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Kmart Vanity Hack With Tutorial Video

Kmart hacks are an affordable way to transform budget home decor and accessories into something special and this Kmart vanity hack is exactly that. Transform the Kmart kid’s wooden vanity into a glam furniture item every little girl will want in their bedroom!

The best part about this Kmart wooden vanity hack is that you can do it in a couple of hours, without using any paint!

Kmart vanity hack

Easy Kmart Vanity Hack

Kmart hacks are one of the reasons we love Kmart here in Australia, just as Ikea hacks are popular around the world!

Being able to buy affordable home decor that you can customise yourself for cheap is always a winner, giving items a top-end look on a low-end budget!

Or giving an already cool product a new purpose, like this Kmart money box hack.

And the kid’s wooden vanity set from Kmart is no exception!

This entire hack cost me $45 combined with a few items I already had at home.

You can purchase the wooden vanity set from Kmart for $39 AU, which comes with the vanity table and mirror, a stool plus a wooden makeup set and a wooden hair brush.

Vanity Video Tutorial

Watch the complete video tutorial of my vanity hack here:

What You Will Need

Aside from the wooden vanity set itself, you will need Kmart adhesive vinyl rolls.

These are $3 AU each and I used two different types of vinyl – the marble print and the metallic rose gold vinyl.

If you want other colours, you can get a variety of adhesive vinyl colours online to suit your colour scheme. Kmart only has a few colours. These holographic vinyl colours are stunning!

You will also need some embellishments for your mirror.

I used craft flowers from Prima Marketing that I already had at home in my scrapbooking embellishment supplies.

Any craft flowers would work and Kmart does have their own collection of fabric flowers as well.

Close up kmart wooden vanity hack

I also used a piece of chipboard shaped like a leaf flourish.

What you use to decorate your mirror is completely up to you. Use what you already have or find craft supplies in the colours and styles you would like for your finished vanity hack.

How To Makeover A Kmart Wooden Vanity Set

There are many ways you can add personality and glam style to your Kmart wooden vanity set.

I will share with you how I hacked our vanity set and then share some more ideas below for how else you can add your own personality to this cute kid’s play set.

Kmart kid's wooden vanity set with stool

STEP ONE – Start by building the vanity table up and adding the legs, but do not yet add the mirror and storage sections. This will make it easier to add your vinyl to the vanity tabletop.

STEP TWO – Cut out a piece of vinyl that is approximately 1.5 inches larger than your vanity top. Peel back gradually and smooth the vinyl onto the vanity, taking care to remove bubbles or wrinkles.

TIP: You will need to make small cuts at the corners so the vinyl folds neatly under the table.

STEP THREE – Once the vinyl has adhered to the vanity, add the mirror and storage sections to your vanity set.

STEP FOUR – Repeat this process for the vanity stool and adhere a piece of vinyl to the stool top. Once this is done, add the legs to the stool.

Adding flowers and vinyl to vanity

STEP FIVE – Measure and cut small pieces of rose gold vinyl to the front of the storage boxes (see the video above for this process). Adhere and remove any excess vinyl.

TIP: A nail file works well to remove extra slithers of vinyl from the edge of these sections.

STEP SIX – Add embellishments to the edge of the mirror using flowers or other decorative items. Adhere in place with a hot glue gun.

STEP SEVEN – Measure out 5CM marks at the bottom of the stool and vanity legs using a pencil and ruler.

Rose gold vinyl around vanity and stool legs

STEP EIGHT – Cut vinyl strips that are 7CM wide and adhere around the legs where you have marked them.

And that’s it, your Kmart vanity hack is complete!

More Ways To Hack A Kmart Vanity Set

Adhesive vinyl is a great option if you want minimal mess. But if you want to try some other ideas, here are a few other ways you can hack the vanity:

  • Paint – Paint all or parts of your vanity unit in your chosen colours. Cover the mirror and any other areas you don’t want to paint on first and make sure you have a well-ventilated area to do your painting in.
  • Lights – Add lights around the vanity mirror for some extra glam. Try battery-operated LED lights or similar.
  • Padded Seat – Add a thick fur fabric or a cushion to the vanity stool for a padded seat.
  • Glitter Contact Paper – Similar to using adhesive vinyl, glitter contact paper is a simple way to add some extra glam.
  • More Flowers – Add flowers all the way around the mirror for extra colour and decoration.
  • Bling – Add stick-on bling around the mirror or to the edges of the kid’s vanity or glue on larger bling with a glue gun.
  • Decorate Accessories – If you want a coordinating set, you can decorate the wooden accessories or add extra accessories to the vanity set in the same colour scheme.

Kmart Hack Group Inspiration

Find more Kmart wooden vanity set hack ideas in the Kmart hack Facebook groups – Kmart Mums & Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia.

Just search vanity hack and you will find loads of cool ideas!

The Kmart wooden vanity is the perfect kid’s room decor to customise with a fun Kmart hack! And any little girl (or boy) will love having their own unique play table and mirror in their bedroom!

Kmart vanity hack wooden vanity set