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Declutter Your Medicine Cabinet

Have you looked at what’s in your medicine cabinet lately? Is it full of out of date medications, empty packages and unnecessary items? Ours was a bit shocking not so long ago. Eeeeekkkkk! It’s probably time to declutter your medicine cabinet!

declutter medicine cabinet

How to declutter your medicine chest:

There is nothing worse than feeling under the weather only to realise the item you want and thought you had actually expired in 2009.


At least once a year, give the actual cabinet a deep clean, removing everything and scrubbing the interior of the cabinet. You want your medical supplies kept in a hygienic space so it pays to give it a spring clean like the rest of the house.


My husband has this bad habit of keeping every prescription item he ever had & actually getting a repeat script filled just in case, quite often not using it.

The problem is that items like antibiotics are prescribed for a specific purpose and are not transferable across all illnesses. So it’s risky and a waste of money for unnecessary repeats.

Only get as much as you need, and dispose of excess once you know you’re in the clear.


Where possible, unless you know you need the mega version, buy smaller sized medications and related for items that have an expiry date?

This way you are more likely to use it up before it goes bad, throwing far less money down the toilet.


At least every couple of months do a quick declutter of what’s in your medicine chest.

Anything out of date or that has been opened and probably lost its healing potential. Anything damaged should go too, just in case.


Ensure you have all the necessary first aid and basic medical supplies you need for common family ailments and potential emergencies.

The last thing you need is to realise you are out of essential items during a crisis (although fingers crossed you never need them).

The best part of this task is that it should only take about 10 minutes to complete unless you have been hoarding medical supplies for a while.

And once you start a regular medicine cabinet declutter routine, it will be a 5-minute job or less that is overall pain-free (unlike most other declutter tasks).

If you are feeling motivated, check out these simple 10-minute declutter tasks for more ideas on what you can achieve with only a short amount of time and this list of 150 things you can throw away or donate will also get the momentum moving!

Truth time, what was the oldest item you decluttered from your medicine cabinet?

Jenny @ Unremarkable Files

Sunday 22nd of February 2015

I've been told by a doctor that OTC medicines like Advil, Motrin, and Tylenol are just the same for years after their "use by" dates. Even after that, they're still safe, just maybe not quite as effective. Not saying that you shouldn't get new painkillers that are actually form the right decade, just saying that older ones won't kill you, either.

Thanks for the tips! Stopping by from the Saturday Evening Family Friendly Free for All.


Sunday 22nd of February 2015

Interesting to know, although we tend not to have a lot of painkillers past use by. Hubby suffers sciatica nerve pain so they get their use well in time. But things like cough medicine, antibiotics & prescription meds aren't worth the risk.