Earn at Home Series: Tutoring

Earn At Home Series: Tutoring

Welcome to the 5th and final post in the Earn at Home Series. Today’s focus is on tutoring. If you have enjoyed this series of posts, please let me know as I can expand further if there is enough interest.

Earn at Home Series: Tutoring

What is a Tutor?

Tutoring shares a lot of similarities with freelancing, in that you are utilising existing skills you already have to earn an income. The big difference though is that instead of utilising these skills to perform a task for someone else, you are instead essentially teaching these skills to someone who does not have them.

Tutors can assist in a whole range of areas, with some of the more common types of tutors being education based, such as helping a struggling student with their areas of difficulty. Or you may be teaching someone a whole new set of skills, such as learning a musical instrument.

How Do I Become a Tutor?

To become a tutor, you need to have above average skills in the area you are considering tutoring in, otherwise there is no real point in someone seeking your services. Consider the areas your skills and talents lie and think about whether they are areas someone else would like to learn.

You could also talk to family or friends to see if they too feel your skills are of a high enough standard to be of use to a potential ‘student’.

Once you have decided to start tutoring, a great way to get yourself out there is to put up flyers in relevant areas such as school notice boards if you want to tutor students or online forums and social networking pages advertising your services to your local area.

NB: If working with children, you may either require or benefit from a working with children approval or police check.

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