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Simplify my Life Challenge – Outdoors & Garage Declutter

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This month sees our Simplify My Life declutter challenge take us outdoors (for part of it) as we do the backyard and garage declutter. A pretty big workload ahead for some of you, which I apologise for but hey… we’ve had a few easy ones thrown in along the way so it’s time to get the big stuff going again.

And besides, it’s Spring here in Australia so call it Spring cleaning!

The garage often becomes a clutter collector in most homes, with old and broken items making their way there or stuff that does not have a place in the house. It’s often the place where you find items that don’t even really make sense – the unidentified type that you can’t even remember when you collected or where.

The backyard has a few of those tendencies for some also, with old building materials or broken outdoor toys taking up home in corners of the yard. Or if you are really keen, you may also take some time to get rid of fallen branches and other garden matter that is cluttering up the back yard.

So grab your checklist on the link below (and your sunhat perhaps):

Get the Declutter checklist here

It helps to have your garden weather ready as well, so if you are coming into cold weather where you are, check out these ideas on keeping your garden from perishing in winter.

If you are new to the Simplify My Life challenge, head over to the main page to find a link to all the declutter, organise and simplify tasks involved. Never too late to get involved.

Have you been joining in the declutter tasks so far? What has been the biggest area for you to tackle?



Nicole @ The Builder's Wife

Thursday 8th of October 2015

I've just printed this off and popped in my Husbands intray :) Thank you xx


Friday 9th of October 2015

Smart thinking! lol The garage is one of those ones that gets neglected a lot but geez there's some strange stuff in there after a few years. The stuff that has no other home!