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7 Convincing Reasons To Take a Babymoon

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Babymoon… the expectant parent version of a honeymoon. Somewhat a new trend but a worthy one that you too should consider if you are having a baby anytime in the future. Let me tell you some reasons to take a babymoon, so you can start planning yours right now.

1. Being Pregnant Is Hectic

Growing a human takes a lot out of us. Pregnancy can be downright exhausting for most, not all the time but usually at the start and end at least. While you are growing this tiny human, you are also continuing on with everything else that you need to do as part of your everyday life, such as work, socialising and home life. Add to that the extra preparations that may be going on, such as decorating a nursery, planning for the baby’s arrival and making frequent trips to medical appointments to ensure all is going well. Yep, it’s hectic. A chance to take a bit of a break from all of this is important.

2. You May Not Get Another Holiday For A While

This isn’t always the case. Many families are quite happy to pack up their baby and travel the globe… or at least to their local areas, with something like a new addition to the baby not stopping them. However for many others, finances aren’t in favour of holidays and the thought of travelling with a baby can be daunting. So just in case your next holiday is a while away, now is your chance to visit somewhere you may have wanted to go for a while, or to go somewhere you can simply relax and unwind.

3. Bond With Your Partner

New babies take up a lot of our time and as such, our partner may find themselves no longer getting as much of our time as they are used to. This can be a trying time for new parents especially, so a babymoon is a great way to strengthen your couple bond before the arrival of your first, second or eight child. Time to enjoy each other’s company, have some fun and relax – before the broken sleep and hectic new baby routine kicks in.

4. Prepare Other Kids For Change

There is no reason you can’t have a babymoon before every baby you have. It isn’t exclusively for first time parents. You may want to take your bigger kids with you. Or you may decide to leave them home with a trusted family member or friend. If this is the case, it’s actually a great way to prepare them for when you go into hospital to have the new baby, as they may not be used to nights away from home.

5. A Chance To Plan

One of the other great reasons to take a babymoon is a chance to actually have those important conversations with your partner. Back at home with work and other commitments, you may find yourselves failing to sit down and make some of those essential plans and decisions, like baby names and parenting methods. A babymoon can be a good time to communicate with your partner about each of these things.

6. Extra Sleep

Everyone warns you about the lack of sleep when a baby arrives. Sure it’s true. Babies do wake more often than us and sleep in shorter, more frequent intervals, needing frequent feeds and butt changes. It doesn’t mean it will be totally horrible, but a few days away with some sleep ins will be a lovely treat.

From our Tasmanian babymoon before our first child in 2012

7. Because You Can

And one of the final reasons to take a babymoon is because you can… and because you deserve it! Becoming a parent for the first, or subsequent time is a life changing experience and the fact that you are growing this tiny human inside of your body is downright amazing. Take a babymoon because you deserve to treat yourself and have a little bit of fun.

By now you are sure to be convinced of reasons to take a babymoon. It doesn’t need to be fancy. A night or two away at a local hotel is still a babymoon. Remember to consider the stage of your pregnancy before you travel though – first trimester can be rough (trust me… morning sickness and windy roads of somewhere like Tasmania are a bad combo). Third trimester may come with some travel restrictions, such as flying late term, so you may need to stick to a driving holiday if late in your pregnancy.

Did you take a babymoon or are you currently planning one? Where did/will you go?

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