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The WORST Parts of Selling Online

While there are great perks to selling your unwanted stuff online, such as making quick cash and of course the wonderful feeling of getting rid of clutter, there are also a lot of things I hate about selling stuff online. No matter how great of a seller you may be, it is impossible to avoid some of the unwanted drama, costs and time that goes with it.

Here are my biggest online selling gripes, in no particular order:


Often to sell certain things, you are accepting a price that may be lower than you really want to sell for. Especially when selling common items like DVDs, CDs, clothes etc, where you almost never make even close to what you paid. So already you are getting no more than petty change in your pocket after the sale… then suddenly you are hit with the fees. It almost makes it feel pointless to have bothered. eBay, Etsy and most other selling platforms have fees and while they are mostly reasonable, it’s still knocking a chunk off your potential earnings so that initial sale amount no longer seems as good.


This is pretty much the killer of many small online retail businesses here in Australia… and I too have been there, done that. Postage can be so damn expensive and so many people don’t want to pay it. For example, to send an item under 500g here in Australia, it’s currently around $8, yet I can send a parcel via air mail to the US for $14.10. Not a real big difference considering the distance travelled. I know myself postage puts me off when shopping online too, especially when you only want to buy something inexpensive.


This one probably drives me most crazy and is mostly when using online trading post sites or Facebook sale groups for example, when you have a person say they want to buy your item, set a time… then don’t turn up. Sometimes they message later and make a new time… but never before! Or they just disappear off the face of the planet and not only did you waste time waiting for them, but now you still have this item to sell that you thought was going. THE WORST!


Selling online takes a lot of time, no matter how you do it. You need to take photos, list in one or more locations and then monitor for potential sale communications. If things aren’t going well, you need to bump, repost or relist your items and try again. It’s easier than taking piles of stuff to a second hand store or having a garage sale, but likely takes a lot more time.

So there you have it… my personal hates when it comes to selling online. But don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy the benefits, such as the convenience of selling from home and being able to do most of it in my PJs (aside from answering the door for pick up sales). But it would be wonderful to eliminate some of the not so great aspects of online selling. Most of all, it would be great to guarantee a sale, but lets face it… some of your trash is not really someone else’s treasure, try as you might to make it so!

What do you hate most about selling online?

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Thursday 16th of July 2015

The only one we've really encountered here is the unreliable people. I hate when they arrange to visit and see the item, then don't show. Oh, and I wish baseball cards were easier to sell - but they aren't because no one wants them!


Saturday 18th of July 2015

I had a no show this week. So frustrating! I'm sure one day someone will be happy to buy all your baseball cards! Well fingers crossed. I have a few collectables like that too... In fact I even have Batman collector cards. The interesting things we collect...