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7 Signs of a Highly Organised Mum

We all know one….or maybe you are one? That mum who always seems to be so organised! In other words, she has thought ahead, she plans for every eventuality, and she is very rarely flustered. Check out these 7 signs of a highly organised mum – along with some expert hints and tips to help things run a little smoother for you. Leave us your tips in the comments section below so we can all benefit from any advice you have to offer.


1. Always Well Prepared

You always have a drink or (healthy!) snack in your bag to calm your little one – and baby wipes for a sticky mess or any dirty nose that might present itself

Keep a supply of healthy snacks at home, ready to pop into your bag when you are preparing to leave the house. When you are in the supermarket, look for snacks that will pack easily into a bag, that don’t need to be refrigerated or warmed through, and won’t make a huge mess when you are out and about.

Depending on the age of your children, consider the following:

  • Wholegrain cereal bars.
  • Dried fruit, banana chips.
  • Oatmeal snack cakes.
  • Breadsticks.
  • Cheese crackers.
  • Carrot, cucumber, or celery sticks.

And of course, make sure you have a great reliable drink bottle to have water with you on the go wherever you are, that isn’t going to leak through your bag and cause a soggy mess!

2. Your phone never runs out of charge

Get into the habit of charging your phone whenever you are home. Also, portable phone chargers are available, which can fit in your bag or purse and are great for travel or days out.

Simply charge your portable charger at home and then keep it in your bag, pocket, purse, or car.

This way you aren’t going to find yourself in a situation where you are out of contact, which as a mother or any parent, is never an ideal situation.

We always need to be on call these days in case of an emergency. That emergency may not be anything dramatic, but it’s part of mum life to be reachable!

3. You know how to use apps and the calendar on effectively on your smartphone

Use the calendar on your phone to set reminders, alerts, and alarms to avoid missing birthdays, parent’s evenings, and appointments. You can sync your phones with other members of the family so you know who is going to be late, who needs picking up from where – and who is doing the pick-up.

Having access to your schedule on the go means you won’t get stuck out and about not sure on your availability, although there is no harm in keeping a more comprehensive paper-based planner too! Some of us run on multiple systems. The key is having a system to start with!

4. There is always a clean set of matching clothes ready to wear

A great tip is to buy socks and clothes that you can mix and match, even between kids if you have more than one. The same goes for clothes.

For everyday wear, choose simple pieces such as leggings, jogging bottoms, tee shirts, and long sleeve tops that are easy to wash, dry, and put away.

Kids don’t need a lot of fancy going out outfits, but they do need wardrobe staples that are comfortable and suitable for the weather!

5. You don’t have laundry hanging all over the house

In colder weather, choose long sleeve tops that you can layer and are much easier to dry, rather than heavy knits or shirts and blouses that need to be hung up to dry and ironed (avoid wherever possible – unless you are one of the few people that love ironing).

Encourage kids to put their own clothes away from an early age and try not to worry if they are not folded exactly how you want them to be.

If you have accessible storage that your little one can use, day to day dressing and keeping on top of the laundry will be much easier – and fun.

7 signs of a highly organised mum


You don’t have toys and books scattered all over the floor, tripping you up and creating a hazard

The same piece of advice as number five – encourage them to put things away. From the age of two, many children are capable of putting toys away alongside many other household chores you can encourage.

Try a reward system to make it fun. Draw up a chart detailing what you want them to do – keep it simple for little ones, for example ”put your jigsaw pieces in the box,” ”put rubbish in the bin,” ”keep crayons in the drawer.”

age appropriate chores printable

When they do it, give them a point on the chart or get them to put on a sticker. When the chart is full, reward them with a special treat. The treat doesn’t have to be expensive and it could even be something you were going to give them anyway – like a trip to the park.

Remember that it probably doesn’t matter if toys are put in the wrong place. Safety is much more important.

Here are more tips to minimise clutter at home:

7. Healthy snacks & Fridge Essentials

Not only is there fresh milk in the fridge, but fruit in the fruit bowl, vegetables in the vegetable rack and the ingredients are on hand to create a nutritious lunch and rustle up a tasty supper

Cook or prepare food in advance, ideally when the little ones are occupied or sleeping. Each week, have a rough meal plan outlining what you plan to cook and when.

free homemaking printables

Keep a notepad in the kitchen and encourage older ones to jot down what they need – if they see the milk is running low or need fruit for their lunch box, get them to write it down.

Try setting up a fridge snack station for easy access to healthy snacks you don’t need to prepare.

Here are more ideas to help you get organised in the kitchen:

Of course, we all have good days and not-so-good days and I’m not suggesting anyone can be organised all of the time. Truly, the best thing about kids is that there is never a dull moment – you just can’t plan for everything!