Earn at home series: How you can become a virtual assistant and earn an income from home

Earn At Home Series: Virtual Assistant

A year ago I took the leap from stable job and high income to become a stay at home mum. Since this time I have followed different paths to becoming self employed, all of which I do from home. As a result, many friends and readers have asked questions about how they too can earn at home.

Over the next several days I will be sharing some different and popular ways that you too could earn an income from home, kicking off with how to become a virtual assistant.

What is a Virtual Assistant? 

A virtual assistant is essentially someone who performs a diverse range of business related tasks remotely. They typically work online, although can also perform offline tasks such as making phone calls and sending mail outs as well.

A virtual assistant typically assists with tasks that a person or company wants to outsource, with most of these duties being administration based, such as data entry, responding to emails, social media management, uploading content to websites and pretty much anything else that can be outsourced and done remotely.

How Can I Become a Virtual Assistant?

Becoming a virtual assistance requires you to have the skills needed by your clients, which will almost always include high level computer skills to perform the various online tasks needed. You will also need the resources to perform your duties such as a reliable computer and internet connection, possibly a phone and other tools.

Once you have these things established, the best option is to create a public profile such as a website, blog or social media accounts advertising the services you offer. Work out what you’re good at before you go offering these things though.

Join groups on Facebook and other social media networking sites where there are business owners and let everyone know you are just starting out, but offer whatever services you feel you are capable of. Keep an eye out for posts about potential clients seeking a virtual assistant or other help. You just have to put yourself out there initially.

There are agencies set up to specialise in hiring and linking virtual assistants with clients. You may also find virtual assistance jobs sometimes advertised in job classifieds or forums.

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