Wardrobe makeover

Ultimate Wardrobe Makeover

The main bedroom wardrobe or walk in robe is often one of the most difficult spaces to keep organised. We seem to accumulate so many clothes, shoes and accessories without getting rid of the stuff we no longer need as often as we should, and it sometimes becomes a storage place for so many unnecessary things that simply do not belong.

My wardrobe was horrendous. Clothes overflowing and all over the floor, shoe racks that ended up buried under the clothes so you couldn’t actually see what was on them, not to mention the shoe boxes up the top, bedding and far too many random items all making it not only look messy, but near impossible to find what we wanted quickly.


So I was very lucky when Howards Storage World came to the rescue with all I needed to complete a wardrobe makeover. One of my biggest issues was not having the best storage systems in place to get my wardrobe organised, along with the need to do a series downsize of clothing and accessories.

I cleared out the wardrobe completely at the start, so I could give it a good clean while I was at it. The vacuum cleaner had not seen the carpet under the mess for a while. Then beginning with the easy stuff, I sorted and downsized my clothing and accessories, throwing everything into a box that I no longer needed. Actually 3 mammoth boxes in the end between hubby and I, even though hubby needed a lot of harassing to part ways with much. Everything else went back in on Howards coat hangers, which are flocked so clothes actually stay on them. Unlike our old plastic ones that were also prone to breaking.

The Elfa drawer unit went in next, and is a great addition to our closet due to the lack of drawer space. My husband now has a hat drawer instead of throwing them up on the shelf somewhere. I also put our winter PJs & sweaters in the other 2 large drawers and my hair straightener and a few other flat accessories in the smaller top drawer.

The shoe racks are a much better fit than our existing racks. Lower so easier to see what we had without them getting lost under the hanging clothing. There was also the wooden 2 shelf racks that went on the shelf up top, where my shoe boxes used to be stacked. This is a far better storage solution for my high heels and boots than shoe boxes. I can actually see what I have!

Then there was the extra stuff that was taking up space – the vacuum bags are amazing.  The Ziploc Vacuum Tote jumbo is holding 2 king size doonas, a king size mink blanket and 2 pillows. Crazy. The two large vacuum bags are full of clothes. One with our snow gear and the other with fancy dress and stuff we won’t actually wear like high school jerseys that we want to keep but don’t need taking up hanging space.

Now here’s the extra cool part – other than the stuff we no longer needed and yes there was a fair few clothes and shoes that exited the wardrobe, everything else that was in there that belonged there, went back in. Not only that, but a whole lot of stuff taking up space elsewhere in the house also went in. For example, the spare bedroom closet was full of our winter coats and jackets. That room is about to be converted into a third bedroom, so it needed to come out. We got rid of a few but the rest now fit in our wardrobe. Plus those plastic tubs, which are the 35L tubs are holding half of my old kids clothing store stock that was also taking up space in the spare room. This is a better solution for them until I sell them. So not only did we get our wardrobe looking neater, but we consolidated stuff from other areas in the house too!

There are a couple of other very cool little accessories that were a nice addition too. Like the scarf hanger:

The belt hanger:

And this cool jewellery hanger – what I love about this is no one would think to look in your wardrobe hanging area for valuables on the unfortunate event you were broken in to, but also it’s such a great space saver:


(Apologies for the lousy photos – it’s an awkward space to photograph due to the position of the doorway):

Hopefully this post has inspired you to do your own wardrobe makeover. Be sure to grab my free printable checklist to help you get the job done.

* Note: Payment was not received for this post, however product was provided to complete the wardrobe make over from Howards Storage World. All opinions in this post are my own. Giveaway open to Australian residents only.

117 thoughts on “Ultimate Wardrobe Makeover”

  1. Wow, your ‘before’ photos look like my current state of affairs! I’d definitely spend the $100 on shoe storage solutions. Between my husband and I we have about 40 pairs of shoes and they’re just everywhere – in boxes under the bed, on top of the wardrobe, hiding under the winter coats, in the kids’ rooms… it’s ridiculous!

  2. I find it’s not so much my stuff but all my husband’s things that seem to multiply and spread everywhere. I told him in our next house we are not sharing a wardrobe! He could do with some storage items for sure.

  3. Ingrid @ Fabulous and Fun Life

    Wow! What a makeover! I’ve been trying to get rid of some of my old clothes I no longer wear in small lots. I find it easier than doing it all in one hit.

    I love the HSW jewellery holder and scarf holder. These are definitely two items I would buy if I won this voucher.

  4. Eva @ The Multitasking Mummy

    We are in the throws of starting renovations where we are installing a new kitchen, a deck and converting a landing into my new office! At the moment my office is the junk room and as a person that works from home, it is not very inspirational! If I were to win $100 I would put it towards making my brand new office clutter free and a place I look forward to working every day!

  5. Malinda @mybrownpaperpackages

    What a huge difference this made. I so desperately need to sort out my pantry so would put $100 towards that.

  6. Ohhh, this appeals to my ocd need for organisation! I have their shoe racks but I’d not seen the belt organiser… I’m googling the nearest Howards now!

  7. EssentiallyJess

    We have the most terrible wardrobes in our house!
    Despite not having much space, they are poorly organised. I’m not entirely sure how to fix them, but I did do a big chuck out of clothes on the weekend which now has them looking much more organised. It’s very frustrating though.

  8. athousandtimestooshort

    Cleaning out the wardrobe is so satisfying. A hat drawer sounds like both a luxury and an essential – I too have hats thrown up on a shelf and it is not a good look :)

  9. We are moving in may and our new place has no shelving in the wardrobe. We don’t envision affording it any time soon so this voucher would really come in handy to spend on some baskets and a shoe rack! Love Howard’s Storage.

  10. Lara @Family Beat

    What a great competition! I so need something like this….

    Your closet looks so good now, I am jealous.

  11. Luisa @ Looking for mama me

    I would definitely spend that voucher organising all the little bits and pieces for my baby! nappies,wipes, socks, mittens, headbands…. some many time things babies have that you can never find because they’re always screwed up in the one big messy drawer! …. although I’d be tempted to buy that jewelry hanger too!

  12. I was surprised recently to find they have great kids school lunch box solutions so that’s the area of the store I’d be heading for!

  13. Well done that looks great. I was crawling around on the floor in my walk in looking for a lost earring back and realised that its time for an autumn clear out and clean.

  14. Oh goodness, I am amazed about how many shoes you managed to store in the shoe racks. Definitely need lots of those in our house!!

  15. It would be spent with ease, even chipping in additional dollars. So many things in HSW we need, got the catalogue here and all items required circled.

  16. I’ve just moved into a rental with no drawers or shelves in the wardrobe so I’d definitely buy the Elfa drawer unit

  17. I’d definitely buy one of the jewellery hangers, our house was broken into a few years ago and they took my whole jewellery box, I’ll never have my precious items out where they are easy to see again. This holder looks perfect!

  18. Bathroom organisers – for all the millions of hair and skin products that my husband has. He’s got more than me!

  19. Some new storage solutions for my baby daughter’s wardrobe, especially for all the clothes handed down from her big sister that she has yet to grow in to! And a few new pieces to ‘pretty up’ the bathroom would be lovely too :)

  20. Closet solutions for sure, ways to organise my daughters monster closet, I avoid her room as it makes me anxious lol

  21. Amazing what a few good items can do for a closet. Thanks for sharing your closet makeover and giveaway on Merry Monday.

  22. storage solution for my shower, so I don’t have to keep bending down to pick up the shampoo and conditioner!

  23. Slimline coat hangers and see-through shoe storage boxes. I too need to SIMPLIFY my wardrobe, CREATE more space and INSPIRE myself to dress better.

  24. I already have the jewellery hanger. My jewellery is now organised and no more tangles! I’d love the scarf hanger…winter is just around the corner.

  25. Fiona Rowlands

    Wow, looks amazing!!! I really need to organise my wardrobe so poor hubby has more room!! I’d love to get some shoe racks/organisers so i could actually see what I owned…

  26. With tax time fast approaching, I would love the storage solutions to get all the papers and invoicing filed and easy to get to. Howards Storage have a great range and your story has me inspired!

  27. Pantry shelves in disarray.
    Howards to the rescue, hip hip hooray.
    Organisation achievable in no time at all.
    With a storage system so easy to install.

  28. My side of the wardrobe is a mess. It’s cuasing tension and stress! Allure Earring Organiser and Little Black Bow Dress – Hanging Dress Organiser and 22 Pocket Organiser would help me out. So the finishing touches to my outfits will be in no doubt.

  29. I would want a makeover just like the ones shown…I’m prepared to spend extra money if that what it takes!
    If I can become that little bit more organised life would be a lot easier.

  30. I would spend it on organising my cupboard, cloths, belts ,hats, shoes, necklaces……too much stuff piled together in my house. help.

  31. Bec @ The Plumbette

    Your wardrobe looks fantastic! I am in desperate need of the flocked hangers so that my clothes stay on the hangers making it harder for my 2 and 4 year old pulling down my dresses to play dress ups!!

  32. christine williams

    I need to buy some shoe storage for my daughter. She’s bought a new pair of shoes for each potential Prince Charming. She’s kissed an enormous amount of frogs so far.

  33. I would love to buy new shoe organisers – one for garage & one for keeping inside home near the main door so that our home looks more organised & clean.

  34. Natalie Stoute

    Our ironing board bit the dust last week and using the kitchen bench with a towel on it isn’t exactly ideal. I think I’d splurge and put the $100 towards this fantastic looking board:

  35. I would put the voucher towards a Wardrobe Kit With Canvas Cover. Just moved into a new place with no built in wardrobes, this wardrobe kit is the perfect solution.

  36. I would get my entryway organised with these gorgeous boxes:

    Much nicer than the pile of bags and mail I have now!

  37. Melinda Bolitho

    New hangers I require, sick of my old ones that are rusted wire. The plastic ones are tacky and cheap to boot, watching my husband trying to hang my dresses on them is a hoot. The crochet ones I deeply regret, they are starting to unravel and make a mess! Howards Storage World come to my rescue, some timber hangers are just what I need to get my wardrobe up to speed!

  38. I’d buy a shoe rack to keep things neat and tidy. It would sure beat my current system which seems to be: ‘kick all shoes off into the hallway when you get home’

  39. Have been living in our new home for 3 months without cutlery inserts in the kitchen drawers!! $100 should cover it!

  40. Definitely need to spend money on hanging accessory and shoe organizer.and a storage unit for winter jumpers.

  41. Don’t open the pantry – it’s a mess!
    Jars and boxes in excess.
    Howard’s Storgage I profess,
    Would see my problems easily addressed!

  42. Kristy winters

    With six people in our house I have trouble staying on top of the shoe mess so I would have to start there

  43. No storage in my laundry is my formidable arch enemy. A $100 voucher will help me fight laundry justice and make Howard’s my super hero.

  44. With three boys in the house,
    No space for even a mouse,
    Duplo, diggers and plenty of balls,
    I need Storage boxes, big and small!

  45. I could so easily spend $100 at Howards! I dream of clear shoe boxes but can’t justify the cost of doing ALL my shoes so maybe that…

  46. Ingrid Robertson

    We have a hostage situation in the fridge:( The jams and pickles have ganged up and hidden the mustards. I need the clear plastic fridge bins to corral the jars into their own pens and free the mustards!

  47. id sepend it on getting my laundry organised. its chaos in there. would love to actually enjoy going to into my laundry

  48. Belinda (Bee) Ban

    Storage spaces in my kids wardrobes are adult size for there small clothes…. lots of wasted space! so some baskets and shoe storage would be ideal :)

  49. In desperate need of shoe organisation as the kids have their school, dance, soccer and going out shoes all thrown in the laundry and getting ready on time is a disaster.

  50. If I had $100 to spend at HSW, I’d probably spend it on storage for my very VERY messy craft room… But my wardrobe is driving me slightly insane (honestly, why don’t they automatically put shelves in????) so I might deal with that first!

  51. Natasha Andrews

    I need the scarf and belt hangers – the perfect way to help me reclaim my wardrobe.

    And I need many clear shoe boxes – dear hubby thinks I have a shoe problem – silly boy – what I actually have is a shoe STORAGE problem!

  52. My pantry always starts of well after a clean and then becomes a mess. Pantry storage containers would be where my spending dollars go – and it will keep the items fresher long.

  53. I’d give the voucher to my mum who is on a widows pension as she has to move out of her unit on less then a shoestring budget in 2 months. It’s stressing us all out.

  54. How timely – at the moment I am giving my wardrobe a MAJOR cleanout! Amazing the stuff you find piled up in a corner. Would definitely buy storage boxes and then label them all!

  55. Absolutely, hands-down those wonderful shoe racks !!!!! I am so sick of the mish mash of shoes sprawled all over our laundry floor, by the front door, EVERYWHERE… getting those organised would be a step in the right direction ;)

    Thanks for the chance, love your wardrobe transformation and we adore HSW!

  56. Inspired by Howards Storage World I would choose mason jars and food containers to creatively simplify my un-organised and messy pantry.

  57. I would get some storage boxes that can utilise the space in the bottom of our wardrobe, and store things like winter/summer clothes while they’re not in use so that we can have more space for the current season.

  58. Ohh those brooms behind the door,
    And laundry baskets on the floor,
    Put my powder in neat tins,
    And a nice new laundry bin!

  59. I’d love Stainless Steel Over the Door Hooks for all bedrooms. They’re great for bags and belts to go on so they are out of the way but easily found. I never thought before to put makeup in a Pocket Organiser but that’s a wonderful idea I’d love too.

  60. With 5 kids most being teenagers and girls there is never enough storage living in a townhouse I can use all the help I can get

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