeeze the other end to allow it to fit into smaller areas.

This simple vacuum cleaner hack takes no time at all and does a far better job than you would manually.


Many vacuum cleaners these days come with a brush fitting so they are soft against softer surfaces around the home. This is useful for many cleaning tasks around the home, including dusting those hard to reach areas or just making a speedy job of your dusting.

At least when you vacuum up the dust, you are removing it, rather than just moving it around again like you do with a duster or cloth.


This one isn’t one I personally would want to try, but if your hairdryer has died and you desperately need a blow-dry, the heat and warm air from your vacuum cleaner can do the job. This is easier if someone else helps you, as you will want to keep the vacuum cleaner further from your hair than you do a hairdryer since it is sucking rather than blowing warm air.

White Noise

Babies and small children can sometimes be difficult to settle, and at times seem comforted by the low hum of a television, a pedestal fan or similar.

Surprisingly, many babies also find it easy to go to sleep to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. While I wouldn’t recommend starting up your vacuum cleaner right beside your baby, it can be a great option for creating white noise, while you also clean the floor.

My girls were both content to relax in their baby rocker while I vacuumed. The noise seemed to relax them and allowed me to get things done at the same time.

dog, sad, waiting

Minimise Pet Hair

You’re probably thinking “But I already vacuum up my pet’s hair”. Of course, but have you considered vacuuming your pet? Apparently you can use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum your pet’s coat instead of brushing them.

A great way to reduce time since there is no cleanup job after brushing them.

Although I would probably only consider this with large dogs… don’t go vacuuming up your pet budgie (my cousin did that once by mistake… ). And make sure your pet enjoys the vacuum cleaner sound and sensation. Many pets are terrified of vacuum cleaners.

Clothing Lint Remover

If you are like me, you may have misplaced the lint roller on more occasions than can even be recalled, so I was pretty keen to try my vacuum cleaner as a lint remover after reading tips on other uses for vacuum cleaners.

It does work although better on firm fitting clothes rather than flowing skirts or dresses that may just get sucked into the vacuum cleaner instead. This is most effective for pants and easiest when you are wearing them already

However, using a damp cloth can also be effective!

Cleaning Out Dryer Lint

Dryer lint buildup can cause fires and should be cleaned regularly. Using your vacuum cleaner is a thorough way to clean out the lint from your dryer and from the filters to minimise fire risk.

Then there is always this…

I’m not keen on trying the vacuum cleaner ponytail… because seriously, ponytails are not that hard!

Do you have any other tips for other ways to use your vacuum cleaner?

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Wednesday 12th of December 2018

Oh, yeah, that's disgusting. I didn't think that even skin cells can be all around us. Luckily I'm pretty neat so I want everything to be clean anyway so I clean windows, floor, furniture and so on more often than others. A little while ago I even bought a robotic vacuum cleaner. It has that great scheduled cleaning which means that when I come home from work the house is not a disaster, just a little one :D


Saturday 22nd of September 2018

Great Tips!!! Thanks for sharing this and your post is really helpful.

Mattie Keyes

Wednesday 12th of April 2017

Thanks for sharing this excellent information. I hope that your tips are really important for me because I want to buy a new vacuum cleaner. We can use vacuum cleaner for other material product. If you want to know about it details you can follow this article.

Bronnie - Maid In Australia

Monday 19th of October 2015

I don't think any child I know would let me use a vacuum cleaner near their hair LOL. I am looking for a new one though and I love these ideas. I rent and our property manager is super picky about things like curtain tracks. Even through the Rental Tenants Authority says she shouldn't expect them to be clean on every three- month routine visit, it' is easier just to keep the peace and have them done, believe me. If this vacuum can do that, I'd be sold (my current one doesn't 'suck' enough, so I have to do it by hand. Gross.) Would love something with an attachment to do my blinds too. (My machine is really old, so doesn't have one of those attachments). We had a lab/retriever cross once and he didn't mind being vacuumed when he was moulting.


Tuesday 20th of October 2015

This one definitely has the suck power. And adjustable power too so you can amp it up to super suck! Lol and as much as its stressful as a home owner when things break down & cost a fortune to repair, I prefer it over arrogant real estate agents. We have had a lovely one in the past when we did rent, but some really horrible ones. It's almost like a power trip to pick at the most minuscule things. So frustrating :(

Vicki @ Boiled Eggs & Soldiers

Saturday 17th of October 2015

Ha, I love that video. I'm not sure I'm game to try it as a hair dryer but will definitely be giving it a go to clean out the lint in the washing machine and dryer.


Monday 19th of October 2015

Much easier than doing the dryer manually. Ours is above my head as it is. No easy feat reaching it!