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Improve Your Chances of Selling Stuff Online

Living in a technologically advanced world brings so many benefits. Once we would have had to leave the house to do most things, such as go to the bank, buy groceries, play a game with a friend. These days, we can do all of that and so much more online. This includes selling and buying stuff too. But in such a saturated market of online sellers, how do you improve your chances of selling your stuff online?

Whether it be handmade treasures, old technology and media, or unwanted furniture and clothing, there are certain tips for selling online that will have your chances of success increase drastically.

I’ve had experience with a variety of selling platforms, including Etsy, Ebay, Facebook, Gumtree and my own children’s clothing and accessory business so I’ve learnt a few tips from selling online that will hopefully help you also.


One of the most essential steps in order to succeed with online selling is taking clear, high quality photographs. No matter the product or the sale forum, clear photographs are a must. If someone cannot clearly make out the item you are selling, or the quality is questionable due to it being blurry or surrounded in too much background clutter, people are unlikely to buy. But when you present your products with great photos, their confidence in the product is much higher.

Of course the photos you take for items you sell as part of a handmade or professional business need to be of a much higher quality than a photo you take to list an item on a local selling page on facebook, but still take the time to follow these simple steps to better photos:

  • Uncluttered background
  • Neither over or under exposed
  • Clear
  • Include close ups if relevant


When selling a car online, obviously no one is going to buy from a listing that consists of “Red car for sale” and no further details. You need to provide details that are useful and answer the questions your potential buyers may have, such as condition, age, variations, features, inclusions, location, colours and sizing etc. A lot of people will just skim past if they see a listing without relevant detail, rather than waste time going back and forth asking questions so be sure to include all those details up front.


Be realistic in your pricing. No one is going to buy your dirty old sneakers with a hole in the sole for $20. If you have no idea what go sell something for, check out similar items online and get an idea based on what others are selling for. Also, consider your priorities – if you need cash, go with the amount you want to make. If you just want to get rid of stuff, make it cheap. Clearing space in your home plus a few dollars are a good combo.

Choose the Right Platform

There are so many options for selling online, but they are not all suited to all items. Many have restrictions, such as handmade sites needing items to be handmade or related to the manufacture of handmade products. Be sure to do a little bit of research to make sure you are choosing the best platform for you. Ebay for example is really convenient to sell most things, but sometimes the fees make it less worthwhile, so it may be better suited to items with a slightly higher reach price. Local selling pages and trading post websites can be great for selling cheap items or those that are huge and need pick up only. Choosing the right platform also comes down to things like postage costs compared to pick up, in order to get the best customers suited to the products you are selling.

With these tips in mind, you should increase your chances of selling online by having the right audience, offering the right products and the right price, but remember if you are having no luck, it may be time to consider a different platform or a reduced price. Go back and review your items and see where you can change it up a little. With any luck, you will soon be seeing the benefits of your online selling though.

Do you have any tips for selling online that work well for you?

Renee Mayne

Wednesday 17th of June 2015

And speak to them in the right language, great advice Holly!


Friday 19th of June 2015

Yes! That's definitely helpful.

Michaela Fox

Wednesday 17th of June 2015

Love this post and it has given me food for thought. I have been considering setting up an easy account to sell some kids decor pieces like felt ball garlands. But am wondering if i set up as a seller or a shop. And do you think I need a FB page specifically to sell? Love some further tips. Thank you!!!


Friday 19th of June 2015

Michaela, that's a bit exciting. It depends on whether you want to use your blog brand to sell your creations or if you want them separate. I had a kids clothing & handmade store with a FB page & etsy store pre-blog but have since downsized drastically & re-branded my etsy store with my blog name, and no longer using the fb page. It can be a lot of work managing an extra page, but if you decided to keep them separate, and you have the time, a facebook page can be a good way to reach an audience only interested in your handmade decor. You could always start by doing an occasional post on your existing page & if things start to take off, consider setting up a second page just for that purpose. Hope that helps, but hit me up if you have other questions :)