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How To Create A Girls Ocean Themed Bedroom Makeover

Quite often, when you think of the term ‘makeover’ it’s easy to think about the expense involved. But it doesn’t have to be expensive, particularly when it comes to making over kids bedrooms. Kids will ultimately get to the stage where their Barbie or Lightening McQueen quilt covers aren’t cool anymore, but you would be surprised at what you can do to a room on a small budget.

Just like the ocean-themed girls bedroom I’m going to share.

Ocean themed bedroom makeover for under $100


There are so many different things you can do with a child’s bedroom and sticking to their interests, without doing a complete Disney or movie theme. 

When you avoid character themes it means the bedroom can be easily updated, and your children won’t change their minds once the next best movie is released.

This beach bedroom makeover idea is perfect for young girls who love the ocean and mermaids. Not only do the green, blue and pink hues work well together, but they are also known to have a positive psychological effect.

  • Green is known for its restful and soothing properties
  • Pale blue can be calming and serene
  • Soft shades of pink are calming, relaxing and associated with love and kindness

The colour of a child’s room can definitely have an impact on emotions and these ocean colours will help young girls focus on things like homework and to help them wind down after a busy or exciting day when you just need to put your feet up!

Ocean Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

There are some simple ways to create an under the sea bedroom using furniture, decor, fabrics and wall coverings to create your ocean vibe.

You don’t even need to go all out. A few key accents to a minimalist-style bedroom will instantly make your child feel like they are on summer vacation!

  • Use ocean colours
  • Incorporate nautical elements
  • Play up the natural light
  • Bring in sea-inspired artwork
  • Embrace a casual, beachy vibe
  • Go for a coastal look with weathered wood furniture.
  • Use rattan furniture and accents such as shelves, bedside tables & light fittings
  • Opt for breezy, natural fabrics
  • Add a touch of whimsy with Mermaid or Sea Turtle decor
  • Bring the outdoors in with houseplants
  • Add sand, seashells and coral you find on the beach to glass vases for DIY beach decor
  • Create your own ocean artwork using sand, blue paint & 3D elements such as shells or driftwood
  • Frame family beach photos to hang on the wall
  • Coastal themed wallpaper
  • Throw pillows in pastel blue, dark blue, white and yellow
  • Use fish netting to hang soft toys from the roof
  • Store smaller toys in woven baskets
  • A canopy bed will feel give tropical island inspiration
  • Paint an accent wall in blue or do your own wall mural
  • Add pots with small palm trees or feature them in your decor

Here are some beach bedroom decor ideas to help you create your own ocean oasis at home:

Coastal Quilt Set

There’s just enough colour in this quilt cover to make an impact but in an understated way. Covered with the soft white bed canopy (below) any little girl will love these tranquil colours, colours that represent colourful corals, fish and water.

Rustic Floating Wall Shelves

Not only does the colour of these floating wall shelves work in well with the ocean-themed room, but it also creates an excellent spot for little girls to display the little keepsakes that make a girl’s bedroom personal.

Tropical Themed Curtains

These tropical-coloured curtains would add instant beach glam to any girl’s bedroom, with beautiful sheer colours that will have her dreaming of the sea side.

Cotton Fishing Net

This decorative hanging fishing net can either be used simply to add to the coastal feel of the room or as a perfect way to store soft toys from the roof.

The Beach is My Happy Place Sign

This hanging flip-flops sign is a fun way to add a beach vibe to a bedroom with decorative items that bring bright colours and surfer inspiration.

Nautical Trinket Box

This cute wooden trinket and jewellery box is the perfect beach themed bedroom decor to store her favourite jewellery and trinkets.

Nautical Wooden Ship Steering Wheel

This small wooden ship wheel wall decor would bring the perfect nautical look to your bedroom decor.

Seashell Wall Hanging

This seashell wall hanging adds to the beach vibe and will look great hanging in a coastal or nautical bedroom.

Princess Bed Canopy

Mesh bed canopy

There’s something about a bed canopy, and its ability to totally transform a child’s room into a magical little haven. It creates a dramatic focal point in any bedroom. The bed canopy can be placed over the bed or used as a reading nook where they can play, pretend or escape in a book.

Jewel The Mermaid Wall Art $29 from Isla Dream Prints

Mermaid wall print ocean themed bedroom

Wall art really makes a child’s bedroom. It introduces personality to the room and brings a sense of completeness. Selecting wall art that works well with the colour scheme and the overall beach theme is the best approach.

For ocean-themed wall decor, Jewel The Mermaid perfectly suits the ocean theme, complimenting the soft blue and green colours in the quilt cover.

Kmart Anko A4 White Picture Frame

White photo frame

Plain white photo frames can be used to add ocean drawings your child does, family beach photos or printable beach-themed prints. You can find some gorgeous printable wall art on Etsy to add to your photo frames.

Teen Girl Wall Prints

Pink beach prints

These modern and stylish beach prints would be a great addition to a teen ocean themed bedroom, with shades of pink, brown and white for a subtle beachy bedroom. Your beach girl will feel like she’s ready for a day of sand and sunshine.

Set Of 100+ Beach Printable Wall Art Prints

Beach prints set

These beautiful wall prints come in a set of 100 that you can pick and choose from to decorate your home. Just add them to a frame or print them on canvas for beautiful wall art to suit your style. Add them to your kids bedroom or decorate the rest of the house too.

Redecorating On A Budget

One of the best tips for doing bedroom makeovers on a budget is to use what you’ve already got.

For this ocean-themed girls’ bedroom, next time you go to the beach, don’t forget to go searching for shells.

The shells can be placed on the shelves or, used to make your own DIY bunting. All you’ll need are some lovely shells, some twine and a drill.

Another way you can give a girls bedroom an inexpensive makeover is with a fresh paint of coat. For a smaller bedroom, you can likely do this with one or two tins of paint.

Choose a pastel colour scheme or soft blues and yellows if you want to go for a full ocean-themed bedroom instead. A beach-themed bedroom is easily decorated with things you find, so if you’ve got some great DIY skills, you can do a lot for less.

Find some sturdy driftwood to create shelves or simple bedroom decor. Smooth rocks and shells from the beach can line shelves or sit in a wide glass vase.

Beach Themed Bedroom Inspiration

Get some inspiration on more ways you can add a beach or ocean theme to your child or teens bedroom with these gorgeous coastal bedroom makeovers:

Beach themed girls bedroom

This beach-themed bedroom for a teen girl would be just s fun for younger kids too with beautiful shades of blue, yellow, peach and teal and a few coordinating accessories. I love that they’ve used the colours from the wall print to decorate the bedroom.

Ocean themed bedroom for boys

This summer time at sea bedroom was created for brothers to share and it looks incredible, with the nautical colours and decor, and that incredible wallpaper. This room would just as easily be loved by little girls or teenagers too.

Ocean themed girls bedroom

This simple bedroom design teams shades of blue and white with ocean themed wall art for a simple yet beautiful bedroom that a growing girl or boy would love.

Beach minimalist bedroom

For a more subtle coastal bedroom theme that would suit either boys or girls, add shades of tan and white, with rattan decor and a fun beach kid wall art. This bedroom feels like a holiday at home.

The best thing about an ocean or beach-themed bedroom is that you can easily take it from a little girl’s haven to a teenager’s retreat with a few simple changes.

Happy Decorating!

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What theme room style would your children love best? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear it! And share this post to Pinterest via the image below! Be sure to follow me on Facebook or YouTube for more home styling ideas like these!